Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

What the HELL was THAT????

I adore this show!! I discovered it the year Joshua won and haven't missed a single show since - either the US or Canadian version. I VOTED non-top two hours straight during the season Nico was on - confession time - mostly for him - but for others too.

Last Wednesday I was at a pot luck for my team at work and missed the show that came on at 8:00 pm so I stayed up until 1:00 am - way past my bed time - so I could catch it on a West Coast station.

I love it, love it, love it, love it!!

But I'm sitting here stunned, almost without words at what happened tonight. It was the final night of dance and.......

  • What the hell was it with 6 dancers??? It's only supposed to be four! That was SO wrong!

  • It was only on for an hour!!! All season long it's been a two-hour show. I block two hours out of my Tuesday nights just for SYTYCD. What the hell?? One hour?? That was SO wrong!

  • Could they have rushed through it any faster???? Even me - who never notices these things, could tell they edited the hell out of it. That was SO wrong!

  • I was surfing through the commercials. When I turned back to the station, they were already into the dance! No long introduction! That was SO wrong!

  • They didn't have a men's group dance and then a women's group dance. The ALWAYS have that. That was SO wrong!

  • There was no pre-dance stuff. They almost always have that - where we see the dancers working with the choreographers. Not having that - that was SO wrong!

  • They barely even showed the choreographers. We've seen them all season long and I'll admit - on the Canadian version I had myself a little drinking game every time Jean Marc said to give it up for (whoever) choreographed the dance. I was sloshed every week.(OK - I made that up but you get the point). But to not even show the choreographers. That was SO wrong!

  • They barely talked to the dancers. Well - I'm thinking they did - but it was all edited out. That was SO wrong.

I have invested so much time, so much excitement, so much love into this show - to have it reduced to the piece of shit that was tonight's show; I am really, really, really pissed off. I don't have the words to explain how robbed I feel at the moment.

I've been quite impressed with this season's group of dancers. Some of them have awed me and I can't remember in all the seasons I've watched it, being so impressed with so many. To have it 'end' in this way - well it's just all SO SO wrong.

Oh yea - and the Jays traded The Doc - Roy Halladay to Philadelphia today. It hasn't been a good day. The only consolation is he didn't go to the Yankees or the Red Sox. But still....


Phyl said...

I'm sorry for your SYTYCD pain.

And I promise we'll take real good care of Doc for you. He's the Real Deal.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, now, the Yankees aren't all that bad, lol ;)

Ugh, I wish I watched So You Think You Can Dance, but I have no control over the TVs in my house :(

Carrie Lofty said...

I agree completely, sweetie. My anger, it is much--but obviously wasted coz they chopped it all to bits anyway. I'm about ready to ditch the US show entirely and just stick to CA, AU, and coming this spring, UK. Check out my blog for a run-down on tonight's performances.

Oh, and Ashleigh being allowed to make it into the finale without having danced last week? GRRRRRR.

Kristie (J) said...

Phyl: *sobbing* He is indeed. He's been the only reason to watch the Jays over the past few years. Year after year he delivered - he is a BEAST - and then last year because of the (thank the heavens above - FORMER) manager let it be known that the Doc was up for trade!!!! After years of being the backbone of the team - for them to treat him that way - it was just wrong!

Barbara: *g* While there are many, many Yankee fans - you don't KNOW frustration unless you're cheering for a team that's in the same division as they are!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Carrie: I KNOW!!!! I was heartbroken that Molly was out and Ashleigh was in. That also was SO wrong!!!

Katie Mack said...

I was a HUGE SYTYCD fan ... up until this current season. Right from the beginning it had the feel of a different show because of the format change (moving the show from summer to fall), and I didn't like it. At all. So I stopped watching. Which I almost can't believe, but there you have it. Now I'm hoping they give up this ridiculous must-chop-the-show-down-to-itty-bitty-fall-schedule-size and go back to the way things were.

~ames~ said...

I didn't watch last night's show yet, but I totally understand. I noticed the bit about not really showing the choreographers and the pre-dance stuff was being cut back.

My fave dancers are Ellenore and Jacob but I really like all of the top 6.

Blodeuedd said...

