Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Origin in Death

I’ve read all the In Death books. And reread them. And rereread them. And rerereread them – you get my drift. Some, such as Naked in Death I think I’ve read about 4 or 5 times. Others slightly less than that. But I have read all of them at least twice. And always, without exception, I have read faster or skimmed or even skipped past on rereads the mystery side in order to get to the relationship side - or being honest, the sex. So imagine my shock and surprise when 16 books down the line I find the mystery angle of Origin in Death just as compelling if not more so than the relationship angle. This book rocked. I found the mystery in this book very compelling and truly horrifying. And most frightening of all, some years down the line, not beyond the realm of possibility. I’m not going to say anything more about that part of it because this book is still only out in hardcover and I know a lot of people who may or may not read this wait until the PB. I just want to say it was very, very well done.
As far as the relationship side of the book went, well it was as wonderful as ever. We get to see a (for him) nervous Roarke. He decides to invite his newly found family over from Ireland for Thanksgiving. He’s just not quite sure how to handle the fact that he has family now and I think it’s great to see him uncertain for a change. Eve is just as bitchy wonderful as ever. I’m not sure she is someone I would like in real life but I sure do love reading about her. Before I started reading this book there was a rather interesting discussion on the Review board at AAR on whether Eve was being a good wife or not by seeming not to care about Roarke and his concerns. A poster or two thought Eve was too selfish in her career. I must admit I was a little worried that it might sway how I saw Eve, but not to worry. I still didn’t agree with the posters who thought that. Eve was just being Eve – a dedicated cop.
There was a rather astonishing bitch fight between Eve and Dr. Mira. It was nice to see an angry side to Dr. Mira. I’m not sure who was right and who was wrong. A bit of both I think.
It’s amazing to me that after 16 books in the series, I’m not the least bit tired and I hope JD Roberts continues for a long long time.

‘til later


bam said...

like you mentioned in your previous post, Eve Dallas is probably never going to get her HEA and I really don't want to see her giving up her career to play wifey and mummy to Roarke and their future kids, but I gave up on the In Death series after the fifteenth book, I forget which one it is. It just became routine to me.

Nicole said...

I still love this series, but I love the mystery aspect of it and to me, that's what keeps it really fresh. And I do love watching Eve and Roarke's relationship evolve.

Angela James said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like your assessment was totally in line with mine. I thought this book was very strong- one of the strongest of the last 4 or 5 at least.

And I've got you beat- I re-read Naked in Death every six months at least so...a good 10 times and I think that's underestimating.

And I disagree- I think Eve and Roarke will have a HEA (I think they already do have it, actually). A HEA doesn't have to include a heroine who "plays wifey and mummy". It will be interesting to see Robb resolve these issues but it could be that she never says whether Roarke and Eve have children- she may leave it up to the reader to decide!

Nicole said...

I agree in that I think Eve and Roarke have their HEA. And I think it's more in line of a normal couple's HEA than many romances. Yes, we know they have things to work on, but they are definitely committed to each other.

Anonymous said...

So Kris, I notice you have a little Fraser Crane thing going on here. Instead of an "I'm listening", you have a 'till later. Do you think that will be a catch phrase for the masses?

Robin said...

I think this book is the first of the hardbacks that has the same feel as the paperbacks -- that is, I think it saved the series from jumping the curb. The first couple of hardbacks were a terrible disappointment to me -- the style changed abruptly, characterizations fluctuated, and the editing seemed worse than ever. But this book recaptured, IMO, all the strengths of the series AND it was edited so much more competently! Plus all the snappy dialogue was back, especially between Eve and Roarke and Eve and Peabody -- yay! And I totally agree with you, Kristie, that the mystery aspect was very compelling. I think Witness is still my favorite for clever mystery plotting, but I was very, very intrigued by the subject matter of this one. What did you think of the ending, though?

Unlike you, I tend to think the sex scenes in the series are pretty repetitive and unimaginative, but I do love the passion between Eve and Roarke. Also I hope against hope that they won't fulfill the ultimate Romance cliche and have children -- I can't imagine how it won't seem forced, especially given Eve's staunch resistance and fear.

Kristie (J) said...

Angie: it's a question of semantics (grin) I don't think Eve will ever be happy in the traditional sense - she's been too damaged from her past, but she will be a much more content and whole person due in large part to Roarke.

Nicole: see response to Angie :)

Anon: That's the way I always sign my emails. Bye sounds so final. I like 'til later so much better. It means there will be more

Robin: I loved the end. So ambiguous. It sure wasn't the usual case closed was it?
On the subject of kids, I'm still very much on the fence. For absolute sure I don't want them having kids for a long, long time, at least ten more books or so. The way people live so much longer, I'm thinking when they are in their late 50's or 60's. I think Roarke especially is so nuturing, it would be too bad if sometime (a long time though) he didn't become a parent.

Rosario said...

Read it, and loved it! Kristie, I totally agree with everything you say, and I'd also agree with those who've said Eve and Roarke do have a HEA, even if there's no white picket fence in it.

And since I'm agreeing with everyone, I'll agree with Robin and confess that I actually kind of skim the actual love scenes. I do read and relish every word of all the other relationship stuff, but the actual love scenes... yawn.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »