Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ack!! Again a long absence :-(

I don't know why I've been away for so long. It wasn't planned or anything. I have a couple of theories as to why I've been absent for all this time. BTF (before the fall) I used to spend hours at the computer and while whiling away the hours, I confess, I did a lot of smoking. Since I'm still one of those reformed ex-smokers, it's been best to avoid places I associate with smoking for a while since though I haven't given in, the urge to give in at times has been very strong.

In addition, I'm back to work full time now. I'd been at my current position for less than a month BTF, and in the time I was off there were a number of changes. So when I went back to work, not only did I have to relearn the job itself since I hadn't had that much time at it, I had to learn all the changes that had been made while I was off. On top of that, my energy level has been way down still so when I got home, not only have I been mentally tired brain learning wise, I've also been tired physically wise.

So - what else has been going on with me?? Not a whole lot. The past day and a half have been snow days here in London. We've been hit by a major snow streamer, the likes of which hasn't been seen for quite some time. The office closed yesterday at two and didn't open at all today. Of course I did not know that and drove all the way into work, only to see 3 cars in the parking lot and no one at reception. I ran into one head person who said the office was closed and hadn't I been notified? Um, no. I couldn't help but chuckle - here I was, the one with the broken leg and all and I made it in only to find out I didn't have to. Still - it gives me an opportunity to update here - long past due.

I haven't been reading that much. So far in this month of December, I've only finished one book - and that one was almost 3/4 read in November.

On the plus side though, I've passed the record set since I started recording the books read back in 2004. My previous high was 105 books in 2005 and so far in 2010, I've read 108 books. The vast majority I've read this year are Contemporaries, followed by Romantic Suspense. The third highest number is Historicals followed by Westerns though I haven't read any Westerns for a while. (once again, great graphs are thanks to Rosario!!)

I checked at Chapters and Jo Goodman's latest, Marry Me is out and the Chapter near me lists 7 copies. When I checked it out, there were none on the shelf. When I asked a clerk, he told me they probably weren't out yet as it wasn't the "official" release date.

That was a lot of hooey of course, they just hadn't put them out yet, but I decided I was too tired to make him go to the back and get me a copy. Next time if the same thing happens, I won't be so lenient *g*. They've always gone to the back for me in previous visits.

My poor Kobo is on the fritz. When last I charged it and turned it on, all book had disappeared off of it, even the pre-loaded books. Since I haven't been reading that much lately, I haven't bothered trying to load them back on. It's going to take greater concentration powers than I seem to have theses days. Though since Oldest Son is also off today, I think I'm going to get him to have a look see if I have problems. Though on second thought that might not be such a good idea. OS manages to break many, many things around here (including my leg). Speaking of OS, he's moving out next week.

While I love him dearly and he hasn't been that bad of a tenant (he's been great at shoveling out the snow), it's time. It's time. Yes, it is time!!

And last for this particular post, AAR posted their Top 100. Once again - for the third time - Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase came in top spot, followed by *drum roll please* Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas! Amazingly, I've read 92 of the top 100. Go visit and check it out? How many have you read? Any books you haven't that interest you now? And what do you think of the list?


nath said...

Hey Kristie! I was just thinking of you this morning! I heard about the amount of snow you were receiving... Gosh, it's a lot! A meter, right? LOL, it's good to have your OS in that case :)

Speaking of OS, he's moving already? Is he moving out on his own again or did he find someone to room-mate with?

I'm sending you an email concerning Indigo/Chapters. They're having happy hours, 25% off after 6pm today and tomorrow. So perhaps it's a good thing you didn't get it yet ;) Get to save more money!!

Woohoo on beating your record! :) that's great and the year is not even over :)

As for your Kobo, did you do the upgrade? There was one in September I think or something like that... perhaps you'll get the books back... if not, ask the ppl at Chapters.

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: LOL - I hope they extend the days here in London. I do believe chances are very good that they are closed!! The mall near me is closed - and we are deep into Christmas Shopping season so you have to KNOW the weather is bad *g*.
And I did ask the people at Chapters but they were pretty useless. The guy helping me didn't even own one himself so I was more of an expert than he was. And I am NO expert at small electronic devices.
And OS and YS (youngest son) both inherited some money when their grandmother passed away so now he can afford to move out - happy dance.

farmwifetwo said...

