Monday, December 18, 2006

What's new? Not much

I haven’t posted much lately because well….nothing much is happening. I haven’t finished a book so there is no point in reviewing one. The one I’m reading is good though. A Secret Santa sent me a copy of Touch of Fire by Linda Howard so that is my present book du jour. Thank you again Secret Santa!!!One thing I notice with it though. The print is smaller than most books and I’m having to wear reading glasses. I got a cute little pair at the Dollar Store for $1. Gotta love a deal like that.
I’m pretty much finished Christmas shopping. This year I did some on-line shopping. Now that was nice. The only problem was after I’d ordered the things for my sons and got confirmation that it was shipped, Ryan handed me a list. He’s never given me a list before! I suppose it was his way of trying to make things easier. And of course I hadn’t gotten him a thing that was on his list!
I did have a wee bit of excitement on Saturday. I met a friend for coffee as this really nice little coffee shop near where I live. It’s much nicer than Timmies – for all those who live in or visited Canada. I got to the coffee shop about 15 minutes early – it was more convenient to do that rather than go home, turn around and head back in time to meet my friend. And I had a book so it was good. I was deeply engrossed in the Amazon with Ben and Jillian when I looked up and saw my friend entering the coffee shop. I quickly locked the car and jumped out. It’s important to note the order there. Locked then left. Yes, when I was headed back after coffee, searching my purse for my keys, I experience that sinking feeling that you know you’ve done something REALLY DUMB. Janice offered to give me a ride to my place to pick up a spare set of car keys, but since at times I can be REALLY DUMB, the only house key I have was on the key ring – locked in the car. I called my son who just happened to be close by enjoying a light lunch himself. He said he’d be by in 20 minutest to give me a ride home, pick up the spare key and give me a ride back.
Ryan traded vehicles a couple of weeks ago with a friend. He’s now driving a Ford truck, A VERY BIG truck, a truck that is VERY HIGH off the ground. I’m not very tall. Nope, not very tall at all am I. I have been known to ask the taller people in the grocery stores to get things off the top shelves for me. So it was with this very annoying grin, then laugh that Ryan watched me try and crawl into his VERY TALL truck that was VERY HIGH off the ground. It wasn’t until after I had almost damaged myself that I noticed a strap for lifting ones self up with. At least I provided a bit of entertainment for Ryan though. It was only fair I suppose since I interrupted his lunch with that REALLY DUMB thing I did. And it was kind of cool being up so high in a land vehicle. I’ve never been up that high before and it was almost tempting to wave at all the little people below me. When I’m driving, I hate big vehicles like that, but I must admit it’s a different story when you’re riding in one.
So – I got the spare key and then got the car home. Considering in all the time I’ve been driving, that’s only the second time I’ve done that, twice isn’t too bad I suppose. And it did happen nice and close to home.
So – not much is happening in my world at the moment but I thought I’d just check in and say nothing is happening in my corner of the world.

'til later


ames said...

Oh gosh-I've locked my keys in my old car so many times, I'm very paranoid about it now. LOL The worst was when I locked my car while it was running, and the spare keys were in the car too. And there was a blizzard the night before, so I hate to wait forever for a tow truck to come open my car. LOL
You're lucky you've only done it twice.

My dad bought an SUV a few weeks ago, and I have to climb into it too. I feel so cumbersome sometimes.

Sandie said...

I hate that...locking the keys in. The worst feeling in the world when you realize WHAT you have done. LOL. At least your son was near by, a great thing.

My DH works 3rd shift and he's locked himself out of our van several times. Poor guy...he's so tired after working and then running errands in the morning...and locks himself out. I can't go help b/c I'm a county away at work there he waits after I call for service for him. :D

Zeek said...

Hey are you reading the "touch" of fire or "heart" of fire? Touch IS by LH but it's a western ... Heart is the amazon one.

Which is what MIGHT have caused your earlier confusion!

Kristie (J) said...

Zeek: It is very confusing *g*. I think I'm reading Heart of Fire. Whichever one it is, it's the one with Ben & Jillian and takes place in the Amazon. I have read the other one which as you say is a Western and the heroine is a doctor. I remember that much.

Sandie: Really - it's amazing I haven't done it more often. It's so the kind of thing I would do!

Ames: You beat me! We were still at the coffee shop so we just went in and had another one while we waited. And resisted the Chapters that was next door - the real perk of the coffee place!

Zeek said...

AH! Yes that's Heart of fire! Ben Lewis! :sigh:

(your post says you're reading Touch of Fire)