Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I love it when a book grabs me.......but

I read somewhere betwee 200 to 250 books a year. I’m not one for statistics, so I don’t have exact figures. Starting this year though I’ve added a column to my book log that lists what book I’ve read and what year it was published so in future I should have exact figures.
Of those 200-250 or so books, I probably enjoy 150 to 200 (or very roughly 75% - my math is probably way out of whack) of them. I’m easily pleased. But every year one or two books grab hold of my and I don’t want to let go. These grabbers are keepers plus. They almost reach the obsession stage. It’s early in year but already the book that has grabbed me this year is To Die For by Linda Howard. I LOVE this book. I love everything LH writes but this one stands above the others. It’s only the middle of March and I’m reading it for the fourth time already. I love Blair!!! She is so unlike the real me, but everything Fantasy Kristie is. She’s a sharp intelligent woman who uses the dumb blond cover very much to her advantage. And I love the way she makes Wyatt, the hero work for everything. I just finished the scene where she’s showing Wyatt’s mother how she can do a one-handed hand stand when Wyatt walks in. That scene cracks me up every time. This is a book I’ll never get tired of.
Previous grabbers:
One of last years’ grabber was Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone. I know it was published in 2004 in hardcover but I waited for the trade size to come out. Even then I had to special order it as the book store never did stock it. I’ve read it 5 times. Beyond A Wicked Kiss by Jo Goodman and Getting What You Want by Kathy Love were also grabbers.
My big grabbers of 2003 were Susan Donovan’s Take A Chance on Me; there was just something about the dog Hairy and Hard Lovin’ Man by Lorraine Heath.
I didn’t have a grabber for 2002; a lot of keepers but no grabbers. My grabbers of 2001 were Whispers of Heaven by Candice Proctor and Master of Desire by Kinley MacGregor.

These are all books I've read at least four times.
I love it when a book grabs me, it doesn;t happen often…..but, it’s hard to move on after reading them. There is always a big let down when I read the final page. It takes a while to get back on the reading railroad so to speak. And I have so many to read I can't afford to wait.


Alyssa said...

It sounds like we have similar taste in several books. I loved To Die For and Fallen from Grace. Like you, I have and will reread these books.

However, I just finished Master of Desire and was a little disappointed. It's good, but I like MacGregor's Lord of Sin and A Dark Champion better.

I haven't read any of the others on your list, but I know the feeling of being amazed by what you're reading.


Kristie (J) said...

It's hard to pick a best one, but having said that,the nod would go to Whispers of Heaven. It's an incredible book with an unforgetable heroine.

Anonymous said...

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