Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh, Those Crazy Hybrids!

One of those quirks I have that I'm sure are shared by many who catalogue their books is how does one categorize some books? These days so many can be put in a number of different genres.

Such is the case with the book I'm reading now. I'm stumped by where to put it!

Time-travel agent Collins is preparing for a routine assignment to the past when rebels kill his commander and force him back in time unprepared. With no sex-suppression drugs and incomplete training he's stranded in a strange old world.Candy was almost resigned to her humdrum life until a man in a strange black get-up dropped onto her park bench. If he wasn't gorgeous and wounded she might listen to her common sense and run. But curiosity and kindness have always been her weaknesses and the fact that this guy rouses her long-dormant libido doesn't hurt either.Overwhelmed by the novel sensation of lust Collins can't resist Candy's sensual sweetness. But every fevered joining of their bodies breaks the stringent laws to which he's sworn allegiance. Being trapped in the past is bad enough. Committing carnal crimes with an irresistible 21st century indigenous could destroy his future and hers.

I could put it under Time Travel as the hero travels through time.

I could put it under SciFi/Futuristic as the hero comes from the future.

I could put it under Erotic since Ellora's Cave is the publisher.

I don't know how to classify it! I can add tags for all three in Good Reads and the other online book catalogue places but I only have one choice in my spread sheet.

Any ideas?

And in case you're wondering, other than the Really Bad Cover (really, really bad) so far so very good!


nath said...

Hmmmm, I would go either with time-travel or erotica :) At the end though, I'd go with time-travel, because in your spreadsheet, I'm sure you have a section for publisher and Ellora Cave and erotica almost go hand-in-hand :) so time-travel would be more helpful :)

Wendy said...

This is why I also use multiple genre tags on my spreadsheet too. The only time it gets messy is when I do my year-end reading round-up on my blog. I always have a higher total of "genres read" than actual "books read."

Carolyn said...

It can get complicated when you've had a book accepted for publication too. They give you paperwork to fill out and they want to know the genre.

Okay. Takes place in the 1920's. Historical, right? But it has a dragon shifter. Paranormal? Oh and there's magic...fantasy? Um...with romantic elements, lol.

Not looking forward to filling out that one!

As for yours, I agree with nath; time travel seems to be the twist, so that's the route I'd go. And I do wish I was as organized as you all. :-)

Kristie (J) said...

Nath, my first instinct is to go with Futuristic - I mean the name is Futurelove. But right off the bat the hero is described as a time traveler.

Wendy, *laughing* if I were to multitag my spread sheet, it would become truly unmanageable!! I already have tons of different ways I can track stuff. Multitagging on other cataloguing places is a breeze, but my Very Precious spreadsheet - the mind boggles. Speaking of which, I accidentally deleted it the other day and PANICKED at the thought of over 10 years worth of work down the tubes. Mind you, I have a number of other copies but I haven't updated them in quite a while so there would have been limitless data lost. Thank heavens it was still in my recycle bin!

Carolyn, it can get tricky can't it? What I could do is send a tweet to the author asking what she thinks. I follow her on Twitter though I don't know if she follows me.

Wendy said...

Oh that's right - you use that really fancy spreadsheet that Rosario designed! Yeah, multiple tagging would make it quite messy.

I lost several years worth of reading records thanks to a Great Computer Meltdown. Which is why I now keep the dang thing on Google Docs. Also, makes it easy to access my spreadsheet from anywhere I can get a wifi connection :)

Kristie (J) said...

WEndy, I really do need to get one of those thingy's you plug into the side of the computer that backs up stuff - you know, the thing that replaced the discs?

Wendy said...

Heee....a flash drive? Yes Kristie - you must get one. If for no other reason than to back up your ebooks!

Kristie (J) said...

Flash Drive!!! That's it!! Next time I'm near Future Shop I'll get me a couple.