Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still Looking

And I'm getting desperate. I've looked in bags and boxes, drawers and cabinets and I still can't find him anywhere!! I figure the only way to find the copy is to get another one. Sure as shootin' as soon as I order a copy, the first one will show up!! Now - to - can you tell me why the hell anyone would buy from you when at the EXACT same book is $14.25 CHEAPER at for a used book and $28.95 CHEAPER new???

Even taking into consideration the exorbitant price of shipping, it's still a lot less to get it from!!

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OK - just out of curiosity - I took it further. If I were to actually hit either button, here's what it would cost:


Amazon(dot) ca

See!! There is still a $6.85 price difference - the higher being the Canadian price - and by looking at it - they haven't added taxes to the Cdn price which would make it even MORE expensive!!
Whichever - I think I'll look around the house some more!!


Libby said... has 6 used copies starting at $4.75 (USD). I don't know how much Canadian shipping would be for you, but you might want to check it out!

Good luck either way!

Kristie (J) said...

Libby: Thanks for the heads up - but I don't think by the time I pay for shipping, it would be much of a savings :-(
And I KNOW it's around here somewhere. It will probably show up when I least expect it too. Whenever I look for something I can't find it - but when I stop looking, it often magically appears!! It goes along with my "If I don't really look for it, it's not really lost" theory.

Carolyn said...

I guess the high shipping cost at is because it's to Canada? Usually, for a paperback, it's only $3.99 USD.

Good luck with the magic. :-) I managed to loose a trilogy! They're here somewhere ....

azteclady said...

holy criminy that's highway robbery!

CindyS said...

Ow. Have you ever looked at the used prices on Chapters/Indigo? Now that will get your blood up!


KarLynP said...

If you have a contact in the US, they can ship it to you for around $5 (per the US postal service website). Books typically weight 13 ounces, on average. This may even be less. (I ship many out through PBS!)

nath said...

Poor you, Kristie. I know how it sucks :(

If you really can't find it, let me know and I'll give my UBS a call, see if they have it.

Anonymous said...

urgh! how incredibly frustrating, and those prices looked extraordinarily high to me before i realized they were in CND$, but still i hope it turns up for you!