Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Reading Year in Review

With my handy dandy, love it to pieces, work of art spread sheet, there are all kinds of things I can track. I don’t know how many are into numbers and things but for any interested but I find it fascinating so here goes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a visual of the number of books I’ve read this year compared to the previous 7 years ago when I first started tracking the number read. As you can see, this is my best year ever with 135 read!

(if you click on it, it's magnified)

Another interesting graph is a comparison of the genre read this year and comparing it to previous years. Again as you can see, by far the highest number of books read were contemporaries, followed by Westerns, then RS, then Historicals and so on. Although it looks like Contemporaries has always been the most read, there has been a real turnaround in the number of Historical European set romance over the years.

Now here are a few more interesting (to me) tidbits about my 2011 reading year. I’ve seen other readers say they don’t read on anything except their ereaders. I didn’t think I would ever be that reader, but statistics don’t seem to bear that out! Of the total of 135 books that I read in 2011, 110 of them were ebooks. I knew I’d read a lot but I was actually shocked at how many of them.

I reread 16 books. I think that’s down a bit; I usually reread more than that. I guess that doesn’t hold much hope that I’ll get around to rereading many of the over 2,000 books I have (once again) boxed up.

I got a lot tougher grading this year. I only gave 5’s to 5 first read books this year

Mayberry, Sarah The Last Goodbye

James, Julie A Lot Like Love

Wolff, Veronica Devil's Own

Ashley, Jennifer The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron

O'Connell, Ellen Dancing On Coals

I’ve listed all the books I’ve read below, but in case one doesn’t feel like going through them month by month, the two authors I glommed the most were Felicity Heaton who wrote a number of quite well done Sci-Fi novellas and Ingrid Weaver. I discovered Ms. Weaver when I read Delaney’s Shadow and was delighted to see she had quite a backlist of Harlequins I scooped up and read. I still have a few more of hers to read.

There were 2 books I read twice this year and interestingly enough, both by the same author

Dancing on Coals and Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold – both written by Ellen O’Connell

And if you aren’t bored yet, here’s the promised list of books read in each month.

