Sunday, April 05, 2015

Mullet Madness - This is SO wrong

I'm one of the lucky ones working this entire holiday weekend and much to my surprise, it's been very busy!  Now I knew Saturday would be, but I thought it would be very slow on Good Friday - but it WASN'T.

I do have a bit of a break now though.  Every day I check the Kindle Romance Daily Deal to see if I'm interested and most days it's a book that doesn't really interest me.  But I just checked today's deal and it's this book

Ack!!!  The eyes, the eyes.  It hurts the eyes.  This cover is just wrong for so many reasons.  I'm not sure when it came out - but surely they could have updated the cover when they released it as an ebook.


azteclady said...


But is that a US mullet or a Canadian mullet? That's what we need to know, woman!

Wendy said...

That's definitely the original Dorchester/Leisure cover art. When Dorchester was circling the drain, Amazon purchased a bunch of their backlist - although it looks like some authors were able to get their rights back. I know Pamela Clare has self-published her early Dorchester titles like Sweet Release and Carnal Gifts.

And I vote for US mullet :) I mean, I know we have New Jersey in this country - but I personally find the Canadian mullets a bit more....epic.

Renee B said...

I actually enjoy this author, so I will get this one. I see your reading Radiance....hope your enjoying it...I do love that book.

Kristie (J) said...

AL, I think it must be a US one as most Canadian mullets are from hockey hair. And my very first thought was Olivia Newton John from the Physical video.

Wendy, and I am so glad to see them do this. I just wish they had updated the covers. Though at least on an ebook it isn't nearly as bad when you're reading a book with this kind of Really Bad Cover. And yep, American mullet *grin*

Renee , *chuckle* I'm glad I made you aware of the book then. I've read a couple of her books and while I kind of liked them, my ebook TBR pile is getting huge.
And funny you should ask about Radiance. I finished it, loved it and have just started writing up a review this morning. I should have it finished and posted very soon.