Friday, February 27, 2009

The ReRead Challenge for February

I know, I know - I'm a day early. But I'm having a couple of friends over tomorrow night and if you could see my house you would understand that I will be spending quite some time cleaning. Plus I got Promises in Death in the mail today so I'll be diving into that too! And since my books were read and my review(s) were written and Nath said I could, I decided to jump the gun.

Open Season by Linda Howard

I didn’t really plan on this one being the reread book of the month but I was in the mood for something light and something that would make me smile and this one worked the first few times I read so I knew it would probably do it again.

And it did.

Daisy Minor is the small town librarian. She celebrating her 34th birthday and she is not happy with her life. Her life is drab and unexciting and she hasn’t dated anyone for years. She still lives at home with her mother and aunt.

Then she has what she calls an epiphany and decides to change everything about her life. Open Season is about the changes she makes in her life and every time I read it, I find it delightful. Daisy is a librarian so that makes her a planner. As she also wants to meet a man and get married she comes up with the wackiest of plans. She gets herself a makeover; courtesy of Todd the (supposedly gay) Vintage furniture store owner. She moves out on her own and gets (not) a guard dog. So she has all her ducks lined up in a row but there is a fly in her ointment in the guise of Jack Russo, the chief of police. Jack is alternately annoyed, amused and finally turned on by Daisy and her small town prim and proper ways. He’s a hardened cop from the big city who worked on the SWAT team and is now ready for the slower pace of a small town.

Reading about these two fighting their attraction and fighting each other is delightful. NO ONE can do the kind of dialogue of an angry yet attracted guy better then Linda Howard whether it’s Sam from Mr. Perfect, Wyatt from To Die For/Drop Dead Gorgeous or Jack from Open Season.

There is one scene in particular when Daisy goes to the local drug store and picks up a certain item sure that the gossipy owner will let the town know what she is buying and thus letting everyone know she is ‘in the market’ and Jack shows up which is simply classic. Watching Daisy change from a ‘good girl’ to a ‘party girl’ is very amusing. Although pretty naive, she is not a TSTL heroine by any means.

And Jack is the standard yummy Linda Howard hero. She does have quite a way of writing them, that’s for sure.

There is also a mystery which Jack is trying to solve that involves Daisy.

I don’t know if our own SuperLibrarian has read this one or not. Being in ‘the biz’ I think she is tough on books with librarian heroines but I loved Daisy. I loved Jack. I loved Daisy and Jack together and I love this book. I think this is about the fourth time reading this book and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

Next month I’m going to try and read something I haven’t read for years for the ReRead Challenge!

To Die For by Linda Howard

I was only planning on doing one reread this month. I lent To Die For, also by Linda Howard, to a girl at work and she loved it. When she brought it back, I threw it in my purse and the book and I had the following conversation over the next two days

To Die For: Read Me

Me: Look, I can’t read you. I’ve already finished my February Reread book and it was your cousin.

To Die For: Read Me

Me: I told you – I can’t. Look around. I have books in the bedroom to read, books in the second bedroom to read, books in the third bedroom to read. There are books in the kitchen, books in the living room, books in the ‘library; even books in the bathroom all saying the same thing.

I just don’t have time to read you. And if I’m not mistaken, I’ve probably already done a review for you.

To Die For: Read Me

Me: Stop it! I’ve read you already. In fact I think I’ve read you three times; the last time last August or something like that.

To Die For: Read Me

Me: Enough!!! Yes, I love you. I loved you the first time I read you. I loved you the second time. I know, I know – not everyone loves Blair Mallory as much as I do. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea. They think she’s a fluff bunny cheerleader who carries on too much, but I see her as a very savvy business woman who started her own business, a health club and she knows her own worth and expects and demands that Wyatt respect that. In fact she is one of my favourite funniest heroines.

And speaking of tea, I agree - you are a hawt one – that Wyatt is a sex machine who knows Blair’s weak spot.

And yes, yes I love Police Lieutenant Wyatt Bloodworth too – even though he had hurt Blair pretty good two years before when after the two of them had chemistry he stopped seeing her for no apparent reason and we don’t always forgive those kinds of heroes. But she made him pay for it. He’s a typical Howard hero – sexy as all get out, strong (he has to be to stay up with Blair’s machinations) and a great manly man. No pink tools for this macho man. And he is determined to find the person who is trying to get rid of Blair – permanently and that person will not be a happy camper let me tell you.

And true, this book is written in the first person and I normally don’t read first person books – at least I didn’t when I first read you. And the fact that it was first person didn’t bother me at all. And I will grant you that I can’t read this book without smiling and laughing in quite a number of places like when Blair and Wyatt first meet up at the murder scene and Blair pretends not to remember him, or the lists she’s constantly making of his faults. I love the fact that these are both very strong personalities and watching them battle for position is wonderfully funny.

