Tuesday, June 02, 2015

This and That

After my whine of yesterday, no the matter isn’t cleared up and I didn’t sleep very well again last night, but I’m not going to focus on it.  Instead I’ll let my mind wander where it will.

It came!!  It came!!  I woke up this morning and Roseanne Bittner’s Outlaw Hearts loaded up on my IPad.  I shall be busy reading for the next few days.
Yes, at times I can be a screaming fan girl.  Not often mind you, but on occasion.

Thank goodness SYTYCD was last night. 

There are a few of us who tweet while it’s on and it’s ever so fun, much more than joining the thousands and thousands who tweet using hashtag SYTYCD.  That can be the problem with Twitter during popular shows, you just get lost.  But I like the intimate feel of me and my own fellow SYTYCD peeps.  We can all keep up with what we all think of the dancers.  Last night was quite good.  It’s a different format this year and while I do miss LOUD Mary Murphy, Paula Abdulla wasn’t that bad; much better than she was towards the end of her AI run.  And Jason Derulo is quite good.  I don’t know if they are going to go with guest judges like they did in past years or not.  But I’d be fine if they stayed with the 3 they have.

I’m still not liking my hair.  It’s been a couple of weeks now since I got a lot chopped off.  Usually by now I’ve figured out how to style a new doo so I like it – but not this time *heavy sigh*


I hates those moving GIF thingies. 
They seem to be all the rage but – and this is just my opinion – they are stupid and distracting and they bother my eyes.  I would much rather just have a straight picture then something that moves for 6 seconds or so then goes back.  GoodReads seems to be a breeding ground for them and I’ll be honest.  If I’m trying to read a review that contains them, I’ll just skip it.  GoodReads was bad enough, but now I’m starting to find them on other romance sites I like to visit.  I wish people would stop using them.

Well, it’s time to head home now so this is a short one.


‘til later


Phyl said...

I could not agree more regarding gifs. Oh people, please stop. They hurt. Seriously.

nath said...

The good thing about hair is that it grows back :)

Wendy said...

Blissfully I've noticed that the biggest offenders of the GIF review are folks who read New Adult. And since I don't read New Adult, I can usually stay away from the GIFs. Well....except they can sometimes creep in to erotic romance circles - although usually only with Big Name authors, and Wendy tends to not read many Big Name authors :)

I know you're not interested in ARCs, but one of the upsides to being on NetGalley is that's how I scored Outlaw Hearts. Of course do you think I've reread it yet? Bwahahahaha! But I've had it for ages now - so, I win? Except, you know, I still need to read it. I also have Do Not Forsake Me - so I'm wondering if I have the fortitude to binge read the two books back-to-back. I mean, Outlaw Hearts is like 500 pages - so that might be a tall order :)