Saturday, October 31, 2015


You will probably notice I've been absent for a while.  There are a couple of reasons.  Reason number 1 is it's very busy at work these days and I just don't have time to do blog posts lately.  This is good as it makes the days fly past, but alas, as my computer at home is down, it's difficult to do them from my Ipad.

Reason number 2 is a bit tougher.  They've also changed the schedule I work now.  One week I work 8 to 4, the next week 12 to 8.  I worried when about this when I heard what they were going to do and as it turns out, with good reason.  One of the things I need most to help with the depression is a steady routine.  I could handle it when I worked on later shift out of 8 but now with things changing every week, it's been very tough.  I don't know if I need different medication to help or what but I do know that what I'm taking now isn't working and the depression has come roaring back.

I have an appointment with my doctor coming up soon where I plan to discuss it with her and I also want her to recommend a good therapist I can see on a regular basis.  We do have a workplace plan and I've used it, but it's geared to a fast fix to the problem and I don't think there is a fast fix to this.

Thus the reason for my lack of regular blogging.  The spirit is willing and I keep thinking of things to blog about, but the heart isn't whole at this time.  Hopefully I will get back on track soon as I know I enjoy it so much.  But it's another casualty of this horrible thing called depression.  But I will say....

'til later


azteclady said...

*HUG* Oh Kristie, I understand what you are going through so very well! Yes, lack of routine can screw up with your mental health so very much. Is there any way you could get a waiver of some sort, so you could keep a regular schedule most of the time? Is it worth asking?

I hope you find an answer that works for you--please know you are loved, and that I keep you in my thoughts and my heart.

Wendy said...

I'm a creature of habit - so yeah, a fluctuating routine is the pits. I can only imagine who unsettling it's been for you. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes - talk to your doctor.

Spent most of last week thinking about you since I finally got around to reading the new Lisa Kleypas :) I wasn't madly in love with it but holy hell I now want the next book SO BAD!!!! LOL