Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking an unexpected powder

I really didn't mean to stay away this long - truly! I don't know if these new meds have robbed me of my muse or whatever one might call it but I don't think I'll continue with this particular one. It's zapped me of any kind of 'enthusiasm' or energy. They said we might have to try a few before we find the right one - and I don't think this is it. I don't even have the excuse that I've been busy reading since I haven't been doing much of that either *sigh*

Anyway - there is one thing I have been pretty consistent about. For those who remember I simply ADORED So You Think You Can Dance Canada and 'encouraged' other people at work to watch it too. When they announced that there was going to be a tour I gathered up seven little work chicks to go with me. In order to keep their enthusiasm up, I started sending daily emails to kind of remind them. I thought I'd share a bit about what I've done so they don't forget!

Day 30

29 Days until……..

27 Days – and counting
(Alison complained this picture scared her *g*)

This was my favourite group routine!! I sure hope they do it……… Well, we will know for sure in……
26 Days

I don’t know what it is about a man in a cape – with a chest and a mowhawk – but we will all find out in
25 Days

I don’t know who all loved this couple; for a while me – the romantic was hoping they would become one in real life – but alas it’s now to be – turns out he already has a girlfriend. But you will be able to see why I loved them so much in
22 DAYS!!!

And now here we are in February. I don’t know about you all – but I’m starting to get bouncy!! And you want to know why?

This might possibly be part of the reason. Although I do think he could do with a bit of a tan.

But we will all see for ourselves – in person in only……..

14 Days!

The guy on the left????? Now he can be my sultan anytime – despite the pink pants! And you can see why in
12 Days

(now at this point one of the seven in a return email in an effort to get me going 'questioned' a certain favourite's masculinity. So next day)

This is in response to Alison's remark yesterday. I think this is a dif
ferent kind of picture. You all can judge for yourselves in
11 Days

In case you are one of those who didn’t watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada (I know!! I can’t believe there are some who didn’t watch it either!!! What a show the poor dearlings missed! They obviously didn’t work in ACCESS!) they had some incredible dance numbers with some very strange costume choices as demonstrated below. You will see for yourselves

9 days!

Now for those who missed the finale – this dance in particular was a very well done ‘dirty dancing’ routine to the infamous “Do You Love Me” song from Dirty Dancing the movie.

You may not know this, I haven’t told many people – but all throughout the show I couldn’t stand Leah Miller the hostess. I often talked back to her – and I’m not one who usually talks to the TV – but Leah I DID NOT like. In fact – difficult as it may be to admit this – I may have yelled at her a time or 10 – telling her to just SHUT UP!!

But for this brief moment in time – I wish I had been her!

8 Days!!

Interestingly enough, another one of the group who watched it said she did the same thing :-)

Now I’m not sure if you’ve clued into this yet, but I can be a wee little bit on the obsessive compulsive side. On very rare occasions I don’t do things by half measure. But you will see for yours elves why this might be in this case in

(Alison – they are coming after YOU!)

6 Days

At this point I wasn't sure if everyone was 'enjoying' their daily reminder until I did this one.

Now, just to show it’s not all about me and my (oh so obvious) favourite, this is a dance Megan is really hoping they do. We will know if they do in
5 Days

But I heard from more then 1 person that they missed their Nico fix for the day so I had to do an encore
I have the day off today (thus why I'm here) but tomorrow IS THE BIG DAY!!
Yep, tomorrow night is dinner and THE show. So I need a real good picture for tomorrow to send them. I can use some input.

I like this one - Just Nico on the stage alone

There's always something about a guy in fatiques.

Now this is my personal favourite. I don't think it gets much hotter than this!!!


Leslie said...

Welcome back Kristie! You've been missed. (((hugs)))

I haven't seen SYTYCD but I have an excuse, I'm in the US. After seeing the pictures I'm wondering if they do any ballroom dancing?

LorelieLong said...

#3 for freaking sure!

And yes, they do ballroom dancing on SYTYCD but to be honest it wasn't Nico's strong point. *g*

CindyS said...

At least you are having fun - the third picture looks like the woman is biting off his nipple. Especially with his face in pain ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: *dirty grin* see - I don't see it so much an expression of pain as *cough* something else.

Lorelie: That's what I'm thinking too! It is surely one fine picture. I think my caption tomorrow will be:
"Well peeps - tonight's the night! And for our final picture, the piece de resistance - the best of the best! And we will be seeing him in about...

8 HOURS!!!"
Of the 8 of us going - 3 have never seen the show, 2 watched it on a pretty steady basis, 1 watched it every week and 2 of us not only watched it every week - but we both voted!

Leslie: Yep - Lorie is right - they did do ballroom dancing and it wasn't Nico's strong point. He did the Salsa (I think it was) the Waltz and the Quickstep. But he was better in contemporary dance and hip hop. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have lots of pictures.
And *g* it's good to be back. I think that's the longest time between posts and/or blog hopping since I started blogging!

Bridget Locke said...

The one on the bottom is the sexiest by far. I hope you have a fabulous time! I missed you bunches & bunches. :)

azteclady said...

[for some reason, this didn't come 'live' for me until this morning--I hate my computer right now]

Here is wishing you a quick, and as painless as possible, path to the right med. ((((Kristie))))

(I've missed you, lady!)