Thursday, March 25, 2010

WoW - Two in one night!

Sad News

It seems as if I'll be losing my 'library' for a while *sigh*. My oldest son Brent, just dropped by and (not surprising to me really) he's got himself into a pickle financially. He works in the auto industry and due to economic times, I thought he might need his mama's help. I offered a few months ago for him to move back home until things got better but he declined. But he was talking to a friend tonight about how deep he's sinking and his friend convinced him to take me up on my offer.

He wants to move back into his old bedroom. This is the room I changed into the 'library'. Now since he had that room and when he moved out, his younger brother, Ryan moved in. When Ryan moved out and Brent moved back home, he took that room again. Then when he moved out once more - and then Ryan moved back, he took that room back again. Then when Ryan moved out a second time, that's when Lisa and I made it into a 'library' - to prevent either one of them from moving back home as they didn't have a downstairs bedroom to move into and so I could FINALLY get all my books out of their boxes and bags and have them easy to find.

So it's not in the best of shape - gum on the ceiling, walls in terrible shape etc - having been the bedroom for young teenage guys. I'm sure there might even be a picture or two of a scantily clad woman in the closet.

Brent said before he moves in, he will fix the room, put in new carpet, put drywall up on the walls instead of the stucco that's there now. So eventually it will be even better. I told him one of the conditions of his moving back was when he left (he figures in a year at most) he has to rebuild the shelves and make it back into the 'library'.

It was rather amusing though, as I asked him what he had planned for all the books in there now. Since he has to store a lot of his furniture, he said he'd pack the books up and store them too. I couldn't get the words "my books Do Not leave this house" out fast enough. So *sigh* back into the tubs they will go.

So for those who haven't seen the pics of my 'library' here you go. Enjoy because they wont' be there a whole lot longer. I thought about telling him he could move into one of the bedrooms upstairs, but I think it would work better if we lived mainly on separate floors.

And I'll have to figure out what to do with my "Armada" too. You see, I have a collection of ships that are on top of two of the half book cases. I call it my Armada - one shelf is covered with the British and the other side with the Spanish. (The British won by the way) I do have some of them at work though. We had a 'decorate your desk' thing at Christmas so I brought in 3 of the ships, printed out the words to 'I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In' Christmas Carol, put blue tissue paper on my shelf at work and crumpled it up to represent waves. I had other stuff up too and took it all down, but the ships are still there.

Just today as a matter of fact, a coworker asked why I had them there. I answered that when things were stressed, I'd look at them and picture myself as a young lass sailing to the Caribbeans when the ship I was sailing on was boarded by a bunch of pirates who captured me. The pirate captain took one look at me and fell in love with me and decided to rescue me - you see, I was being sent there by my evil uncle who really wanted to steal my fortune.

She looked at me kind of funny and said "Oooookay".

I refrained from wondering what she thought about her coworker and her fantasies. But it does work well in relieving stress as the pirate captain looks not unlike Will Turner


Lori said...

Too bad he needs to move home - this economy is really doing everyone in, but how great a mom you are that you're letting him.

Although, losing that library may be worth letting him live on the streets. KIDDING people!! Sheesh!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Yea how about camping on the couch.. What.. The woman finally got her personal library!
All kidding aside, it is some hard times we are all facing and you are the most wonderful parent to let him come back home. He is a man after all... he has some pride, but you are the mother.. still taking care of her babies! Why.. cuz they will forever be our babies! Hugs to honey!

Blodeuedd said...

Not the library! But him moving back home is a good idea if it is that bad, and the better if he fixed the room for your books

orannia said...

Kristie - I think you're a mother and as a woman ('cause you're both :) I'm guessing turning one of the upstairs bedrooms into a library would be too difficult? It's a shame, as your library looks amazing!

And I too would have model ships if pirates were as yummy as Will Turner! *looks to the left then right* I have two pictures of sailing ships on the is a tea clipper, which my grandfather's grandfather sailed on. I think he drew it..I'll have to ask my father tomorrow.

Carolyn said...

I feel your pain, Kristy - BOTH my sons are back home, victims of the economy. They're both working now, but at lower paying jobs and I think they'll each have to get married to afford their own place, because one income just doesn't seem to cut it these days.

And one of them IS on the couch, lol.

Your library is fantastic! Perhaps you could move it to an upstairs bedroom. It's a shame you have to lose it. :-(

Kara said...

What a spectacular library!!!! I would be so heartbroken to lose it...but family does come first and I think it is great that you are helping your son out. These times are so tough...I am looking for a full time job as well and it just hasn't been much competition out there.

Unknown said...

i think you should just get an ebook reader. a wonderful son that knows you're giving up something so essential to living should be wonderful enough to get it for you for an early mom's day present...
I agree that there is no alternative to a book in your hands or the feeling of getting to the last few pages of your book - but it's better that than missing not having the books surround you!!

pidute said...

Are you aware that you are living the dream??? huh HUH!!!
When i close my eyes and imagine how my house would be (when i'll be so rich that i could afford empty rooms) ,it's your library i see????
so it's possible then....

Mollie said...

*wines* I want a library! Even though I AM a librarian and work in an academic library. I want my PERSONAL library. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, with a roommate, and I got the little bedroom. Over half my books are packed away in my parents attic. Someday, someday all my books will be reunited.

Sorry to hear about your son's difficulties though. That blows. (I like to keep things classy.)

Wendy said...

::sob:: I lived vicariously through your library.

