Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thoughts for the Day

The first couple are more annoyances than rants, but annoyances they are!! I don't know if they have done this in the US or not, but here in Canada, at least in London Ontario, they have converted just about every McDonalds in the city into a - pardon moi - café don't you know, with WiFi and the lot. It was handy before I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE MY WIFI WORK (yep, I yelled that in excitement I figured it out - ME). I'm not into these smancy fancy coffees. Just give a regular coffee. And I like McDonalds coffee much better than Tim Hortons. There is a McDonalds on the way into work so every day I work, I stop and get a large coffee. But with these new cafés,
every single time, that mechanical voice asks me if I would like to try a McDonalds McCafe. My answer - NO! Now I was raised to be polite; to say please and thank you but every day it annoys me that I find myself being polite and saying no, thank you - to a canned voice. I've tried to stop. I have tried just saying no, but I'm not wired that way. Even as I know I'm adding 'thank you' to an inanimate voice not coming out of a real person, I can't stop. It just comes out of my mouth. I wish the lady voice would stop asking me. If I wanted a McCafe Mocha or Latte or Cappuccino or any of the other ones the canned mechanical voice asks me, I would order it. STOP ASKING ME LADY VOICE.


The second annoyance, not rant level, but annoyance, is how the radio announcers have to DRAMATIZE everything! We had rain today. A lot of rain. I'm sure many, many others were also experiencing rain today. One could almost say it was raining cats and dogs.

But listening to the radio announcers one would think it was almost like a blizzard out there with horrendous driving conditions. IT WAS ONLY RAIN RADIO ANNOUNCERS! Yes, I drover slower on my way to work. Instead of driving my normal 5 kilometers over the speed limit, I drove 5 kilometers under. And not once did I worry about hydroplaning all over the road. But the radio dudes sure did warn about it. It was the lead off story on the news. Errrgggg.


One show I've watched quite a bit of surprisingly is Sister Wives. And even more surprising is I like it. I'm very much against polygamy. I just don't think it's biblical in the New Testament sense. I really believe in "forsaking all others." But I'm hardly one to judge others beliefs. And despite what my own beliefs are, I really like these women. I would love to have the opportunity to sit around with them and have coffee. I can identify with all of them in one way or another. And the really do work hard to make this unusual life style work. They are deeply committed and they certainly do practice compromise. I was rather surprised to find myself really welling up while watching this seasons finale. One of the ongoing topics has been Meri, the first wife's inability to get pregnant. The other wives have a number of children but Meri only has one and you can really sense her pain in the situation, especially this past season when Robin, the youngest and newest wife got pregnant. So I found it very emotional at the end of the season finale, right after Robin delivered her son, that she offered to be a surrogate for Meri so that Meri could have another baby. Robin has always struck me as being such a warm and caring person and that she would offer to do this because she really loves her sister wife and senses Meri's pain, well, it made me tear up.


And finally, I don't know what got me started this morning. And it says that there is a mean streak in my, but this morning I was telling my coworker a story about when I was a kid. For some reason, when I was playing with a bunch of my friends I got it into my head to grab a tube of toothpaste and bring it out and start eating it. And low and behold, all the other kids did the same thing. There we all sat, eating out of tubes of toothpaste. One can only wonder what our mothers thought. This one younger brother didn't have a tube since his sister had already nabbed the tube from their house. So I very generously went in and grabbed a tube. Now I could read at the time though he was a couple of years younger and couldn't. So he didn't realize that wen he squeezed that tube, got the past on his finger and went to eat it that rather than toothpaste, he was eating Brylcreem.

I don't know why, but that story struck me as particularly funny this morning even as I admitted to Becky how mean I was. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt and tears were running down my face. The makeup I had so carefully put on at 7:30 this morning was pretty much all gone by 9:00. And to you David Hogg, wherever you are, I am so sorry I pulled such a rotten trick on you all those years ago. And to think, I laughed about it!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to leave a comment as anonymous - I have tried leaving comments on a few posts but keep getting busted up to a google page and then my comments don't post. Have no clue what is happening. So let's try thing.


Anonymous said...

So I'll paraphrase what I typed earlier:

They are all adults so I'm fine with their choice although I find it funny and icky that Kody's response to Meri asking him how he would feel if she had more than one husband was 'to find it abhorant (my word as I can't remember what he said exactly) had me thinking 'uh, okay, that's abhorant.'

I also cried when Robin offered to be Meri's surrogate - Meri's reaction to the offer had me welling up as I wasn't sure Meri really wanted to a biological mom again.

And our McD's are people who ask you if you want XYZ. Like you, NO, I asked for what I wanted! ;)

And poor David Hogg - wonder if his sister tells the story and dies laughing too ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy!!! A fellow fan. That was very emotional wasn't it? They did leave it up in the air as to what Meri will do. I kind of think she was more resigned to the fact they wouldn't have more children and didn't want to go the invitro route as from what I've heard it's very invasive and painful. But to have another child by a surrogate; that's a different story. And aren't they a loving family? As I said, it's not a lifestyle I get, but they do make wonderful ambassadors.

And have you noticed it's a canned voice that asks you what you want? I really noticed when I actually got to where I gave the money and it was a guy.

And I laughed the other day when the server called me sir. I laughed and told her it was ok, I could see why she got confused as I forgot to shave that morning.

Kristie (J) said...

And did you and Bob get to meet up with Nath? I was thinking of you al.

And yes, poor young David, what really got me laughing yesterday was imaging his bewilderment that we kept on eating the toothpaste, when to him it was HORRIBLY yucky. That's what got the laughing tears flowing.

azteclady said...

Nothing on the coffee issue, but oh my lord, that poor kid!

You are so mean, Kristie!

*dissolves in laughter*

Oh dear, it seems I'm mean too.

Wendy said...

Never move to So. Cal. Rain is an EPIC event here. The only thing I can compare it too is when a blizzard is predicted back East. People in So. Cal. lose their dang minds when it rains. They also cannot drive. At all. And drainage? Why would we want proper drainage on OUR FREEWAYS?!?! Seriously, freeways can FLOOD here.

I chalk it up to the fact that we don't have any real weather here. In my next life I want to come back as a weather girl who works in L.A. Easiest job EVER. Although you have to have big boobs. That might be hell on my back.....

nath said...

Poor kid LOL.

And yep, Cindy and Bob found me :) Had a great time, but missed you Kristie!

Kristie (J) said...

AL, in my own defense, I was just a wee one. I would NEVER exchange toothpaste with Brylcreem these days. Of course one would hope the other party could read too.

Wendy, I don't think I could live there. As much as snow can get to me sometimes, I really love the way the seasons change. I would miss that like crazy.

Nath, I was thinking of you all, wishing I was there with you guys.