Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another New Day, Another New Adventure

First off is the adventure of getting into the guts here from my iPad. I'm not really used to it. I was a good little Type 11 diabetic and got up at 6:45 to go to the Continental breakfast. For the first time in days it seems I ate healthy, OJ, banana, yogurt, an egg and a scone, all the food groups. I don't like breakfast, but I eat it. Then I headed off to a workshop with Karen Rosr, Sharon Sala and Karen Robards who won my heart with One Summer. It was very entertaining though more geared to those wanting to write RS which was what it should have been. Last hight I went to an event that Sarah of Smart Bitches. I went with Blythe and Lynn from AAR. Being a frequent visitor at AAR it was great to see them again. We didn't stay too long as it was after the very hectic literacy signing. Loved seeing Sarah and Angela James again but that was about all who I knew and I was saying, I was getting very tired of being "ON" by that time of the day. Right now I'm sitting with Wendy waiting for the luncheon to start. I had something very special happen but it needs a post all on its own and so I will end this one with a promise to come and a 'til later


azteclady said...


So happy to see you--and we'll wait for the pictures, if and when, the GREAT thing is to have you here.

Kristie (J) said...

AL, hugs right back at you!! Though I was absent, all my friends in Romancelandia were always still in my thoughts and most definrtly you included :-)