Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our Newest Crusader!!

As mentioned in the previous post, I was on Twitter on Sunday night when I clued in from Mandy of Smexy Books that Heindenkind was watching North and South for the first time - and doing live twitting while doing so.

My goodness that was fun taking that journey with her. Each time she tweeted, I knew what was coming up. Right near the beginning from when I jumped in, she tweeted how much John Thornton reminded her of Derek Craven of Dreaming of You fame and I was thrilled beyond belief to point her to the interview Lisa Kleypas did with us on that very topic during the height of The Great North and South Crusade way back in the fall of 2007 - my goodness - such a long time ago now!!

Anyway, I tweeted how she could become the newest Crusader - and she was all on board about that. So - be sure to check out the thoughts of Our Newest Crusader - Heidenkind!!

Of course this calls for another video!!

I've posted this one before, but of all the hundreds - and I do mean hundreds - I've watched this one remains my favourite.


heidenkind said...

Haha! That video was like every John Thornton moment from the entire show. I love it! :)

Thank you, Kristie. I am honored to be a member and will do my best to promote North and South from here on out. ;)

orannia said...

Ohhh, great video...and great music choice!

Betty said...

My absolute favourite is when he is watching her carriage leave muttering "Look back at me!"