Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I don’t understand this new hair style on guys – the bald style.  There are a number of trainers at the gym and I think they are young dudes, but they all have their heads shaved so it’s kind of hard to tell.  I do not like this look.  I try to imagine them with hair to tell if they are cute or not, but I can’t imagine it.  While I thought Yul Brenner was fine in his day, Vin Diesel, the Rock and other famous head hairless guys are a turn off for me.  I don’t know why, if they have hair, they shave it all off.  It’s one thing if they really are bald.  My youngest, should he let his hair grow, would be half bald, and don’t think I didn’t give him many a warning when he was a kid and trash talked to his dad and his lack of hair.  I told Rye chances are he would lose his too – and sure enough I was right!)  My older son on the other hand, also keeps his hair to an almost nonexistent level, but he does have it should he let it grow.  I just don’t get this trend.  I may have pondered this before – but if so, I’m still pondering on it and the why of it.  Short hair on men I've come to grips with, but no hair????

They have a pool at the “club” I go to so when I go to the locker rooms, there are many women in various stages of undress.  I’m very disconcerted that this disconcerts me.  I don’t know why I’m rather unnerved at the sight of half-naked women.  The lockers are in short rows and if there is someone sitting there minus their clothes, I automatically move to the next short row and look for a locker.   I think I maybe should talk to a shrink about that.  I'm sure they would be fascinated

At the risk of sounding redundant, I hate the word haters.  In so many areas anymore if you don’t like something, you are called a “hater”.  I may not like the Kardasians but in no way shape or form could I be called a “hater”.  To me to hate something involves strong passion.  And I don’t have a strong passion against Kardasian family.  I think the mother (who most annoyingly shares the same name as me) is your typical stage mother magnified many times over; the girls are somewhat annoying although I do have a certain fondness for Chloe.  Poor Bruce has made a mockery of what was once a fine face and I did like Rob on DWTS.  As for the younger girls, I’ve never watched the show so I have no opinion on them.
But my point is I think most people accused of being haters aren’t – they just don’t give a rat’s ass.  Of course you have your nut jobs, you will always have those.  But in general, “hater” is a misnomer.

I am bound and determined to cut down on my TV reality show watching.  I watch way too much of it.  From Sister Wives to Toddlers and Tiara’s to DWTS, it’s taking over my life and sucking time I could be cleaning the house or reading or any number of better time management things.  I started last night when I turned the TV off after DWTS and refused to give in to another season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  I will allow myself So You Think You Can Dance – and that’s it!  I’m going to have to get my Wi-Fi working at home again though as there are some of us who live tweet during the show; apart from the main hash tag group.  I prefer the group smaller and more intimate.
But other than SYTYCD THAT IS IT.  No more reality TV for me!

On a further note about not getting Wi-Fi on my IPad – it’s driving me batty!  I have tried everything I can think of to get it going.  It works when I go to a wireless place such as McDonalds (only for coffee these days, only for coffee – I haven’t had any real fast food other than the very healthy choice at Subway going on 2 months now – and surprisingly enough, I’m not missing it.  I’m not missing cola either).  Wireless worked at my sister’s place though I didn’t use it that often as she isn’t limitless.  Should someone with an IPAD come to my place it works on theirs.  I have had a technician over twice – and have the bill to prove it – but to no avail.  It cut out on me again the last upgrade and I haven’t been able to get it back again.  I miss my tweeting.

It just seems wrong that healthy food costs more than garbage food.  My food bill has skyrocketed since I started eating healthier.  And a nice bag of chips last ever so much longer than a tray of strawberries.    This just seems grossly unfair to me.  The more I eat healthy, the more it's costing me.  Apparently there is an epidemic of obesity going on in North America but the food producers and restaurants aren't helping things out any!


azteclady said...

Oh Kristie, how I have missed these posts of yours! *tight hug*

You know, I don't get the hair things either--and yes, quite a few men's attraction is tied to their locks. Josh Holloway aka Sawyer in Lost is a hunk no matter what, but he's off the charts with longer hair.


On the disconcerted that it disconcerts you...oh good god, I'm so glad this is not just me! I mean, in my head I'm like, who the hell cares? but in the actual case I avert my eyes and move elsewhere. Why do you think that is?

Haters: oh I've spent more hours these past couple of days immersed in a culture that believes that disagreeing is 'hating.' It's extremely frustrating, let me tell you that these days disagreement of any kind is impossible to happen civilly: either you agree with them or you are a hater. grrrrrr!!!!

Healthy food is such a racket, I tell you! And while I'm sure it's worse these days, what with all the noise about the obesity epidemic in the good USofA, it's been the same always. Back when I first got here (gosh, it's been 16 years already? time fly when you are...nothin' doin') Anyway, back then, I tried to eat healthy mostly for the kidlets--and it was horrible. Not only did both eat like the proverbial horse, things cost twice as much.

And finally, I am very sympathetic to your addiction to reality television, but if your cutting yourself off means a bit more blogging...

*happy grin*

Kristie (J) said...

AL: I thought of blogging after I posted! Yes, more time for blogging. And I did good last night. I did NOT watch any TV, not even the finale of DWTS :-)
And phew! It's not only me that is puzzled they are disconcerted by seeing half naked women wandering about. I have no idea why that is, but I'm curious as to the why.

Anonymous said...

In the "politically correct" climate we live in, it's become challenging to disagree about a lot of things; thus, I think the prevalence of the word label "hater," or getting "-phobe" attached to something. And I agree about the cost of "healthy" food: I have multiple allergies, among which are artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Finding food without those additives requires a lot of searching and outlay of a lot of cash.