But I just Don’t. Have. Time. End of story.

To Die For: Read Me

Me: You’re not going to give it a rest are you?

To Die For: Read Me, Read Me, Read Me, Read Me

Me: Alright (giving a heavy sigh) I’ll read you again. I hope you’re happy looking at all these other books – knowing I’m neglecting them.

Two Days Later

Me: There! Are you happy? I read you. I loved you. You made me laugh again. I loved Blair and Wyatt just as much as the first time and if you promise not to tell anyone, I’m glad you were insistent that I read you again. You get to keep that 5 out of 5 I gave you the first time I read you. And yes – I recommend you highly. Didn’t I just get you back from a coworker and she also loved you and we even talked about some of the real funny parts? So will you leave me alone now for at least a year now?

To Die For: I have a sequel

Me: Head – Meet desk.


Anonymous said...

"Open Season" is my second favorite book by Linda Howard ever, the first being "All the Queens Men". :o)

VampFanGirl said...

While 'Open Season' isn't my favorite read by Ms. Howard (that would be 'After The Night') I did enjoy your reread challenge. I do remember Daisy's evolution from bookish to party girl as being pretty funny. You gotta hand it to the girl though. She wanted to improve herself and she wasn't afraid to do it once she set her mind to it. I have to admire her for that.

LOL, books say the same thing to me all the time. "Read Me". I wish I was a faster reader.


azteclady said...

"Read me"


I hear that chorus from my right as I type...

nicchic said...

Funny post. I totally empathize with you...I have to re-read my LH collection at least once or twice a year...they haunt you. Dream Man! Heart of Fire!! I just picked up the new re-release of Tears of the Renegade and I have not read it yet...hope its good. I also loved Kill and Tell, Now You See Her.

Renee said...

Sold! I haven't read her before, though Mr Perfect's been on my list before. I looked her up, and Open Season is in audiobook, so I requested it. It'll be a while before I get it, though. (I'm 3rd on the list)

You are too funny! Read me, indeed. I get those, too. They are never the ones that are due at the library next, though.

Wendy said...

No I haven't read Open Season. I just can't bring myself too. Call it judging a book by it's plot description. Even though you think Daisy isn't TSTL, you consider her "naive" and that's enough to send me right over the edge.

I suspect because I've been subjected to too many "good girl 38-year-old librarians who have never gotten kissed let alone laid" that I tend to be very hesitant about librarian romance heroines. It's like the profession is the Quicky Romance Author Short-Cut for when they want to write a naive, sheltered, Plain Jane.

Librarians are not all naive sheltered Plain Janes. I know librarians that can drink longshoremen under a table. I know librarians who curse up a storm. And I know librarians who are pretty darn sexy.

We're not all "good girls" who want to be "bad."


Sorry - where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I haven't read Open Season LOL

PS - Love that bit about To Die For at the end. Very funny!

Leslie said...

Ah, Kristie - so glad I'm not the only one whose books talk to her. Mine sometimes start to curse if I take to long to read them. :)

And add me to the list of those that loved Blair and Wyatt. I'm a list maker so I loved Blair's lists.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!! I loved the conversation between you and To Die For, lol! You're too funny :D

I hope enjoy your evening tomorrow, Kristie :)

Kati said...

Kristie - I practically have to keep To Die For in a box so it won't talk to me! LOL! I re-read it at least once a year too.

That was hilarious!

Amy C said...


Thanks, Kristie. I've never read a Linda Howard book before, so I am making note of Open Season :)

Anonymous said...

# 1 - I've only read two books by Howard. I don't know, I just wasn't bitten by the Howard bug (might be because they were rather romantic suspense) but I always thought of OPEN SEASON as the book I likely would read if I wanted to try another Howard.

# 2 - ROFL! Your conversation with TO DIE FOR cracked me up. Its last line "I have a sequel" - I'm glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that. Books talk to me, too.

As does chocolate.

Kristie (J) said...

Taja: Oh Yes!! Chocolate talks to me ALL the time - only it says Eat Me. There is a store not far from me that sells chocolate bars for 49 cents and they call to me for miles when I'm at work and holler 'Buy Me'!
And the amazing thing about Howard - she writes such a wide variety of books. If you're looking for funny - Open Season, the Blair & Wyatt books or Mr. Perfect are all great for that.

AmyC: What I said to Taja!!!! Linda Howard is one of my author goddess'. The ones I just mentioned are great if you are looking for funny. Or if you are looking for steamy - then there is After the Night.

Kati: LOL - Drop Dead Gorgeous is the same. It's going to be so mad at me though!! Leticia, the girl at work who read TDF then wanted to read DDG so I got it up from the 'library' to take to work. Of course it started calling to me, but I ignored it's cry and took it to work. Meanwhile, I have a HC cop of the first three Stephanie Plum books that's been floating around our department. Everyone who has read it has loved it. So when I got it back again, I passed it on to Leticia -- just before giving her DDG. She picked it to read first. So DDG is on holding pattern with her - meanwhile screaming at me to read it.
And isn't Blair a hoot!! I adore her and keep hoping there's a third book somewhere inside Linda Howard.

