Saturday, December 03, 2011

My newest obsession

I often wish I could do things like normal people, but alas, I sometimes can't. It's a manifestation of the obsessive type personality I have self diagnosed. I seem to have a new obsession. This is probably the number one reason why:

or another reason

to watch Stargate Atlantis

The show comes on three times a day: 8:00am, 2:00pm and 7:00pm and I embarassingly confess that if I have the day and it's good episode, I've been known to watch all three - on the same day. *sigh*

This vid is even better, but alas, embedding has been disabled by request so this is the not so good way.

His character on the show is so very intriguing and, well, romance hero typish.

From Stargate Wiki:

Ronon was a native to his homeworld of Sateda, an industrialized planet. Little is known about his childhood. He had a grandfather, who was suffering from the Second Childhood when Ronon was six years old. He was taken to the shrine on Talus, where his grandfather was temporarily cured. There, his grandfather taught him hand-to-hand combat tactics until he died. He also had the Kirsan fever when he was ten years old and claims he played with a triple barreled shotgun when he was little as a childhood toy. He also wrote poetry and did art when he was younger

When he grew older he became a member of the Satedan military where he held the rank of Specialist. It is likely that this is their version of the Specialist in the United States military, yet it is unclear exactly what this position does. He was also very close to a woman named Melena, although it is unclear what their relationship actually was.

Throughout his time as a member of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team, Ronon's incredible physical abilities and fighting instincts have set him apart. He consistently subdues his enemy with relative ease in hand-to-hand combat or with his trademark gun, a Particle magnum. Ronon is fond of gun play, spinning the pistol around rapidly. In addition, he carries a sword. He also has a number of knives for use in emergencies, most of them hidden about his person. The exact number of knives and from where he gets them (or whether he fashions them himself) has never been revealed, and Ronon's seemingly unlimited supply has been a source of the occasional comic relief.

About seven years before his first contact with the Atlantis expedition, the Wraith attacked Sateda because the people showed resistance. He tried to get Melena through the Stargate before the Wraith attacked. Her refusal to leave the Satedans that would be unable to evacuate forced him to remain behind and fight the Wraith. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain, as the Wraith defeated Satedan forces and Melena was killed before Ronon's eyes in an explosion.

After that point, he was captured by the Wraith while they wiped out the planet. Ronon was placed in a cocoon and a Wraith started to feed on him but stopped for some reason. Instead they made him into a Runner and implanted a tracking device in his upper back and set him loose to be constantly hunted. During the first few years of this, however, he learned several new tricks and decided to hunt them back. He survived for seven years, until he eventually met up with the Atlantis expedition.

His journey brought him to the planet P3M-736 where he was perused by a single Wraith. While trying to evade the Wraith, he came face to face with Lt. Aiden Ford. While they aimed their weapons at each other the Wraith shot him in the back with a Wraith stunner and Ford killed it with his P-90. Ronon managed to escape into the forest. During the night, he stunned Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan, who were tracking the missing the missing Ford. He brought them to a cave and Sheppard was able to convince him they were not his enemy. He made a deal with them; if Dr. Carson Beckett could remove the tracking device in his back, he'd help them capture Ford. Beckett managed to extract the device despite the fact that he refused anaesthesia. After the surgery, he passed out but not for long. He escaped the cave and attacked Ford, who was about to kill Dr. Rodney McKay. The two of them both pulled knifes and attacked each other. Sheppard interrupted them and Ford ran off. Sheppard followed him and he cut McKay out of the trap. He returned with them to Atlantis. When they sent a MALP to the gate address he gave them, he discovered that his civilization had been completely destroyed. (ATL: "Runner")

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard offered Ronon a place on his team after he proved his worth against the Marines and Teyla Emmagan in hand-to-hand combat and passed the shooting range tests without any signs of hesitation or inexperience with various firearms presented to him. Dr. Elizabeth Weir was initially hesitant but ultimately agreed.


Sayuri said...


i did the same. I never watched Stargate: Atlantis until after I watche3d Game Of Thrones.... *blush* then I watched all 5 series in quick succession and I have to admit I still have it on the comp and fav episodes are watched almost daily! I also suffered through the new Conan film. IT was awful, he was AMAZING! LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Sayuri, That's how I found SG:A, and more specifically him *dreamy sigh*' through Game of Thrones.
Not only is he hot as hell in SG:a, I love the character he plays. I'm SO glad I'm not the only obsessed one.
Have you seen the guest appearance he did on the Conan O'Bien show? Hilarious!! It's on You tube. I've watched a few times now. It's really funny when he does a cat impression. I haven't seen Conan the movie yet, but I really do have to! Even if it is awful, as you say, he's amazing

nath said...

LOL, Kristie :) Are you going to launch a campaign? :) It's great to find new obsession :)

Kristie (J) said...

Nath, *laughing* Nah, I don't think so. I'm trying to get my coworker to watch it, but without much luck. Besides I kind of have another one going for a book. A small, little one - only with two people so far and I know one of them (heh, heh, heh) visits and knows who she is.