Having the books back in tubs isn't the end of the world though - it just takes some organizing. I highly recommend separating by sub genre - that way you when you're looking for a contemporary, you know which tote(s) to go to, for example.

Tabitha said...

I love your library! It's my dream to have one similar to yours! I'm sorry to hear that the economy is hitting him hard too. But with the changes he's making and after he moves back out, you'll be able to get an even better library. ;)

Anonymous said...

while i knew your library was impressive, i dont think ive ever seen quite so much visual evidence. there are no words to describe my awe or envy!

nath said...

Awww, Kristie :( Sorry to hear that Brent is still having financial problems. Hopefully, it won't be for too long.

It's a sad news, but on the hand, think of the perks! Your library will look better with the new walls :D Also, this is a great opportunity to start sorting your books so when they go back on the selves, they'll be more organized :D

The Romance Girl said...

Personally my captain is more of a Johnny Depp...

Wow that is an amazing looking library. It must be sooo easy to find the book you're looking for. I'm sorry that your going to lose it for a while.

Pamela Clare said...

Your a good mother, Kristie. As a mom who's just "claiming" pieces of my house from my two boys, I can imagine it's hard to give that up — especially when it involves books!!!

But it sounds like you might get something out of it in the bargain.

And your son will be lucky to spend more time with you.


Anonymous said...

Marcella said...

Did you use mirrors by any chance?
No, seriously, it's a wonderful room and by the sound of it, it will even be better once your son has moved out again.

We are feeling the financial crisis over here (W-Europe) as well. Houses have been on the market for 2 years or more and many jobs have been lost.

Kristie (J) said...

Marcella: *g* Nope - no mirrors. And that's just the one room!! I have 4 shelves in the next room and upstairs in the living room I have 2 big shelves and 2 smaller ones. I scare me.
And this economic downturn really hit the whole world didn't it?

Pamela: Another plus to having him move back that took a couple of days to sink in, was that now I'll have him around to do 'guy' stuff like taking out the garbage, changing light bulbs that are taller than me, reaching in for stuff on the highest shelf if he's around - that's a plus too.

D.L. - Captain Jack certainly works just as well *g* but Will is just so darn pretty! And in my fantasy I'm much younger and can go for pretty :-)

Nath: Yep - I will concentrate on the better than before approach. And if I double up the book cases that are in the other room, then I won't have to pack away quite as many. And I'll still have the ones on the half shelves...

Lusty Reader: When we got it done and I had the shelves full, I just turned around and around, marveling at the floor to ceiling, wall to wall books and well - it was amazing!!

Tabitha: I will be sad to shut it down for a bit - but only for a short while and when it comes back, it will be better than before - without the UGLY carpet AND nice clean FRESHLY PAINTED walls.

Wendy: I started out before with them in alphabetical order, but that got all mixed up when I'd take them out and put some in - in non-alphabetical order. And one quarter of the basement is empty so I can put the tubs in there temporarily.

Kristie (J) said...

Mollie: I went for YEARS with them in tubs (and bags and boxes) and in no real order. But I shall be much more orderly when they go back. I'll have to sit and plan better next time *g*.

Pidute: *Big grin* I know!! My library is the envy of all book fanatics - at least it has been for a while. Even I am still in awe of it!!

Gina: *laughing* I am so tempted to get an ereader - and I probably will at some point. But first I have to get over my fear of small electronic devices. Right now my GPS is freaking me out - and forget about an IPod!! I was looking at cell phones a while ago, thinking of getting a newer one and had to tell myself to STOP!! STOP RIGHT NOW as I haven't mastered even turning on the one I have now.

Kara: Hopefully things turn around for him. It seems he's always struggled a lot more than his younger brother - but then I think that happens with all children - one seems to live almost a charmed life while the other one - doesn't. Of course, if Brent took his mama's advice on more things, life would go much smoother for him. But if he takes my advice 25% of the time I feel I'm doing good.

Carolyn: Moving it upstairs won't work unfortunately as the shelves are actually on the wall - and to recreate them in one of the bedrooms upstairs, I'd have to nail the crap out of the walls - but as I have half empty shelves in the other downstairs room that I can fill up, and the half book shelves can just be moved and filled in another room of the basement, it won't be too bad.
And I thought the days of my sons moving back home were over, but as you yourself now too, and probably parents everywhere - that just hasn't turned out to be the case. I'm just glad that I have the room for him and hopefully the security knowing that I have his back.

Orannia: I will be making plans to turn the library into an even better nautical room! I have a calendar of lighthouses I plan to frame and I should look for prints of sailing ships to go on the walls once he moves out and they are nice and fresh.

Blodeuedd: While the 'library' looked great before, I'm hoping it will look even better on the second go round.

Cecile: Exactly!! Even though they grow up, they are still our children and I know it was hard for him to ask. That's why I told him not to think of it as moving home - but more as moving in with a rather cool older person who can use his talents around the house - and that we aren't mother and son, but roomies. He's free to come and go as he wants and doesn't have to report to me. And hopefully if I ever have a date - we will go back to his place after!

Lori: I think that was almost his next option - so even though he doesn't see it that way, I'm glad he's moving back; that I could help him as I know he's been struggling for a while now.

CindyS said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Brent is having problems - damn economy. I hope you made him shake on putting those shelves back up ;)

We made the same offer to my brother and his family but so far, they are muddling through. My brother is supposed to be finished his course in May and I'm so praying he finds a career that he loves *finally*!

Good luck! I know you raised him but living with them as adults? I'm not sure my parents or I would survive such a venture ;)