Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Open Letter

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I hate politicians

Stop it!! Just fucking stop it - all of you!! I am sick and tired of each and every one of you using this nation as your own personal power games. It's obvious not a one of you care about the country of Canada. All you care about is 'do I have enough power yet? is it time to call a vote because me and my party have enough votes that we might win?'

This should not be your attitude. Instead your attitude should be what is best for the COUNTRY. But not a one of you think that. I don't care if you are Conservative, Liberal or NDP, ALL the leaders are guilty of looking only at their own self-interests.

For those who don't live in Canada, this is a simple explanation of how it works here

Federal Political Parties

There are 19 registered federal political parties. Each party can nominate one candidate for each riding. During the Canadian federal election in 2008, representatives of only four federal political parties - the Conservative Party, theLiberal Party, the Bloc Québécois and the New Democratic Party won seats in the House of Commons.

Forming the Government

The party that wins the most ridings in a general federal election is asked by the Governor General to form the government. The leader of that party becomes the Prime Minister of Canada. If the party wins in more than 154 ridings, it will have a majority government, which makes it much easier to get legislation passed in the House of Commons. If the winning party wins 154 seats or fewer, it will form a minority government. In order to get legislation through the House, a minority government usually has to adjust policies to get enough votes from MPs of other parties. A minority government must constantly work to maintain the confidence of the House of Commons in order to stay in power.

The Official Opposition

The political party that wins the second highest number of seats in the House of Commons becomes the Official Opposition.

At present, the Conservative Party is running a minority government. Now does this mean they all play nice and each work for the best of the country?? No, of course it doesn't. Rather they pay attention to polls and when they think their party might pull ahead they declare they are thinking what is best for the Canadian people, they can't go along with the other parties, they think their policies are dangerous - blah, blah, blah. I call bull shit on the group of them.

We are supposed to have elections every four years but this is how it's broken down in the past few years:

October 14, 2008

January 23, 2006

June 28, 2004

And now the Liberals are threatening to force us into yet another election this fall. Is it because they think it would be best for the country? Well, lets see - we have just suffered from a world wide recession and things look to be turning around, not just in Canada but around the world - hopefully. So of course this isn't the time to change governments. BUT they were ahead in the polls. They are threatening to defeat any bill that the Conservatives bring forward - just 'cause - cause really they think they have a chance of forming the next government. I don't think there is a Canadian among us who wants yet another election.

I have never not voted since I turned 18. But I don't want to vote anymore - for any of the bastards.

I heard on the news today though, that the Liberals have taken a nose dive in the polls. How much do you want to bet - miraculously - they realize that it might not be in the best interests of the country to call an election at this time after all.

Bastards - ALL of them.

I hate politicians

even if one of them is holding a cute little kitten

The next post will be much more upbeat - Recent Reads!
I would have done it tonight - but it IS So You Think You Can Dance Canada night - in this house that's an event!!


orannia said...

A saying springs to mind: power corrupts. Unfortunately, I've yet to meet a politician who isn't out for himself/herself...

farmwifetwo said...

Send the Yankee back to the States!!!!

Excuse me you couldn't find someone who'd lived in this country for the past 35yrs to run... Then there's Bob Rae... let's just not go there.

I piss of my Mother regularly... good Union woman and her daughter is very much Right. I have HUGE doubts our MP is going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

lol oh my god, wiping my eyes. Go girl. I also do not want another election. I do not want anymore lies as all politicians seem to. But I had enough of the liberals (buddy systems and thieving)and NDP would give everything to the sick,lame and lazy so I guess the conservaties but smarten up and work for the taxpayers and give the middle income workers a break for change instead of expecting us to float the low incom while the rich get richer.

AnimeJune said...

Yeah, I'm not to knowledgeable about Canadian politics right now, but even I'm pissed that Harper's spending our taxpayer money on hate adds before the election's even started. Grrr!

AnimeJune said...

That being said .... someone's gotta do it. Politicians are universally despised (or at least every politician is hated by at least one large group of people), and yet Canada isn't a smoking hole in the ground yet. Power-hunger is definitely an issue but it's also a huge-ass amount of work and you're never going to please everybody.

azteclady said...


(I think I should send you cookies just on general principle)

novelnelle said...

Well said Kristie.

I'm also very disappointed in the government. As soon as this recession hit they should have put aside their personal ambitions and buckled down and worked together. Instead they have been in a power struggle for almost the entire time.
What a joke - do they really think anyone believes they want what's best for Canada? Please don't insult my intelligence.

CindyS said...


I would vote because I know what it means to those who died for my right to vote - but I hope they'll be happy with the results because I'll be damn sure there will be a majority so all this crap ends already.

I hate them too and what they don't talk about is what it costs the taxpayers to run the elections. So shut the f*ck up and do their jobs already.

The day the guy with the kitten closed up shop so no one could do anything within government while the world economy collapsed has my undying loathing. Thing is, they are all out for themselves and if the economy is actually recovering it's not because of anything they did.

Tell me that kitten doesn't have a 'OMG he's strangling' me look on it's poor face.


CindyS (verification word is pessi - as in pessimist (you bet!))

Kailana said...

That was great! I am so sick of it, too, so I can entirely relate to this post.

Now, why is Stephen Harper holding a cat? I missed that picture!

nath said...

At this point, I don't care who's in power. Just stay there!! Seriously, it's ridiculous having elections every 2 years when it's supposed to be 4. Wasted money and all...

Anonymous said...

Kristie: Loved this........Did you CC the politicians? That was so well said, ditto for me as well. I'll be putting a big X through the next ballot. Not a one worth voting for.

orannia said...

Hey Kristie! Just stopping in to say I hope all is well with you :)

And that politician should realise that the adorable cuteness of the kitten will not help him!

anidaadler said...

They're the same all over the world. I share your sentiments. You don't want to see the collection of douche bags in power in Ireland. What gets my goat is that politicos who stole the country dry and were caught doing it, are still admired by the people. Unbelievable.