Monday, January 11, 2010

So far so good!!

I've become a mean lean reading machine since the beginning of the year. All right, all right, lean is something I'm not. And if asked to describe myself in one word, mean isn't the first word that comes to mind. But I have become a reading machine. I usually start out rather slow at the beginning of a new year but already I've read six books. Last year I think it was towards the middle of February before I read that many. And in light of all the books I have read so far, I rewarded myself with - what else - a trip to Chapters! My latest buys are on the right.

But all is not good. I read Reese, the first book in the Rock Creek Six series - thinking after reading the final book first, I should read the first one next. I really enjoyed it and will have the review coming soon. The next book up after that is Sullivan and it's the one that's gone missing. I've been forced to do something I don't often do. I've had to hunt - high and low - for the book - and so far no luck in finding it!!!

Arrrrggghhhh!!! I know I have it. It's in the spreadsheet. It's listed in my LibraryThing. It's in Shelfari and Goodreads. That means I've listed it in four different places do damn it all - it's here - in the house - somewhere. So of course the longer I look for it, the more I want it. So thus begins..........

The Search for Sullivan

It's not in the 'library'. At least I haven't seen it. It's not in the living room. At least I haven't seen it. It's not in the bathroom. At least I haven't seen it. It's not in the computer room. At least I haven't seen it. Though I did find a missing bag of jewellry. And I still haven't finished in that room. I still haven't looked in the other two bedrooms. I found all the fridge magnets I collected in Washington that kind of disappeared. I found all my pens. But I haven't found Sullivan.

So here's hoping I find Sullivan. I shall be unbearable to live with if I don't. But in the meantime, until I find Sullivan, I shall keep reading!! Not Sullivan - as he's gone missing - but I have others that will keep me company until I find him.


Wendy said...

Damn woman, you're killing me over here. You need a system. Better yet? A librarian to come visit you and give you a system.

I'm thinking up ideas now. Separate books by sub genre, then put them in alphabetical order. Keep all the hard covers and trade paperbacks in living room, try to corral mass market in the library. Start adding tags in LibraryThing/GoodReads/Shelfari on where you've put the books - ie. library, living room, bedroom.

This is just the motivation you need. Plus you'd get to "play" with your books while reorganizing. Or maybe I'm the only one dorky enough to actually enjoy doing something like that.....

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy - oh - I'd LOVE to organize - and I have enough shelves I think. But when you are talking over 2,800 book - yep - I have AT LEAST that many - it's a daunting task to tackle on one's own. I figure I need about 26 people helping me - one for every letter of the alphabet. Although I suppose I could double up on some of the letters - like Q (though I do have a couple of Quinns and Quicks) and X,Y & Z's. So maybe only 22 people - with about 4 or 5 laptops - all on a network!!
And I'm find all kinds of other books - some in duplicate - some even in triplicate - all but the %^*()& ONE BOOK I want!!

~ames~ said...

Check your freezer, you never know.

And remember your thing Kristie, stop looking for it and it'll show up! I don't know how many times I've done that and it worked. :P

And Wendy, I love playing with my books too. LOL

Kristie - I'll help you this year, whenever the Canadian bloggers meet up. :P

Leslie said...

I love playing with my books too! Sorting and moving and sorting some more. I just need more room to do it properly. :)

Kristie - do you have book bags that you carry around? If you do that's another place to look. Is it possible you loaned Sullivan out to someone? Hope you find him soon. :)

Sayuri said...

Aww I hope you find it soon Kirstie.

I would jump in a plane and come over and help you in a heartbeat cause I love moving and sorting books. SOmething i do miss since I went electronic, but then, I'm always able to find stuff so there is an upside.

Nealry 3000 book's. Mmmm that's what dreams are made of....

Kwana said...

Congrats on being such a reading machine. I wish I were. I really home you find you book soon. I'm the same as you and that would make me crazy.

Kara said...

Man I hate when that happens!!! Good luck in your search.

Boy, I would LOVE to be one of your volunteers...just sorting through all your books would be a thrill!!!

I'm with Wendy...dorky enough to actually enjoy sorting and sifting through all my books.

azteclady said...

That's it, Kristie: my next vacation is to your house. Think a full week will do?

(You go to work, dear, I'll be happily busy over here--just remember to bring food at some point... *evil cackle in background*)

As for the system... all books by the same author together. All books in a same author series together and in order of reading (Julie Garwood had some books published in different order than they should be read, which always peeves me)

And yes to Wendy's suggestion: I would add a tag to the spreadsheet/LibraryThing/etc with the location :grin:

Wendy: I love playing with my books! Every so often I have to move everything around (they reproduce and suddenly don't fit in their assigned spots anymore, see?) to make it neat and handy and accessible.

CindyS said...

I found organizing my books upset me to no end. I didn't fumble through them anymore looking for that one title and instead find those 100 or so other books I've been meaning to read.

I don't do well organized but like you, if a book is missing it makes me crazy.

I thought what Sayuri said - did you lend it out to anyone?

And check under the seats of your car. Amazing how many times I've found a book under there.

And since I'm turning over a new leaf - I can come help organize - just me. I know, I'm going to be cutting myself out of the box I'm in and hopefully Ames and Nath can come this year and I can drive your way for a change. Just me. I think Bob will miss us but I'm sure he'll find something to do ;)


Tracy said...

Congrats on all the reading!

Don't you hate it when you can't find a book in your library. I don't think my library is even a 10th of what you have but it's still frustrating!

nath said...

Good thing about reading :D

Hmmm, is this in one of your bins? Did you look in the basement, but not in the library? (the shelves that I helped you with... although I don't remember seeing this one)

Ames - LOL, we'll have to stay a week and only organize the books in order to finish:)