Saturday, August 15, 2015


No, no not for good, only for a little while.  I'll be back next Friday, but me and my Pelee Island Gurlz are headed to this island, Pelee Island in Lake Erie for some chillin' time.

We started out the first year with 3 of us, last year there were five and as the stories of good times, LOTS of fancy drinks and hilarity had by all, this year we are up to 9 and TWO cottages.

But i'll be off the grid so to speak and no Internet connection.  I'm REALLY going to miss that and I will miss Monday night tweeting during So You Think You Can Dance.  But on the other handi did go out and get a copy of The Longest Ride with - hello - Scott Eastwood so I'm readying for one rainy evening.  I'm also bringing The Lucky One with a scrumptious Zac Effron and quite possibly The Notebook with Ryan Goseling.  Can anyone see the theme here?  Yes, though I don't read the books, I'm sure not adverse to seeing the movies made from Nicholas Sparks books.

And in an update to the Saga of The CellPhone, I was telling my coworker, we shall call her Sally, that I couldn't get the cell phone she gave me to work.  It was an old one of her sons and sad he had more than one of the same type so she would take the one she gave me home with and get her son who knows ever so much more about the damn things to take a look at it.  This was yesterday.

Well she brought in in today and said that it worked.  It seems the reason I couldn't get it to come on was I wasn't holding the on button down long enough.


But of course things don't run that smoothly.  She said there wasn't a sim card.  So the two of us opened my original phone, took out the sim card and put it in the phone that works when I hold the button down.

But even though we both watched as "Sally" put the card into the working phone, a little message came up saying no sim card.


I don't really know what the sim card is, but hear me phone when I say, THERE IS TOO A SIM CARD INSIDE YOU STUPID DAMN PHONE!

So the Saga of  The Cell Phone will have another chapter.

Well, time to hit the hay, crank out the old ZZZZssss.  One of the Gurlz is picking me up at 6:45 and I'm *cough* not quite finished packing.  Mostly, but not all.

So I'll say

'til later


azteclady said...

Have a truly lovely time, my Kristie. Tell us all about the good -hello-Scott Eastwood, etc noises you get to make.

Hasta luego!

Wendy said...

Have a great time Kristie!