Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am amused by odd things sometimes

Sometimes I think we live in a bizarro world; a bizarro city in particular. I was on my way to work this morning, listening to the radio when there were two stories that rather tickled my funny bone.

The first one: as with many a city throughout Canada and the US, we had a Occupy (fill in the blank) group occupying our main park. Now while I certainly appreciate their passion, I think their focus is pretty nebulous. They planned to stay there until…..until what they were never quite sure. I think, at least according to local news reports, our city was the first to turf them peaceably. They did in the middle of the night and nary a soul was injured. The excuse the city used for removing them was the group was breaking a civil by-law by camping in the city park where overnight camping is not allowed. Needless to say, the group did not take their evacuation well.

They were protesting don’t you know. Well, now they have a "plan". They put out a newspaper – I’d love to read it since as I said they or any of the other “Occupy” groups don’t seem to have any real achievable goals – so it would be interesting to read their ‘manifesto’.

But what really tickled me is they plan to take their paper and protest against the by-law enforcer for breaking a by-law himself. The crime; nailing a copy of the by-law the protesters broke into a tree in park they were illegally demonstrating in. Again, they are calling this guy to task for nailing a piece of paper into a tree.

The second one: Apparently there is a school in our area that expelled a young student, well, they didn’t expel him exactly, he could still attend class but he had to sit in a room all by himself and do his schoolwork but not interact with his fellow students. What did he do wrong you wonder? Well, it was his dress or more specifically a bracelet (or whatever guys call it) a “boobie” bracelet to be exact.

It seems this is a fundraiser for awareness of breast cancer aimed more for the younger set. But I gather the school thought it crossed the line of decency. I guess wearing a bracelet for cancer with the word Boobie on it is too stressful for high school students to bear.

I’m not sure what I found funnier/ironic, the fact that 14, 15, 16 etc year olds should be protected against ‘that’ word, or listening to the news jockeys’ telling the story.


nath said...

Seems a bit extreme to me. Especially now, do teens really get offend by the word boobies? Or their parents? If parents get offended, then I don't know what planet they live on.

Seriously, not sure how I feel about the whole "Occupy" movement.

orannia said...

So boobie is offensive? Sounds right along the lines of the college professor who had his FireFly poster removed because it had the word kill in it (it was part of a quote).

We had Occupy protestors here. The local council took them to court (the police said under the Bill of Rights they couldn't intervene) for...wait for it...destroying the grass!

Happy New Year Kristie! I hope you have a wonderful 2012!