Barbara: As you can see - I'm in procrastination mode right now. I'm going to have to move like the devil to be ready for tonight!
I have that kind of conversation with a lot of my books unfortunately - and they win just about all the time!!

Leslie: Oh yes!! Mine curse at me too! I know Drop Dead Gorgeous is :)

Wendy: LOL - I didn't think you'd read it. And *g* it's probably not the book for you. It can be tough reading books with a heroine in your own profession 'cause you know if they don't get it spot on, it's going to drive you nuts!!

Renee: I hope you enjoy OS! This was probably the third or fourth time I've read it. And you really need to try Linda Howard - she is great!!

Nicchic: Isn't she great? And they DO haunt you :-)
I think we each have a different group of favourites. I've read all the ones you mentioned a couple of times, but my most reread are After the Night, Mr. Perfect and the 2 Blair Mallory books. Yet I've seen others who swear by the MacKenzie series which most of I've only read once.

AL: *grin* And mine is to the left of me (Promises in Death) It's not too happy 'cause it knows I'm on the computer right now and then I have to do housework so it won't be getting the attention it thinks it so richly deserves.

Vampfangirl: I hear you on After the Night! Though it's a VERY CLOSE race - very close - I think After the Night is my favourite too. I know that Faith is my all time favourite heroine - of any book - of any time.
And Daisy is a hoot the way she wants to become a 'Party' girl.

MsMoonlight: It is a grand book isn't it. And I quite like All the Queen's Men too - though it's not in the top 5 for me - but I have read it on more then one occasion ;-)

Bev(QB) said...


Funniest conversation with a book I've ever read.

And I may show it to my family because they always roll their eyes when I say that a book is calling my name. Thanks to you, I now have PROOF!

Shannon said...

Open Season is one of my favorite LH books (Mr. Perfect taking the #1 spot.) I just love her heroes. If I had to pick an author who writes the perfect heroes for me, it is Ms. Howard. I have to hide Mr. Perefct in my front bedroom otherwise it's cajoling would leave me in a permanently distracted state.

azteclady said...

Hey, Kristie, no package yet? :-(

Kristie (J) said...

AL: Nope - not yet. And I AM opening them :)

Shannon: love Mr. Perfect too. I have that one in hardcover and pb. I saw it in HC a couple of years ago on sale for about $5 and thought why not? I've read both copies :)

Bev: It's true isn't it?? If you are quiet, you can hear them - calling, calling, calling.

azteclady said...


(I have a love/hate thing going with the USPS right now--you don't want to know about how they lost my mortgage payment this month)

nath said...

Man, it's been awhile since I've re-read anything by Linda Howard other than Shades of Twilight, Now You See Her and After Night.... your review made me want to re-read Open Season...

and LOL, To Die For :) LMAO about the sequel!

Zeek said...

I think I'm gonna go with an old Linda Howard for next month! ;)

JenB said...

I love Open Season! I read two other LH books and didn't care much for them, but Open Season is super cute. I kind of cheated when I read it though...I skipped all the "suspense" parts. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Jen: Have you tried To Die For? It' really cute and I like it better then Open Season which I do enjoy.

Zeek: As long as you don't go too far back *g* Some of her earlier books were pretty scary.

Nath: More then any other books, her books call to me - as you can see by the conversation the book and I had. I've already accepted that I will be reading Drop Dead Gorgeous as soon as I get it back again.

AL: I checked today - still nothing :(

Jace said...

Reading about these two fighting their attraction and fighting each other is delightful. NO ONE can do the kind of dialogue of an angry yet attracted guy better then Linda Howard.

I absolutely agree! I love her alpha won't-back-down heroes. :D

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

And it's fantastic that we both gave this the same rating! :)

~ames~ said...

It was funny, I was putting mascara on the other day and Daisy's caterpillar eyelashes came to mind (not that mine looked like that, but it just popped into my head). LOL So I was thinking about rereading this book, maybe this month. Because I didn't like it the first time I read it (I read it right after Mr.Perfect, which I loooove). It just couldn't compare.

I also love To Die For. Blair is awesome. Good picks Kristie!!

Alie said...

Okay I'm throwing it out there: I'm a librarian (27 years old) and I'm a plain Jane that is a virgin. Open Season is fab to me lol! I have read it before and Howard will always be one of my fave authors. No one does better snappy dialogue than she does.

Kris said...

This made me laugh and laugh. I've had similar 'discussions' with my keepers to the detriment of the TBRs. :) But let's face it 'Open Season' is just terrific. *g*