I did the kobo app upgrade and I ended up rebooting the entire thing.. per their instructions... but it works again. Mine refused to get rid of the 100 freebies. I dislike the app again, keeps downloading everything everytime I sync it - thought we dealt with this problem finally... Going to have to master Calibre... I'm unimpressed.

School board's been closed for the last 2 days. Kid's are going batty... and so is Mom :) If it's shut down tomorrow you'll find me in day surgery bored waiting for my surgery at 2pm... If you can get there... feel free to come and visit me :) Going to be a fun trip into the city.

Kristie (J) said...

Farmwifetwo: I feel your pain! Snow days are ever so much more enjoyable when the kids are grown and it's not just school that's closed - but the place where the grown-ups work *g*. Although I'm surprised that it was. I actually drove into work only to discover the office was closed. Driving wasn't bad at all I thought. Of course there were very few cars on the road so that helped a lot.
As for the Kobo - I didn't get the upgrade. I just charged it on my laptop and lost everything after that. I'm thinking of getting the new Kobo with WiFi - but I don't know if I can transfer the books. Or can I just get WiFi added to the one I already have? I don't care about getting the 100 free books back, but I do want the ones I bought!

farmwifetwo said...

Switching to email.

Wendy said...

OMG - I love that baby picture! LOL

I was hoping to get to 100 books read this year....but yeah. I think I'm going to end up stalling out around 100 something. 2010 was the year I seemed to be perpetually behind in my reading.

Snow day!!!! I sorta miss those, although not enough to live in a place where it snow :)

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: LOL - isn't is a great pic?? The minute I saw it I knew I'd have to use it.
And the odd thing about the weather here is it's just one small band that's causing all the problems. About 30 miles out - say in Cindy's neck of the woods, I don't think they are getting any snow. They are saying by this time tomorrow, we will have gotten more snow in 3 days than we did all of last winter!!!

azteclady said...

*careful tacklepouncehug*


Oh woman, I've been worried 'bout you! (didjagetit?)

Stay strong with the smoking, woman *sending good thoughts* I'm sure you are feeling all kinds of better, between that and the leg healing up.

It's great news that OS is moving out--high time indeed, and I'm sure your cats will be just as pleased :wink:

As for the weather... I know you guys will laugh at us wimpy Floridians who are hauling out the parkas at measly 34 degrees--but I ride my bike to work every day, often before 5AM, and lemme tell you that it feels rather cold...

nath said...

Oh, sorry to hear about their grandmother. But sure is a good news!!

LOL, they might extend it then, due to the weather. Gosh, I can't believe the mall is closed! But then, you're getting what? a meter of snow? *shudder* cannot remember the last time we got that. We're not getting too much snow right now, the problem is more the wind.

Hmmmm about the Kobo... Wonder if it's because it's been too long since the last time you used it. Well if you still have everything on your computer, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to drag it all back onto your Kobo.

Oh and that baby pic? Yeah, awesome :) Puts a huge smile on my face :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Kristie, that "YES" and the pic of the kid had me rolling!!! You're too funny.

I'm glad you're still sticking with the quitting. Good for you. Keep strong. As for reading...I feel you. I haven't read many books this year. At least, not nearly as many as I used to. There's just not enough time in the day. Once things settle down, and you're past your "urges" to smoke, I'm sure you'll be blogging more ;)

Patti (Book Addict) said...

The pic of the kid made me laugh :) I'm happy for you that your son is moving out, although you'll miss your snow-shoveler, I'm sure.

Congrats on surpassing your reading record!

CindyS said...

Holy cow! I can't believe the mall was closed as over here (an hour drive from Kristie) we've got next to nothing! I asked for snow on Saturday - I guess I should have been more specific on where I wanted that snow to drop ;)

And YaY for your OS getting his own place. Good for him and for you.

I was just thinking maybe now is the time for an e-reader and then I see this and think - meh, I can wait till they get it right.

Glad you posted to let us know you are doing well - I figured work would be kicking ya.


Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
Missed ya!! Wondering how you are.
Good to see you back. I read a lot of the contemps on the top 100.
You'vre read so many of them, obviously you have good taste.

Marcella said...

Hey Kristie! Nice to see you're back and doing well.

I'm happy for you that you'll have the house to yourself again soon (and a beautiful library on top of that, if I remember correctly).