No. of books read in Jan/11 – 7

Howard, Linda Now You See Her

Fraser, Susanna The Sergeant's Lady

Blake, Toni Whispering Falls

Bliss, Karina Here Comes The Groom

Gray, Ava Skin Heat

Janzen, Tara Cutting Loose

O'Connell, Ellen Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold

No of books read in Feb/11 – 8

Howard, Linda Midnight Rainbow

Shalvis, Jill Messing With Mac

Shalvis, Jill Animal Magnetism

Ware, Joss Night Betrayed

Sylvan, Dianne Queen of Shadows

Talley, Liz A Little Texas

Kelley, Inez Sweet As Sin

Robb, JD Treachery In Death

No of books read in March/11 – 11

Janzen, Tara Loose And Easy

Milan, Courtney Proof By Seduction

Shalvis, Jill Roughing It With Ryan

Eden, Cynthia Hotter After Midnight

Mayberry, Sarah The Last Goodbye

James, Julie A Lot Like Love

Force, Maria Everyone Loves A Hero

Admirand, C.H. Tyler: The Secret Life of Cowboys

Renzi, Rae River Time

O'Keefe, Molly His Wife For One Night

Lee, Jade Wicked Seduction

No of books read in April/11 – 9

Ashley, Jennifer Primal Bonds

Sorenson, Jill Stranded With Her Ex

Clare, Tiffany Surrender of a Lady

O'Connell, Ellen Sing My Name

James, Julie Something About You

Weir, Theresa Amazon Lily

Boyce, Kelly The Outlaw Bride

Ranney, Karen A Promise of Love

Wolff, Veronica Devil's Own

No of books read in May/11 – 12

Wolff, Veronica Devil's Highlander

Lang, Emma Ruthless Heart

Walker, Shiloh No Longer Mine

Burton, Jaci Dare to Love

Jacobs, Delle Loki's Daughters

Clare, Pamela Breaking Point

Colgan, Jennifer Flight of the Valkyries

Tenorio, Dee Midnight Sonata

Walker, Shiloh Always Yours

Tenorio, Dee Betting Hearts

Jacobs, Delle Fire Dance

Heaton Felicity Heart of A Prince

No of books read in June/11 – 15

Warner, Kaki Chasing The Sun

Rogers, Moira Freeze Line

Roberts, Lynne Creative License

Heaton Felicity Runaway Hearts

Barnett, Jill Wonderful

Kernan, Jenna Moon Shadow

Barrett, Jo McCormick's Prayer

Tenorio, Dee Midnight Temptation

Mazzuca, Debbie Lord of the Isles

Tenorio, Dee Midnight Legacy

Heaton Felicity Heart Of An Assassin

Heaton Felicity Sons of Lyra: Stranded

Heaton Felicity Sons of Lyra: Slave Princess

Heaton Felicity Daughters of Lyra: Heart of an Emperor

Heaton Felicity Daughters of Lyra: Heart of a Commander

No of books read in July/11 – 15

Burrowes, Grace The Heir

Brown, Carolyn One Lucky Cowboy

Warner, Kaki Heartbreak Creek

Milan, Courtney Unlocked

St. John, Cheryl Child of Her Heart

Black, Liza Curtis Salvation For Three

St. John, Cheryl Her Wyoming Man

MacLean, Julianne Taken By the Cowboy

Lane, Soraya Soldier on Her Doorstep

Grant, Susan The Last Warrior

Burton, Jaci The Perfect Play

MacLean, Julianne Prairie Bride

Lovelace, Merline Somewhere in Time

Shay, Kathryn After the Fire

St. Claire, Roxanne Edge of Sight

No of books read in August/11 – 10

Bliss, Karina Stand-in Wife

Hale, Deborah Whitefeather's Woman

Gideon, Nancy Bound By Moonlight

Agnew, Denise A Before the Dawn

Holland, Debra Wild Montana Sky

Ashley, Jennifer The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie

Ashley, Jennifer The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

Lane, Soraya The Army Ranger's Return

Mayberry, Sarah One Good Reason

Evans, Misty Soul Survivor

No of books read in September/11 – 15

Mayberry, Sarah All Over You

Agnew, Denise A For a Roman's Heart

Mayberry, Sarah Take On Me

Graves, Jane Black Ties And Lullabies

Kery, Beth Liam's Perfect Woman

Willingham, Michelle A Wish to Dream On

Shalvis, Jill The Sweetest Thing

Weaver, Ingrid Delaney's Shadow

Spencer, Lavyrle Morning Glory

Hardy, Kristin Always a Bridesmaid

Weaver, Ingrid Eye of the Beholder

Weaver, Ingrid What The Baby Knew

Robb, JD New York to Dallas

Andersen, Susan Playing Dirty

Weaver, Ingrid The Angel and the Outlaw

No of books read in October/11 – 12

Howard, Linda Prey

Weaver, Ingrid Loving The Lone Wolf

Graves, Jane Heartstrings And Diamond Rings

Wind, Ruth In The Midnight Rain

Weaver, Ingrid Engaging Sam

Dahl, Victoria Good Girls Don't

Samuel, Barbara Heart of A Knight

Samuel, Barbara Dancing Moon

Goodman, Jo Kissing Comfort

Croft, Nina Tiger of Talmare

Styles, Michelle The Perfect Concubine

Jacobs, Delle Siren

No of books read in November/11 – 8

Canham, Marsha Swept Away

O'Connell, Ellen Dancing On Coals

Gideon, Nancy Midnight Enchantment

McCall, Mary Reed Secret Vows

O'Connell, Ellen Rachel's Eyes

Devon, Summer Futurelove

O'Connell, Ellen Dancing On Coals

O'Connell, Ellen Eyes Of Silver, Eyes Of Gold

No of books read in December/11 – 13

Harper, Dani Changeling Moon

Gideon, Nancy Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Plumley, Lisa The Bride Raffle

Michaels, Kasey The Taming of the Rake

Fredrick, MJ Star Power

Agnew, Denise A Love From the Ashes

James, Judith The King's Courtesan

James, Judith Broken Wing

Calhoun, Anne Liberating Lacey

Katz, Ali Damon's Price

Ashley, Jennifer Bodyguard

Canham, Marsha Under the Desert Moon

Rice, Lisa Marie Fatal Heat


orannia said...

135 books for the year? WTG! And 110 of them were eBooks? Methinks you like the new toy *grin*

Happy reading for 2012!

nath said...

Wooohooo Kristie! 135 books this year, that is awesome!! :) LOL, perhaps it's because of your iPad :)

Now that you've converted into an ereader reader, tell me, how many print books have you bought the past year? :) That'd be interesting ;)

I think it's great that you've read more western :)

Wendy said...

I'm really terrible about keeping track of format. I think it might be a "librarian thing." I'm a book is a book is a book kind of person. Although Nath brings up an interesting point about purchasing habits. I keep telling myself I DO need to keep track of that - but every year I ignore my good intentions :)

135! Go You! I wanted to break 100 this year, but sadly - it didn't happen.