Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A few long awaited wedding pics

The "official" wedding pictures of The Accountant Son # 2 whom we shall call Ryan and his wife, my daughter in law whom we shall call Kara still haven't come back from the photographer yet but I spent Christmas with Kara's family who adopted me and they have some Most Excellent Photographers in their family. Kara's mom and I spent some excellent hours going through the photos she has and she emailed me some. I don't often post family photos - specially of me - but in this case I'm such a darn proud mama, I'm making an exception..

(That went well I thought, enough for the day)
They had taken dancing lessons for months and this is them after they rehearsed their dance the day before

(Sands through the hourglass)
Kara is really into symbolism so this is their sand pouring ceremony. Kara's mom and I both carried a vase of different coloured sand in with us. During the ceremony, Kara and Ryan each poured them into a bigger vase to symbolize that once mingled together, it was impossible to separate.

(Before he is ringed and after. Now he is mine)
When I saw these pictures, I thought they were so beautiful even though you don't see their faces.

(A man and the two women in his life)

I hate having my picture taken with a passion, but am including this one - just cause you can see me dress I guess. Also, Kara and her mom arranged to have a couple of hairdressers and a makeup artist come to her house before the wedding so the two mothers and wedding party and bride could all get ready together. It was great fun and the first time I ever wore false eyelashes. They took a while to get used to though :-)

(The Queen's Speech)
I had to give a speech. Whey they asked beforehand if I thought I'd be able to do it, I said it depended on if it was me or Krisite giving the speech. Ryan said if I got up there and started referring to myself in the third person like that, well, he would make me sit down. I practiced and practiced and practiced. In the end it was me and I was indeed a nervous wreck. My oldest son - the one I shall call Brent is standing behind me as well as Kara's uncle who was the Master of Ceremonies

(My brand new daughter in law can be "saucy". I like that)
Kara also had an adorable little red bolero that matched her flowers perfectly that wore it after the wedding.

(Taking a moment's rest before the festivities begin)
Here she and Ryan are sitting on this old fashioned love seat. They had everyone sit in it and have their picture taken with a Polaroid camera. They are going to include the pictures in the thank you cards

(Getting their groove on)

As I said, Ryan and Kara took months of dancing lessons preparing for their first dance. I was thinking "Way to Go Kara!!" for talking Ryan into them. The did the fox trot and did it beautifully. I and everyone else was most impressed. But Kara was worried about ruining her wedding gown so she had a short, back up gown. Here they are during their first dance, a Michael Buble remix of an old Nat King Cole song L.O.V.E.

(This has to be the mother of all cupcakes!)

Kara had a number of unusual ideas for their wedding and Ryan, being a laid back kind of dude who realized his bride (and my wonderful daughter in law) had some great ideas, let her have her way in many of them. So instead of the typical wedding cake, Kara being a love of cupcakes, had a cupcake wedding tower. This is the two of them after the wedding cutting into the top cupcake.


Phyl said...

How sweet! It looks like it was a lovely time. Congratulations! And you look wonderful :-)

Kristie (J) said...

Thank you! It was a very nice wedding - small - under a hundred - but it was fun.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks beautiful and so HAPPY! Congratulations to them and to you. (and love your dress, too)

Rowena said...

Awww, congrats to your son on his wedding and I love the pictures! Thanks so much for sharing, they look so happy.


Carolyn said...

Well worth the wait, Kristy. They are a beautiful couple. (And Mama ain't bad either. ;-) )

azteclady said...

From what you've shared, it was indeed a wonderful wedding--and your new family sounds absolutely amazing.

You all look so happy!

Thank you for sharing these pictures and these moments with us, Kristie.

orannia said...

Thank you SO much for posting the photos Kristie! You and your son & daughter-in-law all look so happy! I wish them all the best for the future :)

nath said...

Great pictures, Kristie!! Kara and Ryan really look happy!! I love the red bolero she wore :)

And you look great in that picture, Kristie!

I hope you had a great holiday season :)

Wendy said...

Here's everybody talking about how lovely everybody looks, how happy the bride and groom look and all Wendy can think about is...

"Dang, is that a giant red velvet cupcake! I need to get me one of those!!"


It does look like it was a lovely day, and here's to many years of wedded bliss for the newlyweds :)

Lori said...

Beautiful couple and beautiful, proud Mama too.

I do want a fork and some cupcake time. Yum!

sula said...

awwww. So adorable! I'm very happy for you. :) Looking good too in that smexy blue dress, girl.

We had cupcakes at our wedding too. A great way to go, imo.

CindyS said...

You look awesome in the picture and I love your dress! Love the last picture - they look really happen and then are a truly beautiful couple.