Friday, December 04, 2009

Oh lucky, lucky Janet - and other stuff - update

Well Dang!!!!
The Janet Jackson video is disabled 'cause I don't live in the US.
That's just stoopid!!

Getting up close and personal with NIC


(and remember the full screen trick!)

And it seems like Tiger has not been a very good husband. Whatever did or didn't happen - it's between he and his wife but one thing about this kind of thing always confuses me. I haven't checked his web site but I did here that on it he apologized to his fans. From what I remember, Chris Brown did the same thing after he beat the shit out of then girlfriend Rhianna. And I've heard of other famous celebrities do the same thing when they royally f&$k up.

What I don't understand from any of them is why they apologize to fans. They didn't do anything to us?!?!? Whatever apologies are offered up should be to friends and family and in private and in person if possible, not in some grandiose way so as to get notice and not to the public at large. I just don't get it.

I'm a huge fan of SYTYCD - big news there eh? *g* While looking for dance routines, I came across this and it just cracked me up!!

I think anyone who has watched the show might find it amusing in the way they 'captured' the judges


nath said...

Hey, Kristie. Did you watch SYTYCD season 4? Cos in the Janet Jackson videoclip, there's Mark also (who was my favorite dancer that season!). He's the one with the hood and sunglasses :) Quirky guy.

They apologize to fans because they're supposed to be role models. I don't know, I just see that as trying to salvage their images. Meh.

orannia said...

Ohhh! Now I have the new computer up and running (and your blog URL in my Favourites :) I can watch all your videos tonight - YAH!