Friday, December 08, 2006

Snow Day!!! Snow Day!!!

OK - I'm kind of playing hookey today and I'm kind of not.

London Ontario got socked with a huge snow storm over night and they've pretty much shut down the city. Buses are cancelled, school is cancelled, even the university and college are cancelled. Even the MALL isn't opening up until noon - so you know things are bad here!
Up until a short while ago, there was no way I was getting out of the driveway but then a very kind neighbour came and used his snow blower to clear out my driveway. So technically - I could get to work. But they are still advising motorists to stay off the roads unless necessary and I am so unbusy at work, I'm thinking I really don't need to go in.

So - instead I'm blogging. Of course what would be the impact of telling about Snow Day be without pictures?

In other news - I am so proud of myself!!! *beaming happily* I wasn't able to download pictures from my new toy, but this morning after deciding I would do what the radio told me to do and stay off the roads, I determined to figure it out. And I did thus the snow pictures above. I also had some I took a while ago of my ever growing Armada on the book cases in the 'library'. So here we go! More pictures.

And in other news - a certain someone is wanting to see wish lists. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I don't have a very big one. I'm a big practioner of instant gratification. But here are a few I've been trying to locate for a while now.
To Have and To Hold by Patricia Gaffney. I had this one and loved it and somehow it went missing. I have a bad feeling I traded it in by mistake! And of course now I'm dying to read it again! It's been a while.

Heart of Fire by Linda Howard. Somehow I managed to confuse this one with Touch of Fire, a Western she wrote. I didn't even realize this until recently when someone (and I forget who so big apologies) reviewed it and I realized it was a totally different book. I was appalled as you know Cindy and Anne Stuart? Well that's me and Linda Howard!

A couple of more of hers that I somehow missed *d'oh*
Midnight Rainbow
Diamond Bay

So there you have it!

Snow Day
My Armada
My rather small wish list

I may be back.

'til later


nath said...

OMG Kristie! I hope the snow storm isn't coming my way! Please, please, please. Or at least, if it's coming, it won't be this week-end!!! The good thing tho is that at my house, we have the snow thingie service, i.e. all I need to shovel is the stairs in front of my door. but man, that's a lot of snow... ^^;

I'm in love with your library, it's so nice. I wish I had that kind of space.

by the way, congrats for figuring out your camera!

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: It was kind of a fluke thing that happened just around here. Lisa who lives about 1/2 hour away was telling me she hardly got any snow. I called her at 6:00 am and told her NOT TO COME TO WORK (she works in London)
And I so LOVE my library. Wall to wall - floor to ceiling romance books *sigh*. Just wait until I get a nice large Armada going though! It will be so cool! I got the two large ships at Home Sense when I went to visit Cindy so I've had them a while. And you know what's on my Christmas list ;)

Mailyn said...

LOL! I wonder who asked you for that list. Hmmm.

Oh and I just emailed ya. Oh and that snow looks gorgeous although it must be a pain. LOL.

Lori said...

Jealous of all that snow! I wish we had snow days here in So Cal. When I was in school, we used to have smog days, but then the EPA got busy and cleaned up the air, so we don't even get those anymore. *sigh* Damn them. *snicker*

Zeek said...

Ooooo I'm jealous! I want a snow day too dammit!

And you picked up 3 of my all time fav LHs!! Heart of Fire was my very first LH and I just LOVED Ben Lewis! Diamond Bay has another of my favorite heroes of hers as well!

Enjoy your time in the snow!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a snow day. *grin Felt like a guilty pleasure. Enjoy!

nath said...

Oh really? but still, I just want snow if it's going to make me miss work :P We had a mini-freezing-rain storm last week... I think it was last Friday. that WAS HORRIBLE!

and you're making me soooo envious of your library!!

Yeah, I wonder who asked right Mailyn!

C2 said...

Is there anything better than a snow day?? :o) Not that we get them down here, darn it!

The library and armada look fabulous, btw. I'm so jealous!

Jennie said...

I'm jealous of your snow! Well, sort of. I always love to watch it falling, but after about a day, it's just inconvenient. LOL. But I guess you guys are used to it up there.

Good job figuring out the camera. I still have to ask my sister whenever I want to upload pics from her camera. It shouldn't be that hard!

Kristie (J) said...

Jennie: the wizard certainly made it a lot easier *g*. I still had the software on the computer from when I borrowed Ryan's camera. And the best part of this snow is I don't think it's going to be around long. At least I hope not! It's much higher than my boots.

C2: I haven't even really begun on the armada! I want to have them on every book shelf. The only problem is I have to figure out where my parent's in law got them from. The Home Sense near me doesn't carry them and I already got the best ones at the Home Sense near Cindy.

Nath: Yea - ice storms are nasty aren't they. With the snow we didn't really have to worry about losing power or anything. I still remember that wicked ice storm a number of years ago. We didn't get it but it looked horrible for those who did!

Janice: So did you take a snow day too? I hope you did 'cause I certainly enjoyed mine. And what about them cancelling the buses for the whole day!! That one surprised me.

Zeek: I really don't know how I missed those ones! I think I have just about every other book she wrote. I may be missing a Mackenzie or two, but I have one of those with a bunch of them in it.

Lori: Smog days?!? Yuck! Kids can't go out and play in the smog like they did in the snow here! I think they loved it!

Mailyn: Yes I wonder who it was too *big grin*. And as I sat inside for most of the day and just looked outside and contemplated shoveling the front sidewalk and then decided against it for a while hoping it would melt and knowing that noone will be using the front door, it truly was beautiful.

