Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Advice for Authors .

oh my but Twitter is a great source of inspiration for blog subjects.  I was just following a thread started by an author unhappy with a negative review for one of her books.  She screen captured a one star review posted on Amazon.

Bad, bad, bad idea.  She seemed to have many positive reviews but focused on one negative one and bitched out the reviewer.  She totally ignored one of the primary facts of being an author; there isn’t a book written that’s going to be loved by all. Not. One. Single. Book. I’ve read books I’ve loved to the enth degree as have the vast majority of other readers but there is ALWAYS going to be someone who thinks it’s garbage, always.

So authors, accept this.  If you are tempted to argue, justify, explain, whatever, Sit On Your Hands Until the Urge Passes. Make this your number one rule.  Of sure there are going to be fans who agree with you if you do respond but more likely is that you will lose potential readers.  I’ve never read this author but she guaranteed that now I never will.  For the most part, readers who write up reviews do it for fellow readers and not to give the author good feels.  If I were an author, to be honest I wouldn’t want this.  I’d rather a reader, if they are going to do a review, be honest.

I’m easily pleased and happy with books I read so I don’t write many negative reviews, but I do on occasion.  I try to explain why I didn’t care for the book but it’s not a given every reader who does reviews will. Sometimes it might just be one or two sentences, with no real reason why.  This is the case I’m referencing because author tweeted it for all to see.

But authors, resist.  Accept this happens to all authors and just move on.  If reasons are listed why the book didn’t work, think on it, and then move on if you don’t buy the reasons or incorporate if they do have a point.

But whatever, do not whiner complain where others ca see.  Big mistake.

‘TIL later


Wendy said...

Yeah, this. Authors should just do what I do. When I read a glowing review for a book I hate or a scathing review for a book I LOVED, I always throw back some sort of alcoholic beverage and say to myself, "Well, that person is obviously wrong because Lord knows I'm always right."

And actually, you can do that stone cold sober. IT STILL WORKS! LOL

azteclady said...

It does.

Or, if one MUST, absolutely MUST say something, one can say it out loud to an empty room, via email to one's closest confidant, or a pet. No person with a 30K+ platform should be sending their followers to harass anyone with a stock avatar--who bought the damned book, to boot!--for not adoring it.

Damn, the entitlement

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy, does perhaps Transcendence come to mind???? *Wicked laugh*

AL: I KNOW right???? Wendy for example is completely wrong about Transcendence but do I sick my followers on her? Nope because even though she's wrong, she is 100% entitled to her opinion. It may not gel with mine (because it's wrong)but damn it all I'm not going to make her feel bad (because she's like - wrong)

Wendy said...


Matte Blk, Catalyst4Christ said...

Dont. Need. Em.
Gotta lotta nadda...
unless you believe.

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