Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yep - believe it or not - I'm back again!

“Wowzers!” anyone still visiting here will be thinking.  “Wait a minute, didn’t you just do a post yesterday?”

Yes, yes I did and I’m doing another one today.  Work has slowed down considerably and I’m one of the few ones with stuff to do and I’m bombarded with other Assistants wanting to know if I need help.  I don’t really – but they want to do something and if I have them help me with my work, it gives me time to do this – win/win

I was brief yesterday but I’ll get more wordy today – something I’m always on board with.  What’s going on my life?  Let’s see.  Just got through a very tough time.  I’ve never named where I work here and don’t plan on doing it today.  But I will say I work in health care.  I work as an assistant to what we call Care Coordinators, most of them nurses.  They help arrange for home care for clients getting out of the hospitals, going to nursing homes (though I’ve nothing to do with that special focus) and kinds of other interesting things.  I have two Care Coordinators myself that I do administrative work for but I work on a team within a team with 16 in total and I love them.  I know people complain about the health care system in Ontario – and a lot of it with good reason.  But daily I see these people are dedicated to helping others and often go that extra mile.

Now they went on strike a few weeks ago.  Again, I’m not going into the issues, but what they were asking for was completely reasonable and all of their assistants all across the province were behind them 100%, encouraging them and offering all the support we could. 

But we are in a different union so we still had to go into work.  And because they were out and upper management were spread very thin, we assistants had to step up and take on a lot of the responsibilities that we are normally expected or trained to do.  We aren’t nurses and we don’t have the expertise we needed to handle a lot of the calls.  Some of the ones I took were SO difficult because they needed to speak to their coordinator and their Coordinator wasn’t there.  They are back at work now thank goodness, but it really did upset my depression apple cart.  I felt the same way as I did back in September when it was so bad.  But thankfully the meds I’m taking are good and our very dear Care Coordinators are back and my work world isn’t so topsy turvy again.

 In other news, I’m headed to RWA again year.  And me and Wendy are going to be roomies again – yea!!  We weren’t for a couple of years – she was Librarian of the Year – and most deservedly so – and last year I skipped it as the money was allocated to a total redo of my bathroom.  I’m so excited for that.  It’s tradition now *grin*

I’m also a grandma – not sure if I’ve blogged about that.  Yes, my youngest son and his wife whom I love to bits and bits had a little boy last October.  And Jace is his name.  He’s cute as a bug – as I imagine all grannies say about their granbabies.  It’s amazing how much I’d forgotten over the years about taking care of a newborn.  The holding the head thing freaked me out.  I’m glad he can hold his own head now.  Right now he’s in Mexico with his mama and papa.  Two weeks after that he’s headed to Florida with his mom and his other grandparents and in May he’s headed to Italy.  It’s very strange when six month old baby has done way more traveling than his granny.

While I haven’t been blogging lately – a long lately – I have been doing reviews on GoodReads.  I signed up there for a Challenge and gave myself 60 books to read this year.  Astonishingly I’m up to 30 all ready.  That’s what happens when you need a new cable box because the sound has gone on the one you have now.  And the only station where the sound is normal is CNN.  And as anyone who has tried to do it, watching CNN can be depressing!!!!! And – why is everything “
Breaking News” there??
I’d watch a story at say 5:00 pm and then again at 11:00 and it’s the same story and it’s still breaking.  Breaks don’t take that long.  I know.  I had a break in my leg and it only takes seconds.

Now, one might ask “But why doesn’t she just take the box back and get a new one instead of watching Wolf Blitzer every day.”  And that would be a real good question, I don’t like Wolf Blitzer.  I do like Anderson Cooper though.  I think everyone likes Anderson Cooper – how can you not?   The answer as to why I haven’t got a new box is I don’t really have an answer for that – except it’s electronicky and I don’t like electronicky.  I don’t watch much TV except for Face Off every Tuesday.  And I’ve gotten pretty fast at reading the captions.   I will have to before April though when the next season of Outlander comes on.  We have to have good sound for that – it’s imperative. 

But, I’ve read a lot more books than usual.  And I’ve done reviews for all of them at Goodreads and it seems easy as anything to copy and paste them on the blog.  So that’s what I plan to do – that along with my ramblings about all kinds of stuff.

And my final rambling of today……  This was who I saw last night and he was WONDERFUL!!!

