Monday, September 14, 2009

I had to take a break

Stuff happened that's thrown me off my groove so until I get it back again, I thought I'd share some of the best of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Now I'm sure the powers that be will be taking these down soon - still can't understand why - but for now - here are some great routines!

Now for those who don't know, Emanuel Sandhu was the men's Canadian Figure Skating Champion for a few years. Then he dropped out of dance to concentrate on dancing - his first love. He tried out for the show last season and just missed being in the top twenty. But he made it this year and I think he's great and I'm so glad he made it.

This next one was from the week before but I really enjoyed it.


nath said...

It's cool for Emmanuel. He looks happier dancing than figure skating... I think the pressure was getting to him. I really like him this year, he seems to have gotten a lot more humble.

Love Melanie M! Hope she wins it, but of course, I've just jinxed her, so it won't happen, LOL :)

nath said...

PS - Hope everything is going well with you, Kristie!!


Kristie (J) said...

Nath - Unlike last year when I was Nico's girl right from week 1, (OK - really week 2) I don't have a favourite this time 'round - it changes from week to week. Though this past week, I spent 2 hours voting for Kim & Emanuel, Vincent and his partner - forget her name, Austin and his partner and Daniel and his partner. Isn't it a scary thing when I remember the guys names but forget most of the girls??
As for RL - well - it's been......different.

Kay Webb Harrison said...

Dear Kristie,

Thanks for posting these clips. The dancers are wonderful. I was thrilled to see Blake again; he was one of the best dancers of the USA's SYTYCD Season One!

I missed our Fall Season opener last Wed.; I was watching President's Obama's speech and didn't realize that SYTYCD was on. If I had, I would have recorded it.

Hope all is well with you,

azteclady said...


I was getting worries, woman!

(want some cookies?)

nath said...

I don't like Austin :(

Kristie (J) said...

Kay: We are lucky here. If Blake isn't choreographing a number, he's a judge. I hadn't discovered SYTYCD that early so I missed seeing him dance in season one, but he's a fabulous choreographer; he really pushes the limit sometimes, but I like that *wicked grin*. And we are really going to be faced with a dilemma here in Canada. Both versions will be running at the same time and we will have to decide which one to watch!! SYTYCD Canada is repeated later on in the week so we can catch the routines - but if we watch the American version - that lets out voting in the Canadian version :(

AL: *laughing* I'm afraid the 'stuff' was bigger than a cookie fix. I stopped at the book store and bought some new books but even that - a normally sure fire fix - didn't help that much.

Nath: He does seem full of himself, but I think being in the bottom 3 2 weeks in a row has humbled him. And I really like him with his new partner. I loved last weeks routine.

~ames~ said...


I hope you get your groove back. *g*

My fave dancer is Jamie-she's so cute and that dance hall routine last week was awesome!

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: Sadly - I thought their dance tonight was horrid - not their fault - I just don't like Disco. Tonight my favourite routines were Austin and Corynne (sorry Nath - I thought he was GREAT - and shirtless besides *evil chuckle*) and Kim and Emanuel.

~ames~ said...

Eek, their dance was not pretty. But you know, there was a disco in the very first week of the top 20 and I really enjoyed it. So I don't hate disco, but yeah, no one does it really well.

K&E and A&C did great jobs tonight. I like K&E as a couple to make it to the top. And Cody and Jayme Rae. :P

sybil said...

I was sort of looking forward to wendy coming after you *eg*


tons of them

orannia said...


I hope things are a little better now - missed you! And some of those costumes are...well...skimpy!