Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ponderings of the Day

I was behind a Nissan Cube car in a drive through the other day and it took everything I had not to get out of my car, knock on the window and tell them they were driving the ugliest car I had ever seen! That was the first time I'd seen one of them.

Up until then, I thought the ugliest, silliest car I'd seen was the car wannabe - the Ford Smart Car

I know I've complained about this one before - but why can we never get our hair to look the way it does when the hairdresser does it? I got rid of my gray yesterday and when my hairdresser (who I love to pieces for the way she does it) finished, the style was looking so fine. But no matter how hard I try, I can't recreate the way she did it.


Cecile said...

I am completely shaking my head in agreement with the whole post, lol!!! Even down the hairdresser! My SIL is my said hairdresser and I b*tch at her alll the time about that tiny little fact, lmbo!

Hope you have a great day hon

Patti said...

It's so ugly it's *whispers* kind of cute. I want to know what the inside looks like. And those tiny cars? Totally impractical.

I have the same problem with my hair - looks great when she does it but by the next day - blah.

Anonymous said...

I rented one these last month in Reno. It was so much fun to drive. Since we knew everyone was looking at us anyway, my friend and I waved liked we were in a Parade. We decided you have to be certain type of personality to own this car. Making sales calls can be a real trial and this improved our attitudes a lot. A major used almost no gas. Loved it.


I said...

Oh Kristie, how could you!

I love the smart car, I want a smart car. If I ever get a car again, I want it to be a smart car (who needs passenger seats, after all)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!! These are the ugliest cars, and I would never drive or be in a smart car, can you imagine what would happen if you got in a accident? Squashed like a bug!!! Just gives me the chills!!!

orannia said...

The original Ford Smart car isn't that nice, but I the sports car version is quite cute :)

As for hair - don't get me started! I have yet to see one hair magazine with my hair type - fine!

nath said...

People keep saying the Cube is ugly, but seriously... most cars are :P I thought it wasn't so bad. My friend almost won one for free :P

Kim in Hawaii said...

We first spotted the Mercedes Benz Smart Cars in the Netherlands. Drivers could not take them on the autobahn since they do not make the minimum speed. But the Smart cars were popular in town for "errands". I had a US Honda Civic that was a giant compared to some of their cars! Just imagine trying to park an American SUV in a European garage!

I have lived in Europe twice during NATO assignments (Aachen, Germany and Maastricht, Netherlands). I appreciated their proactive efforts for recycling and conservation. It is a lesson for us all to care for the earth we share.