Friday, March 20, 2015

Since I've done it so often before

I just wanted to do a quick update. I'm still here and not taking a lengthy break again. But I'm on vacation this week and giving the brain a break. I'm either leaning the bedrooms or reading up a storm. More of the second than the first I'm afraid, but if not before, I'll be back on Monday for sure. I have access to a computer then and it's ever so much easier doing posts on a computer than an out of date iPad. And since this is an original iPad, it's woefully out of date. I downloaded a brain game to try and upgrade and exercise my brain. I even paid for the upgrade. But then I got an update notice so got the latest one. But now I can't open it as its too powerful or something for my iPad 1. Anyway this is a wave by and I will be back with better shortly.


azteclady said...

*waving back as Kristie speeds by*

Wendy said...

I need to post my own update. I've got stuff to blog about - you know, just need to find the time. So for now, I'm waving hello at Kristie's blog :)