Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's etc time

For anyone who watches Survivor, The Amazing Race or American Idol, there is nothing funnier than the recaps Mrs. Giggles http://www.mrsgiggles.com/ does. I sit in the computer room laughing like a hyena when I’m reading them. Tuesday nights are double dose reality night. I only recently started watching The Amazing Race; I watched the previous one and now the current one. I was going to skip American Idol this time around but with the NHL hockey strike my husband has started watching American Idol and I’m along for the ride. My thought on American Idol first.
I can’t for the life of me figure out what Bo Bice is doing on this show. It seems to me that American Idol is for amateurs hoping to make it big in music. To me, watching him week after week, he is already a star; he just hasn’t gained the attention yet. And I don’t think American Idol is the venue for him to achieve it. From what I’ve read, courtesy of Mrs. Giggles, the winner is tied up and dancing to the tune of the producers for seven years. If that’s true, they have seven years to turn him into something he is not. It’s not really that I want to see him get voted out, he is honestly too good for that. But then I think he’s too good for the whole competition. And he doesn’t exactly strike me as American Idol material. And a further thought; I think Anwar is hot!
As for The Amazing Race; I love Amber and Rob. I loved them on All Star Survivor and I love them on TAR. If you watched the first episode, all the competing teams were saying how tough they were going to be, how every other team should watch out etc. Well Rob and Amber are the team that is actually doing it. It drives me nuts when people say they don’t deserve to win or they’ve already won on Survivor, give someone else a chance. If they win, it’s precisely because they deserve to win. When you get down to it, these are game shows and unless you’re Ken Jennings and you win on Jeopardy because you know all kinds of for the most part useless trivia facts, you win on skill, cunning and luck something they have in spades. I say more power to them. The certainly make the show fun to watch.


Jill said...

A post after my own heart. I LOVE Amber and Rob, I think they're terrific competitors.

Kristie said...

I think they're a great couple and work so well together. They realy compliment and support each other. I thought it was a hoot that when they came in first they won the trip to the Bahamas. When the "boyfriends" came in first they got nothing, well except they beat Rob and Amber who won the trip to London the next leg.

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