Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Dr. Phil Saves TV's

In my last post I mentioned that it was the weekend and I was working.  When we work the weekend we have Monday and Tuesday off.  We also have a part time person who works on our caseload when we were off.  This dates back to the days when we were super busy.    And now we aren’t, a number of things we did previously we no longer have to do and we haven’t got them replaced yet – though they keep saying something is coming.  I’m the kind of person who needs to be busy.  And so is the person who did my jobs the past two days.  I have nothing, nothing.  At least I don’t until my Care Coordinators start sending me things to do.

So my boredom is your gain  anybody who visits that is.

First off, the sound came back on my TV.  It was all very strange.  I hadn’t even turned the TV on for a number of days and I was ploughing through books.  Then one day last week, I just needed a quick Dr. Phil fix; I don’t know why, that man sure loves himself, and when I turned on the telly, the sound was back!  Astonished, I began to check all the channels and sure enough the sound was fine on all of them.  I’m not entirely sure if that is a good thing or not.  Since my TV no longer sounds like there’s an imminent invasion by body snatchers and it’s not headache inducing any longer, the scales have changed and TV viewing has gone up and reading gone down. 

The issue now though is I can’t seem to get any channels on the higher end of the dial.  For the most part that’s not an issue – they are all Canadian channels from Western Canada with shows I watch earlier anyway.  But if I wanted to watch, oh say, the Y&R at 7:00, I can’t now.

  Not that I watch it of course, not at all.  I can’t stand Victor Newman.  Every time he says OK? After he gives a demand I want to reach in and smash his face.  Not that I watch Y&R of course.  Who wants to watch a show where an adopted son carries on an affair with his BLIND father’s wife?  Not me – that’s for sure.

Well, I have things to do now so that's it for now.

'til later

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Wendy said...

My mother has been watching Y&R since it debuted and my younger sister still watches it (she even has a Crimson Lights coffee mug that she uses while she's watching "her stories" LOL!) Inevitably whenever they come to visit (or I go to visit), I get roped back in to watching Y&R - which I did faithfully during my younger days. It's amazing how quickly I can catch up.

So far I've resisted getting hooked back in. Yes, I know I could easily record it to binge watch on the weekends, BUT I AM RESISTING! But yeah, I learned all about the whole affair with your blind father's wife thing because sure enough - that week? I was visiting my mom and sister :)