Friday, July 25, 2014


I think I’ve said before – oh so long ago now since I took a lengthy sabbatical – that my reading life has been turned upside down over the past couple of years. I was a hold out to ereading, being one of those who said they loved holding a book too much, purchasing eBooks was too complicated, I like book covers – well some of them, etc. etc. But I bowed to the electronic age and purchased a Kobo. It was OK but I still read more print books than eBooks on the Kobo. Then I got an IPad and that is when my reading life was forever changed.
  •  The books had covers. Coloured covers. And if it’s a naked guy cover, no one knows.

  • I could get books either through Kindle, Kobo or IBook’s which means I can do comparison shopping for the best price.

  • It’s backlit so I can read at night without lights. If the hydro goes out, I can still read. I was listening to Coast to Coast AM this morning before getting up – a fascinating, yet at times chilling show it is and they were saying we are due for a huge solar flare that will knock out electricity all over the world. I may not be able to cook or get money out of the bank or call anybody or get gas or any number of other terrifying things that will result (see – scary show) but I WILL be able to read

  •  I can carry hundreds and I do mean hundreds of books around with me at all times

  •  If a book starts to bore me, or it’s so ramped up for one reason or another and I need a break, I can easily switch to one of many jewel games.

  • I can adjust the size of the font; the later in the day, the more tired my eyes get. Can’t find my reading glasses? Simply increase font

  •  I can do a real quick look up if I’m reading a good book and want to know if there are more. I don’t have to put the book down and go to the computer

  • Buying a new book, in my pajamas, at 3:30 in the morning if I can’t sleep

  • Investigating a book; checking Good Reads, Amazon, that kind of thing The pros of having an IPad and reading on it are limitless. Probably a good 97% of the books I read are now eBooks.

And this has rocked my reading world. So, if this is the case for me, it must be the case for some many others – SO - I can’t understand how the big publishers can charge MORE for an ebook than for print. Yes I’ve read a few articles technically on why they do this; behind the times, trying to stick it to Amazon, other reasons. But I only care about ME and other readers. And I care about AUTHORS. We are both losers. For the most part I don’t read the same books I did a few years ago, even last year. I’ve stopped reading so many authors I’ve loved in the past and it hurts that I don’t.

But I WILL NOT CAVE to corporate greed and bickering because on huge corporate greed might be making more than the other. And in that battle, in my little corner, Amazon is coming out so far ahead. Because I don’t pay stupid prices, most of the books I’m reading these days are from authors I’d never heard of even a few months ago. The prices are SO much lower and even better; I am really liking many of them. A lot.

While I was blocked out of the blog and after the mojo started coming back, I started posting reviews to Good Reads. I have quite a few now of Amazon Digital books and just a very few of the big publisher books. I would have done them here – but, well, I was locked out of my own ‘home’. So all of this long winded post is just to say that in up-coming posts I will be focusing a lot on reviews by mostly epubbed authors I’ve enjoyed

‘til later


Rowena said...

I nodded along to pretty much everything you said on here. I haven't tried very many Amazon digital books but I plan to...especially since they're cheaper. So much more cheaper.

I'm glad to see you blogging again Kristie J, you've been missed!! :)

I just got an iPad mini last week and I don't think I'll ever use my nook HD or any of my other e-readers again. What's funny is I was just telling Holly this very thing last night. I LOVE my iPad for all of the reasons you mentioned. Love, love, love!

Kristie (J) said...

Rowena!! I have a bunch to recommend coming your way. I just finished one that was really bad, but for the most part I have been AMAZINGLY impressed. There is one I got - the start of a series - and it was FREE! And I can't seem to get on the internet on my Ipad at the moment - shhhhh , I'm working the late shift at work posting this and I'm freaking about what I'm going to do without it.
I just LOVE the Ipad. It's become my everything, notes, phone #'s appointments, just all kinds of things :-)

azteclady said...

I'm still mostly a print girl--I love my many, many print books--but I do read a lot more digitally since I finally replaced my old phone for the Galaxy Note II. It's not a reader and it's not a proper tablet, but it's not for nothing they call these things phablets.

A lot, if not most of what you say about the iPad holds true for my phone, and I have increased my digital reading a lot in the past three or so months for that reason.

Brandy said...

I don't know if your library system lets you, but mine also has ebooks we can check out. Since my book budget now goes to the veterinarian I am VERY grateful for it. And I agree with everything you stated in your post. I have an iPad mini and I love being able to read reviews and plots online, not to mention seeing upcoming releases to add to my goodreads want to read list!

Marianne McA said...

Welcome back!

I'm a kindle girl: I'm not sure I'd like to read on a backlit device.

My dh was really, really reluctant to kindle - I finally convinced him by showing him that a lot of the stuff he's currently reading is free on Project Gutenberg. But once he started ereading he switched across much faster than I did.

We're repainting the living room at the moment & when we were discussing it I said 'The bookshelves have to go"(Which is roughly equivalent to the Queen saying "Hereditary Monarchy, it's got to go") So we're getting rid of maybe half the books: because I don't need their physical presence so much any more. (Half we have to keep in case something like the fearsome solar flare happens, and we can't recharge.)

nath said...

LOL, I'm still the one holding out :P I bought a new Kobo last week... I don't like to be bound to Amazon... and while I hear you all about self-publishing, I'm still not willing to risk it, even if it's cheap.

Kristie (J) said...

Brandy: Our library system does have that feature. I'm thinking I could check out the ebooks, if they have then, for the authors I don't read anymore cause of high ebook price. I never thought of doing that!! But for the other ones, I'm at the point in my life where I can buy them so I'd rather the author get the money. They aren't that much and for the first, it's more principal than cost:) And isn't the IPad just the handiest thing?

Marianne: I'd heard not so positive things about backlit devices too - and while they may be tough to read outside, for the most part they are great and get a bad rap I think. I've had both what with a Kobo first and I'll take a backlit device any day. I love the convenience too of having so many books on hand. And I've boxes and boxes and boxes of books that I'm not sure what to do with now - cause like you shelves are not needed so much anymore. I would be OK for a while with a solar flare - but when the battery runs down, I would have to revert to print *laughing*

Nath: If anything I'm freer (is that a word?) from Amazon. With a tablet (in my case IPad) I have all three systems and with good coupons such as the Kobo Perkopolis 40% off unlimited on most books but the big publishers (and there is fodder for another rant) I have bought a number through Kobo and it's very nice to have comparison shopping right on hand.
And keep an eye on some of my upcoming reviews 'cause there have been some books I've read - including Carolyn Crane - that will match and surpass many a big name published book

Elaine Brown said...

I still use an ereader. I find it easier on my eyes than a tablet. And I read so much the battery would need re-charging all the time. (I'm retired.)
I will only buy an expensive ebook if I personally know the author and want to support them. There are plenty of good cheaper reads so why waste money on cheating publishers?