Friday, August 12, 2005

I know this is a rhetorical question

But why is it that Tom and Sharon Curtis aren't writing any longer?
I read Windflower awhile ago and was devastated that there was no sequel with Cat's story. If ever a book cried out for more it was Windflower.
I recently got Sunshine and Shadow curtesy of
Candy and this book is absolutely riveting. It's the kind of book that I almost don't want to read any more of because then I'm closer to the end.
Alan Wilde is a cynical and tired hollywood director. Susan Peachy is an Amish teacher who wanders into his outdoor set. Alan is immediately drawn to the innocence of Susan and casts her in his movie. Along the way these two totally different people fall in love. It's a beautiful and poignant story. The writing is wonderful. I don't know how it ends yet, because I don't want to reach the end but I am so enjoying the journey.

This book is beautiful, just beautiful.

Which brings me to my title. Why oh why aren't these wonderful writers still writing


Picture brought to you courtesy of Nicole, Jay and Angie who showed remarkable patience with this rank amateur blogger. Thanks! And also the spelling :)


Jay said...


Nicole said...

No clue why they aren't writing anymore.

ReneeW said...

I read this last summer and loved it! It's a keeper. I have read so many reader boards with various rumors about what happened to them but no one really knows. One of those mysteries. Great job on the picture!

CindyS said...

I like the cover picture you have. I have *one* book by them in the TBR pile because it is next to impossible to find these books. I have been waiting because I always think the book is going to feel dated and I won't enjoy it.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy, it is slightly dated but truly it doesn't lessen the enjoyment one little bit.

Robin said...

I cared not one whit about how dated the references and even some of the language of this book was -- it was so powerful and so richly drawn, the 80s feel just becomes part of why this book is so unique. In some ways, I enjoyed it more than The Windflower -- not in terms of plotting or characterization, but in the intensity of the love story between Alan and Susan. The book was just shorter and therefore I think seemed more intense a reading experience.

I have heard, though, through the RTR board at AAR, that Sharon Curtis is writing a new book. Apparently she and Tom are still married and she's managing a bookstore in Wisconsin(?). I wish SOMEONE could find out what's up with this rumor, though.

Oh, and Kristie, I'm working on getting Love's A Stage (probably my favorite of their categories) and Lightning that Lingers to you (my least favorite of their contemps, for sure). You got my email, yes?? No hurry in replying; I just want to make sure you didn't think I was ignoring you.

Gina Black said...

That is a question I ask myself at least bi-yearly, especially when I'm in a thrift store or garage sale and snag yet-another copy of one of my fav Curtis (London) books. In fact, I recently wrote up such an experience on my blog.

Always nice to find another connoisseur of fine romance.


Misty G said...

Here is some odd trivia about Sharon and Tom Curtis...I was watching Game Show Network with my visiting aunt Marge (I had no choice, that's ALL she watches 24/7 when she visits and we don't want her changing channels because she always deprograms the remotes in the house on accident, so we have to hide all the complicated ones). Anyway, they were on an old game show called To Tell the Truth. What is sad, is that I rememberd seeing this particular show when it first ran...a long long time ago.

Anonymous said...

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