Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TBR Challenge - February

Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair

I missed Keishon's TBR challenge last month and was determined not to miss February’s so I started early this time.

The challenge theme: If you bought a book based on a DIK* review at AAR, find it and read it.

I didn’t buy Finder’s Keepers because of the recent DIK review it received at AAR – I already had the book; after reading Games of Command I went on a Linnea Sinclair glom and Finder’s Keepers was one of the books I got and there is sat in the TBR pile. So when I saw the grade I moved it up and figured it would be a good one for the challenge.

From the author’s website:

Now that they found each other, the universe won't know what hit it...

Blending hard SF with sizzling romantic suspense, Linnea Sinclair brings readers this red-hot adventure of two space outcasts on a collision course with destiny. Now that this star-crossed couple have found each other, the universe won't know what hit it...

Trilby Elliot is a barely legal independent trader. Rhis Vanur is the arrogant Zafharin military officer she rescued from a crash landing. It would have been a miracle if they survived each other's company on Trilby's slapdash starfreighter even under the best of circumstances. And these are far from the best of circumstances. For Trilby's best friend is missing and the warlike 'Sko are hunting both Trilby and Rhis. Suddenly they're in it together, for better, for worse--or until death blasts them to oblivion...

I loved this book – really, really loved it!

This is a SciFi romance and Trilby is an ordinary space trader who travels back and forth between planets with only her droid Dezi for companionship. She is holed up on a deserted planet making repairs to her space ship when another spaceship crashes on the planet. She heads out to see what’s going on and ends up rescuing and saving the life of Rhis Vanur. Although she finds him terribly arrogant, she is also quite attracted to him. But he is on a reconnaissance mission and although equally attracted to Trilby, he needs her ship.

Trilby was an incredible heroine. I find that Linnea Sinclair excels at writing heroines – ok and heroes too – and this book is no exception. She’s strong and competent yet she has hidden insecurities. These come into play when she finds out that Rhis is more then he has led her to believe. She’s one of those heroines who won’t take shit from anyone and that’s the kind of heroine I love.

And Rhis is an equally wonderful hero. He’s a lot more then he seems and not really the lieutenant in the Zafharin military that Trilby believes he is. He also has one thing going for him that I just love in a hero – he’s wrecked for the heroine. Totally and completely wrecked and determined to win her back again.

For steam level, I would give this one a warm. There aren’t many love scenes, but the ones in the book are quite well written.

I love SciFi/Futuristic romances. More then any other type of romance, they take me furthest out of real life *grin*. They are one of my favourite genres when written well and this one is very well written indeed! Linnea Sinclair is a fairly recent discovery and I urge anyone the least bit interested in this unique genre to give her a try.

I’m very happy with this months TBR book and I give Finder’s Keepers a 5 out of 5 and a hearty

Her next book, Hope’s Folly is coming out Feb. 24th and I’m counting down the days.


Katie Reus said...

I haven't read this one yet, but I lurve Linnea Sinclair :)

Janicu said...

Linnea Sinclair glom - ME TOO. One of a few authors who I trust to give me a certain kind of book - entertaining with a nice romance, with plenty of action to keep it going along. Autobuy list!

Renee said...

This is one of those series I've been dying to start! Thanks for the review. :-)

Aymless said...

Hey this on my TBR too! Maybe I should move it up on the pile.

Hope's Folly is great. You guys really need to read it!

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: It's a bit like Games of Command - but not really. Now that I've read it, it's one of my more favourite books of hers.

Janicu: That describes her pretty well. I have one left of hers that I haven't read yet - Shades of Dark - because it's momentarily kind of lost amongst the piles of TBR books - but once I find it - I will read it.

Renee: Actually, I'm pretty sure this one is a stand alone book. The series are:
Gabriel's Ghost
Shades of Dark
Hope's Folly
She really is a good writer with fascinating stories.

Amyless:Oh yes - move it up I say. I really enjoyed it.

Linnea Sinclair said...

Thanks so much for reading FINDERS KEEPERS! I'm glad you liked Trilby. She's one of my fave gals. Actually, people who know me well and who've read FINDERS often comment, "You talk just like Trilby."

Uh, duh. ;-)

Hugs, ~Linnea (and yes, FINDERS is not part of a series at this point.)

PS: It was a RITA award finalist. FYI. Won the PEARL and the Sapphire Awards. It's my agent's fave, FWIW.

Kristie (J) said...

Oh wow! Linnea - thanks for dropping by. I love all your heroines but I think Trilby is my favourite (and Brandon Kel Patton my favourite hero - so far)
And interesting that you should say 'at this point' It makes one hope that someday down the road there might be more.

Jill D. said...

Hey Kristie,

I am on a sci-fi kick right now. I usually don't read them, but I just read Contact and really enjoyed it. I have Gabriel's Ghost checked out from the library. I am hopefully going to get to it soon! Great review, looks like I'll be adding this to the stack, as well.

Kristie (J) said...

Jill - if you are looking for other suggestions in Sci Fi - I have them for you :)
Games of Command was great too! And if you liked Contact, you would probably enjoy Moonstruck.
Another one I really enjoyed was Kinsman's Oath by Susan Krinard. I have more too if they aren't enough :)

Anonymous said...

What Janicu said. :)

In the beginning, I was reminded a bit of the first Star Wars movies (the ship badly in need of repair, Dezi) and I loved it. And I like heroes who are wrecked for the heroine, too. Even when they have mustaches. ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Taja: LOL!!! Yea - I kind of pretended there was no mustache. And that's really my favourite kind of hero too. You don't really see them that often so when you do, it makes the book even more better (and I know that's improper grammar but it's just right *g*)

Jill D. said...

Kristie, I'll write those down and look into them. I remember you recommended Patti O'Shea and I loved her. Thank you very much!