Saturday, October 23, 2010


I went and disappeared again didn't I? I didn't mean to - again. I can't figure out what's happening except maybe I'm putting so much into day to day activities, I'm worn out when I get them done. I surely don't have the stamina I did a month and a half ago. I do something such as go for physio, then meet a friend for coffee or lunch or something and wham!!! I'm done for the day.
I'm still bothered by the setback - my foot is still twisted and hurts like a sonuvabitch and I'm very frustrated with that since it's putting everything else behind. I feel something like a fraud since I'm not sick sick and that part of the brain that's wired to go to work won't let me go, but I don't have the energy to work a full day or even half day at the moment. They have someone filling in for me so actually, it would be a bad thing to go back right now since they would loose a fully functioning person and replace them will me - who's exhausted after doing simple things.

I'm ready to say so long to Son #1. Not because he's not helpful - he is up to what I expect him to be - but he's such a flipping JINX!! Now he seems to have broken my dryer. First off, it's his fault I broke my leg, then he broke the key off in the back door and no of us have a key to the front door. So the rare time we were both going out, we couldn't lock the door - didn't that make me feel safe - not. He called a locksmith to fix it the other day - but somehow I ended up being the one to pay for it. I tell you, I need Krisite to emerge more when dealing with him.

Then he broke the screen door off the back door. Now long time visitors may remember this is not the first time I've had "back door" issues. So this is not the first time. The main issue with it now is Destructo Cat escapes a lot more than she used to. And now the dryer. Unfortunately while he started doing quite a bit of laundry that had piled up - but most of it was towels and sheets and stuff - he hadn't really got into clothes yet. So I'm down to the dregs of clothes. He's going to the laundromat in the next day or so until he calls the repairman - but just like everything else he's managed to break, I have a feeling I'm going to end up paying for it. So the sooner he gets out on his own again, the sooner body parts and other assorted items will stop breaking!

And of course the best solution to the current problem - shortage of clean clothes - is shopping. Hopefully it will have a positive effect rather than the opposite *g*


nath said...

Awww, Kristie. I'm so sorry ^_^; It'd be so good if you could just relax and not think or worry. Let time do its work where your leg and foot is concerned. Pushing it will not be good :(

and oh no!! Your poor door!! T_T That really sucks about it :( If it's the screen though, you can replace it... as long as it's not the door or the hinges ^_^;

Oh, shopping is a good idea. Especially since you lost weight from the stay at the hospital, right? :P

CindyS said...

Slow and steady, slow and steady. Your co-workers know what happened and you'll be back to work soon enough!

And too bad both your legs are hurting - you can't kick Son #1 in the butt to get him moving! No Christmas gifts for him! ;)

Hope you have fun shopping - a bookstore needs to be there somewhere.