Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coming to you from Rehab

Nope - not Dr. Drew's famous people rehab - this is the rehab hospital. I got here yesterday but between one thing and another, I didn't have much time on line.

So in 2 days time they are keeping me hopping. I had my staples removed, my leg wrapped for swelling, my first physio. They have me dressed and up for all meals. I've had ultrasound on two different body parts. And the little dearlings gave me a dieuretic or water pill, so I have to go to the can every 15 minutes. Considering the amount of work it takes to do something so very simple, well, I told the nurses they would be all be sick to death of me by the end of the their shifts. Thankfully shifts just changed so I haven't had to pester the new group.......yet.

But best of all - I plucked the chins on my hair out! Now some of you who haven't yet gone through 'the change' are thinking eee-wwww. But I tell you increased facial hair is one of those symptoms your mama doesn't tell you. And despite have a broken leg, a bad, bad booboo on my elbow and other and various assorted injuries that started coming out, the long chin hairs were the thing that kept bothering me the most!!! Why is that I wonder???? Ah well - the little chinny, chin chin hairs are gone now

I haven't felt much like reading though. All this time and all these books that are here with me and the urge isn't there. I did download Pamela Clare's Naked Edge to my Kobo though when she mentioned what happened to Gabe and the first chapter has our heroine falling off a cliff and breaking her fibula. I couldn't help but think - I did that too :~)

Well - it's been a while - time to start bugging the next shift now. Just wait until the laxative they gave me kicks in - fun times tonight!


Kwana said...

Yikes! They sure keep you going. Happy rehab. Hang in there.

MsM (Elizabeth Jules Mason) said...

LOL Kristie you poor dear! I am glad to see you've retained your sense of humor through this trying ordeal. ((hugs))
Hang in there!

*love the photo!*



Anonymous said...

I feel you re the chin hairs. Sigh. -- willaful

CindyS said...

Love the pic!!

I wondered how much time you would get to yourself at rehab and why oh why would they 'empty' you out!? I would be pissed. ;)

And chin hairs!? Great. Something else to look forward too - ugh! But now you can keep that chin up!

Get better!!


azteclady said...


I sooooo feel your pain--but at least you are out from under Nurse Ratchet, yes?

Hilcia said...

So glad you made it! You're still making me laugh. ;P Take care.

nath said...

I love the pic as well! It's so cute! :D

LOL, I love this sentence: "I plucked the chins on my hair out!" I think someone's still a bit high :) or perhaps it's going to the bathroom that is starting to make you feel faint... :P

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

I know what you mean about the chin hairs bothering you more than EVERYTHING else going on...when I had surgery a few months ago, I had to go 3 days without washing my hair and fought with the hospital staff tooth and nail about it.

I didn't care about the pain, or the hunger, or the compelling need to sleep...my hair was greasy, and that just wasn't acceptable. Lol.

Hang in there!