Ok this has nothing to do with your post, but I am afraid I got sidetracked, You have Richard Armitage on the side, mm, I am totally in love with him, don't tell my bf ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Blodeudd: *Huge sh%t eating grin* Ah yes.....Richard!.....I could talk about him ad nauseum. I firs discovered him a few years ago now when I watched North and South. After hearing about this BBC series for a while and finally cluing in that it wasn't a remake of the series based on the books by John Jakes, I fell totally and completely in love with John Thornton and Richard Armitage. So much so that along with fellow bloggers Sula of Sula's Space and KatieBabs of Babblings about Books we had "A Crusade" to get people to watch this incredible series. Although it was a couple of years ago now - I'm still hoping to get more Crusaders!! All it takes *hint, hint* is doing a blog post *hint, hint* about what you thought of it *hint hint*. It's been a while now since I've added a new 'Crusader' to the sidebar on the left there *hint, hint*. If you click on any of them, you can read their thoughts.
And of course absolutely loving him as John Thornton, I've become enamored of everything else I've seen him in!
So - if you also want to be a Crusader........

Ames: Last night's show was SUCH a rip off I felt robbed and that the dancers were robbed and that the choreographers were robbed. I'm sure you'll feel the same when/if you watch it.

Katie: It really does have a different 'vibe' to it this season - as if they are just rushing through!! And that is such a shame 'cause it's such a talented group of dancers. But as I said to Ames - it seems to have a real rushed feeling to it. Plus I really miss Mia.

orannia said...

(((Kristie))) I hope that next week's show is back to the long format. I wish I could watch it. We don't have it in NZ. The first season of Australia's SYTYCD screened here, and then...nada. Still peeved about that!

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

I don't know if you've already received this award, but I gave you one at my blog Book Bound.

Here's the link:

Take care!

Kay Webb Harrison said...

"I hope that next week's show is back to the long format."

Dear Orannia,
Unfortunately, this week's shows were the last of Season Six. The winner was announced Wed., 16 Dec.

Dear Kristie (J),
I feel your pain, but I thought that the finale performance show was fine. I also missed the intros to the routines, but I can understand why they were dropped from this last show. The judges did praise the choreographers as they critiqued the routines.

I did feel that Season Six was quite different from the summer seasons. I also hope that Season Seven this summer does not follow the fall format.

Russell had me with his Santa solo.

Blodeuedd said...

Oh I will go on a crusade with you any day! I heart North and South, those eyes, that time when he wants her to look back, ack, heartbreaking. His brooding looks wins me over every time.

Sign me up

Amy said...

I finally sat down today and watched the recorded episodes of the last two weeks of SYTYCD. I wound up fast-forwarding through much of the judges speaking because, seriously, Mary Murphy ticks my annoyance meter when she's screaming. When she speaks and actually has something noteworthy to say, you actually get the vibe that she does know what she's talking about. But the screaming? Oy...

The talent this year was next to brilliant! Jakob just totally mesmerized me, but I totally pulled for Russell! Love love love him. As well as Legacy -- lordy, that man was hot, especially when I found out he was multi-lingual.

Kristie (J) said...

Amy: Mary does know her dancing when she's not screaming doesn't she? And I was kind of pulling for Russell to - as I said in the just posted post *g*. I thought Jakob the better/best technical dancer of the group, but Russell connected better with the audience. And I too loved Legacy. I think that's part of my frustration with this season - there were so many talented dancers and it was almost like they got short shifted somehow since the whole season played at an unusual time of the year.

Blodeuedd: Excellent *clapping hands in delight* Just let me know when you post your thoughts on North and South and you get a special mention and your post will go on the Crusader' List!! I don't know if you've clicked on the links - all North and South - but it's real fun and interesting reading what all the Crusaders have to say about it *g*

Kay: By having the final dancing show squeezed into an hour instead of the two hours it was like the rest of the year, everything feltsosmushedtogetherjustsmushed, and there was no time to really appreciate the routines. Though the results show was much better. And that Santa routine was cute wasn't it? I thought everything he did was amazing. I loved that Pasa he and Ellenore did, but again, itwassosmushed.

Jessic: Ahhhh - thank you. I just dropped you a line :-)

Orannia: As Kay mentioned - this was the last week. I was much appeased though by the results show. It was back to the 2 hours, lots of routines and the one I was hoping would win did win. And that really bites that you can't get the Australian one anymore. I'm fortunate here in that I can get the US one AND the Canadian one.

Blodeuedd said...

Shall go clicking and perhaps watch some N&S over xmas, hm perhaps when bf is away cos he hates historical dramas for some reason ;)
But will let ya know when I post something