Saturday, October 23, 2010

As it slowly draws to an end.........

One of the biggest bummers about breaking the leg was not being able to keep up with So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I was so excited about it but then..... the break. I didn't have TV in my room; it cost too much, so I could only follow it online and it wasn't nearly the same. Plus much of my enthusiasm waned in the other thrill of events.

But I've caught the fever again. And luckily, as in Season I, there has been one dancer in particular that is skilled beyond belief and even better, makes the bell ring on my crush-oh-meter. I've been aware of him since his audition which blew me away, not to mention the lust that kind of crept in.

Now I'm not going to post all his dances, that would take too long and if you do want to see more, here is his "official" site. But here are a few of my favourites. Warning though - close before Leah comes up as she is without question, one of the MOST ANNOYING "hostess" of any show - ever.

This is one of my favourites and he cracks me up at the beginning when he says he is funny in such a deadpan kind of way.

And just watch him move in this dance!!!!

Now this next one is my favourite of the whole season. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it already. In a way it's more of a dance for the woman (Danielle) but if you watch it, you can see what an incredible partner he is. (now if this were to be made into a romance novel, he would have been so torn about having to give her the news and in three years hasn't been able to forget her. He's no longer in the military, but has opened up his own detective agency. Because he hasn't been able to forget her, when a case draws him to the town she lives in, he drives by her house to see her one last time, only to realize that she is being stalked by some psychopath and he stays to save her - and of course they fall in love)

Now these next couple are from the final show where it was down to 4 dancers. The choreographers in the first dance include Nico - the winner of the first season and one of my "crushes"

The second is a Salsa - not a dance I care for really, but just look at him take dance steps while lifting Amanda overhead - amazing!!

Now his bio is truly impressive. His full name is Denys Drozdyuk and he's originally from the Ukraine. He came to Canada but then moved to Germany to study ball room dance. He was World Ballroom Champion for a few years before attending Julliard.

The show is almost over for the season though. We find out tomorrow night who the winner is. I have my fingers crossed and I know I voted almost non stop for two hours - nope not much of a life these days heh,heh,heh. I really hope it's Denys. They haven't announced yet whether there will be a tour but I really hope there is since London has been a stop the past two years.

And speaking of former crush Nico - here is one of his final dances.


Marianne McA said...

You can keep your so called dancers: we have Ann Widdecombe, so we win!

(I hope that plays in Canada. Somewhat suprisingly, she didn't come last this week...)

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne: What a hoot she is - and she's a politician?? Although it looks like Strictly Come Dancing is more like the US's Dancing with the Stars - complete with Bruno and Len *g*. But So You Think You Can Dance - whatever - is strictly dancers with no stars. I don't know if there is a So You Think You Can Dance UK version or not?????

orannia said...

That house routine was...AMAZING! I so wish one of the TV networks here showed SYTYCD!

Fingers crossed for Denys for the final!

Off to watch the rest :)

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: Wasn't it though??? When you watch, he just looks like he's dancing so soft. I don't know how he does it!