Friday, July 19, 2013

Hard to believe it's Friday already!!

Despite the fact my Brain is getting slower and slower to work, it still won't give me a break. I have so many thought s running through it. Right now I'm sitting in what promises to be a very long line up for Berkley. Because my reading habits have changed so much over the past several years, this is the publisher I really want to visit. 98% of the books I read now are ebooks and I refuse tp pay the prices that Berkley charges. It infuriates me they charge often $3 MORE for an ebook than a print copy. I'm angry I'm missing beloved authors and I'm angry that the authors aren't getting my money.

 Kristin Higgins was the keynote speaker at lunch and she was SO good. I could tell by the slight shake in her voice she was nervous but she spoke from her heart on how romance novels have helped her through the very toughest times in her life and as anyone who has followed me over the years wil know, it has been the same for me. It was great as I ran into her on my down to the line and I was able to tell her one on one how much her talk had moved me.

 The literacy signing was nuts as usual. I may have said this before but I don't like them. I don't collect autographs, I'm not a picture taker, I'm uncomfortable talking to someone who is sitting while I'm standing, I get claustrophobic easily and I'm not very good making small talk with people I don't really know. Nevertheless, I seem to go year after year.

 This is my first conference as a non-smoker and it's a wonderful feeling no longer being a slave to that habit. I still have an urge come over me every so often, specially here for some reson, but the Fear of Ryan is keeping me from giving in.

It's wonderful seeing old friends. It's humbling that some authors seem to be glad to see me. Little old me!!

Sinse I drove, I can load up on as many books as I want and as a proud romance reader who is picking up books for coworkers, I'm having a ball.

And all is right in my RWA conference world as Wendy and I are roomies again.

'til later.

(and this is driving my left brain nuts, going picturless!!)


Janine Ballard said...

Kudos for quitting cigarettes!

Kristie (J) said...

Janine, even though it was unplanned, almost easy, it's one of the things I'm most proud of. I asked recently out of curiosity how much a package of cigarettes went for and was quadrupled glad I quit.

azteclady said...

KristieJ, driving to book conference: the best idea!

(Remember Orlando?)

Mailing books is expensive, but mailing them through the hotel is prohibitive.

How I wish I was there, at least give you and Wendy (oh, alright, and everyone I know online) a hug.

nath said...

Hey kristie :)

Is it really your first one as a non-smoker? If I remember correctly, you had already quit in NYC no? But I,m glad for your health :)

I know you don't like the Literacy signing... so many people... but I mean, you can't go to RWA and not go to the Literacy signing... it'd be a sacrilege LOL.

Everyone miss you and we're back to hear/see you! Keep it up!