Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etc. time

Am I the only one who gets excited over the oddest of things???? This is going to sound very bizarre but in the world of toilet paper there was one brand I refused to buy. And that one was Charmin. I hate – absolutely loathe their commercials. I mean they have baby bears taking a poop for goodness sake!! How can anyone buy toilet paper with that kind of commercial running through their mind.

But the other day my cheapness won over my boycott of products with terrible commercials when the Charmin was on for a price I just couldn’t resist. And you know what?? It’s a really good toilet paper. And I mean really good! Soft and strong and well – without going into any details – I need a lot less. In that old Seinfeld episode – one square to spare would have been more than enough.

So – there you have it. I’m excited over toilet paper.


JenB said...

I get excited over stuff like this too. :)

My husband won't let me buy anything but Angel Soft. If he sees a different brand he whines until I get him Angel Soft. But what he doesn't know is that our current stock of "Angel Soft" is actually the generic stuff from Wal-Mart. ;)

pidute said...

considering how much toilet paper we use per day ,me too i would be exited in finding a nice one .

The gremlins always complain when she find my book in the toilet ("maman books is for THE BEDROOM !naughty maman" )

Mame Burkett said...

I agree with you on both points. There commericials are crap, excuse the pun, especially the one where the cub has paper piece stuck to his bottom. It is also the only toilet paper my husband will use. BTW, there are a lot of things these days to not get excited about so I am like that you are taking the happy where you find it!

Wendy said...

My Man isn't picky, just as long as it's not (what he calls) Scratch Master 3000. He had a really cheap roommate in college, and when it was his turn to buy the TP, he inevitably bought the cheapest, thinnest, skimpiest TP on the market.

Which sort of defeats the purpose of being cheap since you need to use half the roll to have enough to "take care of business."

We use Charmin at the Bat Cave, mostly because it's "good" and I can buy it in bulk at our local warehouse store (y'all have Costco in Canada?).

nath said...

LOL, Kristie!! You're so funny! :) I agree though, Charmin TP is really good and strong :) I have to say, I quite like it :)

I'm not picky about TP as long as it's not the industrial one that you find in malls and at work :P

AnimeJune said...

I actually know someone who never uses Royale because she's a cat lover and heard the urban legend that the first animals used as the company's mascots died because of the hot lights.

.....by the way, I just reviewed Broken Wing. Thank you for suggesting the novel, there was a lot I liked about it and I'll be checking out Judith James' future novels!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Kristie!!! You are too much. Yeah, I agree those commercials are a bit...bit...I don't even know. I just don't buy Charmin because I don't particularly like it. Scott for me ;)

Aymless said...

LOL! I'm a Charmin gal. Its soft and strong and most importantly CHEAP!

Kristie (J) said...

Jen: LOL at your husband being the picky one!! I wonder why that is 'cause women use it more - OK not more. I speak from experience when I say guys may not use it for everything - having the pipe they do, but when they do use it, they must use half a roll each time! I was constantly buying it when it was Ron and the boys but now that it's just me - well it's something I don't have to buy often at all - not like I used to. And now that I've discovered Charmin, I'll use even less *laughing*

Pidute: I don't know if they have Charmin in your neck of the world but if they do - I say bite the bullet on the horrid commercials and give it a try. And I'm a bathroom reader from way back. My dad was though I don't think my mom was. But I and my sisters all inherited it from my dad. I remember Ron - who wasn't - asking one time why I stayed and read in there sitting over a bowl - well you know - and I couldn't think of a logical answer.

Mame Burkett (and Wendy) why is it again - like I said to Jen - that it's men that are so fussy?!?!?! I trained mine early to expect the cheap stuff - they went through it so fast. But if I ever had bought the good stuff I'm sure I couldn't have gone back to cheap. And I'm glad I'm not the only ones who HATE those commercials. For those old enough to remember, I thought the Mr. Whipple and please don't squeeze the Charmin were bad - but they were Cleo winners compared to the ones we have today!!!!

Wendy - yep - we have Costco here - though I don't have a membership. With just me here though if I were to buy it there it would last a couple of years :) But I will stock up when it's on sale. I got a 12 roll size so that should keep me going for a while.

Nath: I was a Very Bad Worker Bee and posted that one at work. All afternoon I was chuckling to myself that I just did a post on toilet paper. But I really was shocked at how much better it was. Now - if only they would change their commercials.

AnimeJune: LOL - oh those kittens are ADORABLE. That's the kind I usually buy 'cause they are so cute - and I've always wanted that kind of cat. I never heard about the kittens dying because of the heat. I hope that really is just an Urban Legend!!
And I just left a comment on your - hilarious as usual - review for Broken Wing.

Kristie (J) said...

Barbara - there are days when there is nothing I won't tackle! I did a whole post on underwear a couple of years ago. And you're a Scott girl eh? Me - it's going to be Charmin from now on. I wonder though if I wrote to the Charmin people if they would change their stupid bear commercials. Really - what does a bear have to do with underwear?????

Aymless: Hear, Hear!! It's everything you say it is. And it's taken me until I'm in my *cough* 50's to discover it.

azteclady said...

Kristie, it's no wonder I adore you so! *hug*

(TP is a serious matter, people)

Kristie (J) said...

AL: It IS a serious matter (snerk!) But what's kind of scary is how the colours in the picture match the colours in the blog. And the commercials have pooping bears.
Ack!!!!! I'm going to have to change things now!!

CindyS said...

I couldn't believe it when they had the baby bear with little pieces of TP stuck to his bum. If you think about it, as long as they are cartoon bears you can tackle something like uh, butt lint. Yep, I'm just said butt lint on your blog. Can't wait to see who googles in ;)

I'm Royale. There's another brand and I'm blanking on the name that I *know* on contact. It just feels slimy and it's a popular brand. Hubby couldn't care less but since I'm the woman we buy the good stuff. I'm also cheap so I watch for sales and then I stockpile.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: I KNOW!!!!! Aren't they just horrid??? And while toilet paper may be an unusual topic for a romance based blog - still it is a fact of life. And now I have the theme "You can feel the cottony softness of Royale" running through my head.

nath said...

You should email them and tell them to change it! :) I have to say, the one with baby bear with pieces of TP sticking to his bottom really turns me off.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Kristie, love this post and the comments.

Yep, I'm a Charmin gal, too. We buy it when it's on sale in bulk. Otherwise it's one of the more (most) expensive toilet papers here.

little alys said...

Lol. I get excited over tissue paper and above else, water. What? They're related. Sort of. ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Alys: LOL - yes I can see that. You use enough of one, if you are female, you age going to need the other.

Taja: I still can't believe I did a blog about TP - but then I can't believe one brand is so much better then the next. I did buy a big package so it should last for a while - but I'm hooked now so hopefully it will go on sale sometime. I'm terrible at buy in large quantities when something is on sale, so I can kind of see my house being over run by toilet paper *gulp*

Nath *g* If I had any idea it would work I might just do that. But I'm sure they do all kinds of studies and stuff and the weird results probably say they work. Maybe they appeal to the younger set with their cute little pooping bears.

Sunnysmileqt said...

You know their commericals tend to bother me too. There's just something about a baby bear with butt lint stuck every where that I find disturbing. But despite that, I will only buy Charmin' anymore. It lasts me and the DH so much longer than the cheaper "store" brand.