I saw him 30 years ago on his Reckless tour the first time around and now I saw him again last night.  He's looking much older.  Of course when I saw him the first time it was The Palace of Auborn Hills and he was at the front and we were at the very back so he was about 1/2 inch tall.  And while our tickets last night were very good, I have, I think, 5 pairs of glasses for me near sightedness - I think that's when you can't see things far away - which makes no sense - and I couldn't find a one of them.  So while he was much bigger last night, he was also quite fuzzy.

OK, OK, OK - since his Mama pastes his pics on Facebook all the time - is he not just cute as a button?  Was I right or was I right!

and what does it say about me that I make the picture of Bryan Adams bigger than the one of my grandson????  I think it's maybe because I'm still not 100% on board posting pics of him - granbaby that is - not Bryan.


Wendy said...

LOL! You crack me up Kristie!

Did you know Bryan Adams is also a photographer? He put a book out a while back, and he's done really striking photographs of wounded veterans. I loved his pictures of Queen Elizabeth II. I thought they were charming and unpretentious. Like he was taking pictures of his grandmother :)

I've often joked that if I got rid of my TV I'd read a lot more! But then I'd probably just fritter away too much time on the computer instead. I swear, my computer is a bigger time suck than TV.

And yippee! RWA roomies again!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back Kristie I missed you. I am going to go over to GoodReads and check out your reviews. Jocelyn

azteclady said...

Yay for more blogging!

I know I said it earlier, but seriously, woman, you've been missed like damn and whoa.

RWA: oh, oh, the envy! *cries* I wanna go to RWA and (sneakily) room with Wendy and Kristie!

Okay, I can't afford it, but we'll always have Orlando '09 *sigh*

(I totally understand the thing about not posting pictures of your grandson--my kidlets are adults now and I still won't post their pictures, that's just how overprotective I am)

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy, yes I did know that. He's very multi talented. He can go fom rocking a song out of the park one song and a tender acoustic ballad the next. He's also a prolific song writer and not just for his own music. Unlike say, Justin Beiber or Pamela Anderson, I'm proud to say he's from Canada.

Jocelyn, thank you and glad to be back!! I never plan to take these powders that I do. If I had a wifi, working desktop computer or a laptop that wasn't so bogged down with viruses, I probably wouldn't keep disappearing. But it occurred to me at work today that we switched hours and I'm done at 4:00 now, that there's no reason and couldn't stay half hour or so longer and do some blogging then on my computer at work. The lightbulb went on!

AL, yes *sighing With happy memories*, we will always have that.
The picture I posted of Jace is one my d-i-l posted on Facebook so it's not one that's not already on the 'net, but yep, I just don't feel right putting up many, but then I'm battling the proud gramma in me. And that pic is a few months old now and they change so fast at that age I don't feel too bad slipping it in.

Tasha Brandstatter said...

That's a lot of news! You need a Roku Player or something.

Kristie (J) said...

Tasha - I had to google that. I haven't even heard of it. It looks like a great thing - something I could really use - but oh my goodness - the thoughts of it are frightening to me. I am probably one of the very few people on the planet who can't even work cell phones!! I swear, I've had to go up to strangers to get them to show me what buttons to press to make a call. But I will look into them. Maybe it's true what the ads say - they are simple! Goodness knows my cable is pretty much kaput these days and I'm paying big bucks for it too.

Hilcia said...

That is one cute little grandbaby. Congratulations Kristie!

I will be seeing you ladies at RWA this year since it's in NYC. I'm registering but the rooms are sold out! (Can't believe that) So, I'll be commuting on a daily basis.

Kristie (J) said...

Squeeeeaaaallll. I'm so fortunate that my roomies is so on the ball with kind of thing. I don't know what I'd do without her. Not be there I'm thinking.

Wendy said...

Hils: RWA posted an update on why the rooms were already sold out.

I'd add your name to the wait list if you haven't already. They do get cancellations.

I'll speak for Kristie too - you can always store swag and goodies in our room before you commute home for the evening. That way you're not hauling around "stuff" all day while you're enjoying the conference.

Hilcia said...

Thank you Wendy!!!

Kristie (J) said...

What Wendy said :-)

sybil said...

Ugh!!!! You go when I can't ::sob::

I wanna go to RWA!