Friday, August 05, 2005

Since I couldn't think of anything else

I thought I would update my side bar.

I added Cindy (a brand new baby blogger and already better than me - sigh) and I changed my pictures.

As I did this all at once and anyone who has followed my struggles, I'm quite impressed with myself.

I was kind of disappointed though. When I was looking for books "I just had to have as soon as they come out!" , I could only find one (oops - make that two thank you
BJ for asking and Angie for answering. Ah well, I'll wait for the buzz for more.


Nicole said...

Yeah, I'm kinda noticing a lack in books I want this month. Haven't quite checked for next month. Should do that now.

CindyS said...

Ah, you added me to your links? You're so sweet! And since you were the first at my blog you get first billing on my links ;) and hell no, I'm not better than anybody. I'm flying without a net! I haven't even blogged about books yet - I'm such a disappointment. I'll get there, no really, it's just, how do you blog hop AND do a blog?


CindyS said...

Crap, I meant to mention that there are next to no books coming out for me...ever!! Seriously, most of my reading has been by word of mouth lately. Jan through May was a bust, then a few of my auto-buys came out and then, nothing.

I'm going to blog about the book I am reading now, but probably not until tomorrow.

CindyS (hogging the light again)

BJ Deese said...

LOL :) Glad I could initiate another book being added to your wish list.

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