Sunday, July 31, 2005

Losing another one

How do you handle it when a favourite author moves on? I just found out today I lost another loved author to another genre and I’m depressed about it. Candice Proctor will be having another book out soon but it’s not good news for me.
First off, it’s coming out in hardcover. Secondly it’s under a different name. And third and most important it’s not a romance.
Now part of me realizes that authors change. What they wrote 10, 5 years ago may not be what they want to write today. I know that. But damn it all, when I find out one of my favourite authors is switching genres I’m going to mourn.
I hope for her sake she gets an audience and is successful. She's a wonderful writer - one of the best. It bothers me tremendously though that the author of Whispers in Heaven, Beyond Sunrise, Night in Eden, September Moon and a few others won’t be writing her wonderful wonderful romances anymore. For some reason, of all the authors I’ve lost this way over the years, this loss is hitting me the hardest. Here are a few of my well-loved romance authors I’ve lost to one genre or another

Penelope Williamson
Theresa Weir
Tami Hoag
Patricia Ryan
Kristin Hannah
Barbara Samuel
Patricia Gaffney

And now
Candice Proctor


bam said...

I read that Connie Brockway wants to start writing contemporary fiction. That kind of makes me sad. I like her historicals.

but writers gotta grow, kristi j. :)

I wish Ms. Proctor all the luck, though.

Kristie (J) said...

The rational part of me knows they have to move on. I wouldn't want to be doing the same thing day after day if it's lost it's appeal. And I do hope she does well. But she does write wonderful romance. I know how you feel about Brockway. I love her historical books too - well most of them and I'll miss those too. I will try her RS as I enjoy those too.

Wendy said...

Well take heart - Proctor is at least writing a historical mystery. It's not like she jumped ship to women's fiction......

Tara Marie said...

Yep, Connie Brockway to contemporaries and Maggie Osborne has retired. I'm running out of autobuys. Wendy's right at least she's still writing.

erika said...

Hey Kristi(j), The first romance author that I took off my autobuy list was Iris Johansen. Just about every romance she wrote was a good. I read 2 of contemps(bought them in hardback) before I *got* that she had moved over to suspense/mystery and I'm not into suspense/mystery.

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