ReneeW said...

Wow, that's alot of snow. Last week we had about an inch of snow that turned into solid ice and they practically closed down the city. Schools closed, etc. I love snow for about 1 hour then I just wish it would melt and go away so I can get in the car and go somewhere.

I LOVE all 4 of those books and have them all in my keepers. Especially loved Heart of Fire and Diamond Bay (took me a while to find that one). HoF is a jungle story and I have a real weakness for jungle stories. There is an incredibly HOT love scene in it (standing up sex... yes!) You must find it.

ReneeW said...

Forgot to add. If you can't find them let me know and I'll look for them here and send to you. :)

CindyS said...

THANK YOU!! You and I must be sharing a brain because I thought Heart of Fire was the historical also and only recently found out it was a contemporary. I'm sure it's around here somewhere. *grumble*

I love snow! Lots and lots of snow and I'm jealous but I'm hoping it's all getting saved for about December 23 so we'll have an extra white Christmas. I know I grumble about winter but snow is the only thing that makes it bearable because it's bright and reflects the sun and it's fun ;)

I'm glad that you got an extra long weekend out of it. That's what snow days are for! Mental breaks! Hope you snuggled up with Princess and read a few books - Okay, I would have at least read a half a book, slow reader that I am.

Way to go on the techno stuff - see, fear nothing with uh, techy stuff ;)


ag said...

Those were beautiful shots. I bet it's even more stunning in reality. makes me wish it would snow here in Singapore!! Have fun.

Love yur library too ^^

Devonna said...

Yup, I'd definitely stay home with all the snow. It's a great day to snuggle up in a blanket and read a book (although really, isn't everyday a good day for that?).

I am in love with your library. I'd love to be able to have a room to do that in. Someday.

Tara Marie said...

OMG, you haven't read Midnight Rainbow or Diamond Bay?? I have to take a catch my breath--LOL.

Okay, that's a lot of snow. I love winter and snow--I'm jealous, we're expecting a mild winter.

Nicole said...

Love the pictures! We haven't had much snow here.

And I want your library! I love it.

Jenster said...

DANG!! That's alotta snow!! I wish we'd get some.

I'm still working on "Dreaming of You" and loving it. I just wish my family would stop making so many demands on me so I could just read. "What's for dinner?" "Where are my clothes?" "We need to leave for church." BAH! :o)


romancelover said...

oooh...snow...nothing says X-mas like snow in SF..sniff. we did have a lot of rain this weekend though...sucked!

Kristie (J) said...

The funny/ironic thing about the huge amount of snow we got is that it will probably all be gone in the next day or two. The temperature is going up to 7 degrees celcius (which would be roughly 44 degrees farenheight) so I'm glad I took pictures because I don't think we'll see it like that again for awhile *g*

Kaitlin said...

Kristie-Just finished Under The Wire by Cindy Gerard over the weekend! Wowzer! Really, really, really good. Lots of action & stuff this time. Yummy! I hope you like it. :)

Hope you're having a nice week. We haven't had any snow down in my elevation, but the mountains are getting a ton. We hardly ever do down where I live though. It's kind of sad. :(

Talk to you soon!

Kaitlin said...

Have you read Sons of the Morning by Linda Howard? Hands down my favorite of hers. Awesome! Time travel, action, drama, suspense and hot sex all wrapped in one. Yum! :)

Kristie (J) said...

Kaitlin - yes I have read Son of the Morning. It's very good although I think Do Die For and After the Night are my all time favourite Linda Howard books. I still have to read Under the Wire. I'm waiting for the RS mood to hit me - then I'm there!

Romancelover: I'm thinking that with the now warm weather, all our lovely snow will very soon be gone. Apparently we even made the weather channel for the whole country that day.

Jenster: You KNOW I'm anxiously waiting to see how Derek stacks up to Sebastian *g*. Isn't it tough when your reading a good book and family gets in the way *g*.

Nicole: It's odd - but the pictures I think are the best were taken through the window - long before I was up and dressed.
And I wish that you and everyone else lived close enough that you could come and browse and borrow *sigh*.

Tara: I KNOW!!!! I've no idea how I missed those ones but it's something I must rectify very soon!! But at least I know that I have some very good reading ahead of me once I do get them!

Ag: And snow is even nicer if you're not a winter person when you look at it from the inside! I was out for a little bit shoveling the back porch and shoveling off the car - yes shoveling the car. There was too much of it to simply brush off. And I've never been much of a photographer - but those pictures did turn out nice if I do say so myself. It must be the camera.

Cindy: I can't believe I somehow missed Heart of Fire being a contemp!! I must have thought it was just a rerelease of her Western or something - but like I said - more Howards to read. It's like you discovering unknown Stuarts *g*.

Renee: I will let you know if I can't find 'em. And it was the first time they shut the schools themselves down since 1977!! They cancel buses all the time due to snow or fog, but for the entire school system to shut down - very rare.

Kookie said...

Hey, love the pics! Although I love the idea of it, I don't think I can stand the cold of snow so I guess I'm pretty glad there's none of it here in our side of the globe. So I'll settle for loving your lovely pics! :o)

And your library looks amazing...but as Nath said, I wish I had that kind of space to lay out my books in all their glory. Which brings to mind that I just weeded out some twenty titles or so and sold them all to a UBS so that I can have more room for newer books. Dang, I hated doing that!!!