Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So - I don't think it will come as any surprise to anyone who comes here even on a semi-regular basis, that I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. I wait with barely suppressed excitement for each new season to begin; whether it be the US or Canada version. At the moment I've also been captivated by another dance show - Got To Dance UK, though I do think some of the contestants are a bit too young. I have the same thoughts on some contestants on America's Got Talent. But I've gone off topic.

I have a different opinion on Dancing With The Stars however. I watch it - sometimes - and it annoys me when I get hooked on it. But all previous annoyances are nothing compared to how I felt last night after seeing the results. It annoys me to the max that a lot of people vote on other reasons besides talent. There is NO WAY that Bristol Palin should still be in when Brandy is now gone. I don't have anything against Bristol. She seems like a nice enough young woman and while I think her mother is a nut job, still her mother does seem like a decent sort overall - except she hunts and I don't think she belongs in politics. But come on!!! It's just not right that Brandy is gone. She is by far more talented than Bristol and watching the personal bits week after week, it was obvious that winning this show was very important to her. If she had lost out to Jennifer Grey it would have been a different story since Jennifer Grey can really kick up her heels too. But I'm willing to bet that many of the people who voted for Bristol, did so because of her mother and that just doesn't strike me as fair. If I were to vote, I'd do it 90% on talent I think, but it doesn't look like everyone thinks the way I do. I do believe I'll skip the rest of it. It might be better for my blood pressure.

So apparently Ryan Reynolds is People's Sexiest Man for this year. Once again I feel out of step. Yea, he's cute I guess, but he doesn't do a thing for me. I don't even think I've seen a Ryan Reynolds movie! Mostly because he doesn't do anything for me. Of course I'm mystified that so many consider his wife as out of this world sexy. I don't see that either.
Course I'm cold when it comes to George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Mathew Mcconaughey, Colin Firth et al. See what I mean? Out of step.

I know it's been expected for a while now, but still it was nice to hear about Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. He seems to be a very nice and down to earth young man and I think she is beautiful - have ever since the first time I saw her picture and I think she will make a gorgeous queen. And I have a strong case of hat envy for her. It's just sad that his mother isn't around to have met Kate and to be involved with his upcoming wedding.

I hope Kate doesn't go through the same kind of over scrutinizing that Dianna did. Though I have a feeling that she won't be left alone for quite some time.

I overdid it again yesterday. I had someone coming over after work to see about doing housecleaning. So of course before I had someone over to clean the house, I had to clean the house. Can't have anyone who does house cleaning coming into a messy house can one? So I got up extra early and worked like the dickens to clean it up as much as possible. I left a note for Son #1 to do a few little things like vacuuming and sweeping the floor and the main one - to clean the spit out of the bathroom sink - HIS spit mind you - since I don't leave mine - knowing full well the chance of his doing so were slim. And I was right. Then I went in and worked for four hours - I'm in every day this week. Then I worked real hard when I got home until she got there. I thought we were just going to talk about her doing housework, but no - she and her husband came all ready to clean the house! So of course I had to go into the rooms ahead of them to tidy in as much time as I had. One good thing though - it seems my philosophy of not looking for something worked again. While 'tidying' I found my passport that I haven't seen since I got back from Florida and my Harry Potter glasses. They have been missing for quite some time too. It was ever so nice to find both of them!! And I didn't even have to look :-)
And it is ever so nice to have a Very Clean House. I'll have to do my darndest to keep it that way.

And speaking of Sexiest Man - I think Daniel Radcliffe has it going on over Ryan Reynolds, even though Rye is Canadian. See - if it were a vote in thing, I'd pick a Brit over a Canadian every day! Heh, heh, heh


Sotheara said...

OMG! I thought it was just me, but Ryan Reynolds doesn't do anything for me either. He's good looking enough but blah. . . I also agree that his wife is overrated. I also agree with the other men you mentioned although I'm quite partial to Colin Firth and George Clooney.

Glad you're back online again, Kristie. I really did miss your "ramblings." Take it easy,

Leslie said...

I agree about Ryan Reynolds and the others you mentioned. They're attractive but not drool worthy IMO. Give me Timothy Olyphant - now he's sexy!

If I ever had someone come clean my house I know I would do the same thing as you! LOL I think it would take some time before I didn't feel like I had to "clean up" before the cleaning people came.

Wendy said...

OMG Kristie! I can't believe I'm just now finding out that you don't "get" Colin Firth either! ME TOO! I can't believe this has never come out in all the time we've spent in bars at RWA conferences.

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: LOL!! Nope - we've never discussed him have we? I guess that's because he doesn't do anything for either of us. In fact, not only do I not find him sexy, I don't even find him handsome!! I admit Ryan Reynolds is good looking, though he does nothing for me. But Colin Firth??? I'm really stumped as to why so many go crazy for him.

Leslie: *g* You should have seen me racing around yesterday - well, racing as much as one can with a semi-healed broken leg. And *chuckle* I have a lot more to do before they come back again in a few weeks. I don't know why that is, but it is odd isn't it? I don't know Timothy Olyphant that well - I think he's a fave of Wendy's, but I'll have to check out some stuff he's in. Of course it goes without saying who REALLY knocks MY boat - heh heh heh

Sotheara: My one sister goes gaga for Clooney and I scratch my head over why - yes, he's attractive - but he doesn't do it for me. But it is good isn't it to see that there are others who don't understand the 'supposedly' sexy guys.
And it's getting harder every day to 'take it easy' :-)
The better I feel, the more I figure I can do, only do discover that I'm not as better as I thought I was.

orannia said...

Yea, he's cute I guess, but he doesn't do a thing for me.

Doesn't do a thing for me either :)

Sorry to hear that you've been over doing it. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Marcella said...

Who is Ryan Reynolds? :)

Count me in on not finding George Clooney and the others you mentioned droolworthy. Part of the George Clooney not-attraction is his seemingly horrible personality.

Never understood the popularity of Matthew McConaughey. Many people compare him with Josh Lucas because of their similar looks - give me Josh anyday.

nath said...

Kristie, I'm glad you found your passport!! Put it somewhere safe now :)

Hmmm, Ryan Reynolds as sexiest man alive, that's a bit surprising. I mean, he's okay.

My dad was kind of upset that Bristol made the finale. He asked my sister why was she on the show to begin with LOL.

Sigh, big craze about Kate Middleton at the moment. I don't know. I just wish her happiness :)

and poor Kristie. Just let the people come and clean and don't think about it :P

azteclady said...

Getting worried over here... where are you, Kristie?

orannia said...

I'm with azteclady - everything OK Kristie?

CindyS said...

A few of us had the same thought 'Where's Kristie!!??'

Thinking of you. Hugs. CindyS