The weather in NW-Europe has gone weird as well: far to cold and too much snow for this time of year.

I've read about 45 books of the AAR list, but I won't be reading many of the others, simply because those authors are not to my taste. And that's what I didn't like about the list: not that many authors on there.

I'm not doing great this year either, counting books read. Last year it was 143, but I'm only up to a meagerly 111 so far...

Hang in there!

Leslie said...

It's good to hear from you - yeah for snow days! I'll take some of your snow. My kids have never seen snow - they would love it!

Wow - 92 out of 100. I don't think I've read that many of them. I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Janet W: I've read 94 of the 100. I actually couldn't believe my eyes! Twenty-three of my pix ended up on the AAR Top 100! I think that some of the books I still have on my shelves might not be there the next time they do this poll -- I just haven't re-read very much Devereaux, McNaught or Garwood: a few of each but I have like 5, 6 and on of all of them and why am I keeping them?

I initially thought WTF at all the Kleypas (altho she was on my Top 100 too :D) and I still think some of her more recent books don't like up to "Worth Any Price" or Derek's book but you know what? I submitted 17 Baloghs, 14 Heyers and 9 Beverleys so I know what it is to adore a couple authors above all others ... so what did I think of the list? Fascinating as always. I was THRILLED to see Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady at #20. HOO*YAH!!

Susanna Kearsley said...

Yay, you'll be getting your library back!!

I've been thinking about you these past couple of days, watching the Great London Snow reports on the news (we only have a dusting on the ground over here, on my side of Toronto, but it's enough to get my kids excited).

Make sure your son moves those bookcases (and books) back where they should be, before he clears out..

Kristie (J) said...

AL: We were just talking about you Floridians at work today. A co-worker just got back yesterday and was telling us that it was cooler than normal there and how everyone was all bundled up - but she didn't find it that cold at all!! And yes - it arrived just today. I wondered what you were talking about before but know I know *g*. Thank you and I'll have to check it out!

Nath: Can you believe it??? The mall closed real early two days and opened late the third day. But - the storm has passed, snow is melting and people are out shopping again :-) And I'm sure the Kobo is an easy fix - it's just getting around to doing it. And the baby makes me smile too - hee, hee, hee

Barbara: I have to play mind games to keep from giving in. I want one SOOOO bad. So I tell myself if I give in and have a cigarette, it will make me dizzy after all this time and then I'll fall and possibly break my other leg and even though good things have happened as a result of this broken leg, still I don't want to go through it again so more good things can come my way. So I ask - is it worth having that smoke? And I don' smell like smoke anymore - do I want to start again? And the one that works the very best!!! I'm depriving the government of tax dollars by not buying cigarettes - do I really want to give them that money again? HELL TO THE NO ON THAT ONE!!

Cindy: I KNOW!! All around us no one was getting the snow. The school board is a huge one and they closed the entire board down - they showed it on the news - and kids were out playing with not as much as a snowflake and they had snow days!!

Kristie (J) said...

Mary: I really didn't plan on disappearing so long - but every time I came in the room and sat down at the computer, I wanted a smoke!!! I had to recondition myself - heh, heh, heh.

Marcella: Hello!! I've been seeing on the news that Europe has been getting really wonky weather. I suppose we were due 'cause all around they've been getting nasty weather and for the most part here it's been really nice.
And *laughing* your 111 may seem meagerly to you, but to others 111 is quite a few. It beats my total :-)

Leslie: Never seen snow?!?!?!? Wow!! Living here I can't imagine such a thing *g*. I like it quite a bit actually - though by the end of February, March and April, I start getting tired of brushing my car off.
And it's an interesting list - I can't argue with any of them even though there are some I wouldn't have put on my list - and some that were on mine that didn't make it. But it's interesting to see which ones did make it.

Janet: I liked seeing that Joanna Bourne made it too - and The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie. And Elizabeth Hoyt, Sherry Thomas and Nalini Singh. I'm not really a Julia Quinn or SEP fan so those were some of the ones I haven't read. And I can't reread Garwood anymore :-(

Susanna: OS seems to be backtracking on his promise to put the library back. Now he's saying he can't until he gets his new place all settled. We WILL be talking about that!! I still haven't been downstairs since the fall though - and I won't until after he takes down that f%#@&*g plywood door down. Just looking down the stairs and seeing it gives me the willies *shudder*