Monday, January 25, 2010


Thanks to Mollie, another Crusader has been found. It seems like quite some time since we've had us a new one, but Rhiannon Hart has recently fallen under it's spell. Be sure, fellow Crusaders, to see what our newest member has to say.

And I know there are others out there!! I'm just waiting to hear from you - yes I mean you!! *evil grin* If , has done a post on North and South - and I've somehow missed it, just let me know you can be added to The Crusader list!!

And of course this gives me another excuse to check out the YouTube videos. So here's a new one I hadn't seen for your viewing pleasure.


Rhiannon Hart said...

This is wonderful! I had no idea North and South had such a cult following. It certainly deserves it. I shall be checking out these other blogs!

C2 said...

I just loaned a friend my DVDs - she's recuperating from surgery so I took her a bag full of entertainment. I'll let you know her verdict. She isn't online but she might still become a crusader. :)

Anonymous said...

You can add me to the list of Crusaders, Kristie (J)!

Marcella - you know me from AAR - (I don't have a google-account etc to choose from when signing this message so I hope you believe it's really me!)

Blodeuedd said...

I shall be going on a crusade soon ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Blodeuedd: I know *g*. I've been waaaatching.

Marcella: Well - welcome to the Crusade!! One doesn't have to have a blog - one can spread the word - by word *g* or any other means fair or foul. I don't know averages or anything but I'd be willing to put it at least 85% of people who see this are captivated by it. Some - have even been know to go overboard!!

C2: What I said to Macella - word of mouth is also very good (heh heh heh) And should she ever want to do a guest post on her thoughts - if she has an ounce of a writer in her - she would be more than welcome to do one here. As would anyone!! My email address is in my profile.

Rhiannon: If you click on the North and South tag at the bottom, there are TONS of posts that have been done here. Including an interview with Lisa Kleypas, Carrie Lofty's thoughts as well as Sabrina Jeffries. We REALLY went all out!

Dev said...

I don't think we ever need an excuse for a N&S video. :-)

orannia said...

ARGHHHH! You've made me want to watch it again. That and Persuasion.

Oh, and I love the music used!

Kristie (J) said...

Well Orannia - you must do so - and do a post on it - and be added to the list of Crusaders!! :-)

Dev: No - we don't do we??? The slightest little thing will send me scurrying over to YouTube to watch a whole bunch again - heh heh heh.