Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Up with the Reading, Down with the TV

Until I started this new goal of highlighting authors who epublish, either with a small publisher or on their own, I had no clue how many ebooks I read and didn’t review.  I really slacked off last year on a lot of things I usually keep up on it seems – damn depression.  This means I’m going to have to read many of them again as it’s ever so much easier to do a review when the book is fresh in my mind.  I’m almost giddy with the thought.  As I’ve said, I have found some real gems and I’m looking forward to reading them again and sharing those I’ve enjoyed.

This means however, I’m going to have to buckle down and READ.  No more Dr. Phil – which is a habit I need to break anyway.  Honestly, that man really is a legend in his own mind isn't he?  And he does love to self-promote.  Soaps are out too.  I confess to not minding that one.  While I have been an avid watcher of them for years, it is a way to unwind when I get home.  But since I’m none too happy at the direction either one (Y&R, B&B) at taking, it will actually be a relief to let go.  No more Harvey Levin and the gang on TMZ.  Families with have to Feud without me watching.  I haven’t gotten into DWTS, The Voice, American Idol or Survivor so I don’t have to worry about any of them.   

I do like Forever on Monday nights CTV though (Tuesday nights on ABC- 10:00 PM in the US).  It stars Ioan Gruffudd (whom I’ve loved since watching the Horatio Hornblower series years ago) as a medical examiner in NYC.  The twist is he is immortal and has lived for over 200 years.  He does die, but always comes back again, usually in quite amusing scenes, naked and in the water.  Weekly he solves crimes and we also have flashback scenes to the different lives he’s led in the past.  I almost hate that I love this show though as that’s almost the death song for drama shows I’ve loved.  The last time it happened was with Intelligence with Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger.  I LOVED that show and I’m still bummed it only ran for one season.  He was a super spy with a chip implanted in his brain and he had all kinds of neat superpowers.

Onto Tuesday nights.  One reality type show I simply can’t give up is Face Off.  I LOVE that show.  The premise is 16 contestants are given challenges every week of coming up with specially themed characters.  Every week there is a winner and someone goes home.  It’s utterly fascinating watching them come up with masks and costumes and all kinds of make up to transform models into the kind of characters you might see on science fiction type movies whether it be aliens or werewolves or whatever creature they are tasked with.  It comes on the SyFy channel Tuesday nights and last night’s challenge was based on dolls in which the contestants had to come up with scary doll like characters.  I think what I like best is how helpful all the players are with each other.  When one is running into trouble, all the others pitch in to help.  There is none of the back stabbing you may find in other shows.

Wednesday night I’m good for not turning on the telly. 

Thursday night is Big Bang Theory, but I don’t know – since Penny cut her hair it just doesn’t seem as funny as it used to.  I think I’ll still give myself that half hour.

Friday and Saturday I can also give up all television watching

And then we get to Sunday evening.  I start to quiver with excitement on Friday over Sunday night.  You see – that’s the night that Outlander is on.  The next series starts this coming Sunday and I already have all my plans made.  I’m working this upcoming weekend so I can stay up late watching and swooning.  They ran a marathon of the first season last Sunday from 12 noon to 12 midnight.  I parked in front of the TV and barely moved.  I was um, ah, about an hour late for work Monday morning.  And yes, I know I’m mentioning Outlander – a lot – but then think back to my thoughts about North and South……..  The passion doesn’t die, it just may move a bit sometimes.
 So that’s it!  I’m limiting myself to 4 hours of television a week and spending all other free time reading and rereading.  Life, it is good.


‘til later


Wendy said...

Bwahahaha! Families feuding without you!

I often wonder how much reading I would get done if I unplugged the TV. And then I remember I'd still have the Internet - which is almost a bigger time suck for me than TV. Hopeless. I'm completely hopeless.

azteclady said...

I can tell you that having no tv allows you to get a helluva lot more reading done...unless you futz online *cough*

which I do as well.

But I'm also aiming to do more reviews this year. For a short bit I even managed to write three reviews a week, impressing myself quite a bit. Sadly, between one thing and another thing... yeah.

PS It's lovely to 'see' you around regularly, Kristie, my Kristie!

Renee B said...

I think movies are more interesting for me than tv shows, so thankfully I don't watch too much of it...but I am excited for Outlander...who isnt right? I think its great you want to focus more on reading...that is always a good thing. I find a good book more interesting than tv most of the time anyways.

Kristie (J) said...

I find Steve Harvey hilarious. I'm going to miss him - not so much the game show itself.

AL: Even as I'm watching TV, I'm wondering why as I enjoy reading more. I think it's the voices on the telly I listen to. Then I get sucked into watching

Renee: what I just said to AL on reading more entertaining. Years ago I used to read a lot more as my husband watched a lot of sports. And since I didn't mind at all, I'd sort of half-ass listen while my main concentration was on reading. Now it's reversed. I seem to be more involved in watching and reading is coming in the half category. And I don't like that!