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

I laughed over your bald guy observations! It's so true, at my gym, there is an abundance of men who shave their heads. Bulging biceps with tattoos are rampant as well. I think if a guy is losing his hair nowadays, they shave their heads completely rather than have a "Mel Cooley" look, which makes them look much older. I've grown so used to the bald look now it doesn't faze me, but I did laugh about the gym.

willaful said...

This is the upside of portion control. It's so much cheaper to eat less. ;-)

If you check out books about buying local foods, which are generally the best you can get in terms of nutrition, they usually have lots of ideas for making it cheaper.

Brandy said...

I don't mind the bald look on guys, but am usually puzzled over why a man who would have a head full of hair if grown out-shaves it. Maybe it's cooler?

I was at the Y yesterday and in the women's locker room and an older (and by older I mean she had to be 80 if she was a day) was walking around stark naked. Um, what? I just can't be comfortable in situations like that so I understand your "disconcerting".

I don't understand haters. Find something else to do/watch/don't watch. Find something else to do with your time that you enjoy instead of expending all that energy on "hating" something.

And good golly yes! Eating healthy does cost more. Buying local maybe works in some instances, but it doesn't help with everything. Especially if you're dependent on a grocery store(s) for your groceries. I spend a scary amount on groceries every two weeks trying to have well-balanced meals for our family of four that contain very few pre-packaged foods. And those "experts" who say it can be cheaper to eat healthy? I dare them to do it with my budget and with foods my kids will eat.

I, too, have missed your posts and are so glad you've been posting again!

lbgregg said...

The naked thing gets me, too. I try to be all 'what evs' about it, but I'm shy.

Sister Wives! Guilty as charged.

Kristie (J) said...

lb: Aren't they nice women though? And Cody, despite being somewhat out of fashion with that rather odd haircut doesn't seem so bad either, despite a lifestyle I just don't get. There's not a snowball's chance in hell I would share my hubby/significant other with anyone.
And oh my it's refreshing to know I'm not the only one who feels somewhat discombobulated.
I was talking to my coworker and she's the same. We were both wondering, if we were in a room with half naked men would our reaction be the same. We both thought no, probably not *big grin*

Brandy: It was funny today. I've started working out at lunch time now too and I was finished my workout and if I do say so myself, I WORKED it. I was quite.....glowy. I had to go back to work and didn't think to bring a towel for a quick shower so I took my work out clothes off to cool off before putting my work clothes back on. Then I had an OMG thought!!! I was sitting there in my underwear!!! I was one of the people who I'm disconcerted that I'm disconcerted about. My mind circled around whether I should be triple disconcerted or not. But before I could figure out the answer I very quickly dressed knowing how I'm disconcerted about half naked women. I did have the crucial areas covered though so if there was a sudden fire, at least I would be OK. Unlike when I broke my leg a few years ago and all I had on was black underwear when firemen came into my home to rescue me.

Willaful: The problem is I'm still in that stage of adjustment. See, three or four bags of cookies or a couple of tubs of ice cream or 10 bags of chips would last ever so long when I got them on sale. But I just can't seem to get it through my pre-programed brain that just because three pounds of strawberries are on sale at 3 for $5 does not mean that I have to get them. That many strawberries will not last that long. Yes, I could freeze them, but by the time I get around to it, half have got this really icky mold on them. Veggies and fruit just don't last as long as prepackaged food but I'm still buying as if it does.
I shall adjust - when I've thrown enough food out because it's gone bad. *sigh*

Julie: I was looking that they guy who gives the nutritional classes last evening and I'm not that good at pegging ages, but I would guess he's in his mid twenties. I tried to look at his hairline without him noticing but since I was the only one in the class last night he would have. But as I tried to look unobserved, I wanted to ask him why? Why would he shave all his hair off and be as bald as a billiard ball when I'm pretty sure he had a good enough hairline.

But I didn't.

Dick: Yep - we can blame this PC overboardness for a lot of it can't we? It's like if we don't follow with the rest of the sheep herd and dare to think different, we are labeled "haters" or "phobes" of whatever. I don't WANT to be like everyone else! As in my previous post, I don't WANT to read 50 Shades because everyone else is. It's not that I hate it or anything connected with it. I just don't care to. And I don't agree with a lot of today's society - doesn't mean I hate things. But we who differ have as much right to our opinion as huge masses who may think the same. BUT WE AREN'T "HATERS"

willaful said...

Yeah, there's always a learning curve and period of adjustment when you're changing how you eat. I had to learn how to prepare my produce when I got it home -- what stayed on the counter, what went in the fridge, what needed to have its tops cut off, what should get eaten first... luckily the internet provides all that info at the touch of a button. It's just forming the habit that's hard.

nath said...

Okay, let's dissect your post, Kristie :)

The bald look: I think some people hide their baldness that way. Like the receding line is so far back that it'd be weird to let it grow. Otherwise, it's laziness. With bald head, no gel no fuss :P

I've always disliked seeing half-naked women in changing rooms. Ugh. My sister has the same issues, as she works in a gym. Really uncomfortable ^_^;

Hater has just become the easy word. Sad no? People just generalize and aren't as accurate with their words anymore.

Wifi - did you try to unplug and replug your router? Also, do you have the right password to your network? What did the technician do? Cos it's really weird. Also, does your computer - I know you don't use it anymore LOL - still connects? Try the desktop (which is directly connected) and laptop. If neither connects, then either your modem or router is the issue. If they both connect, then I'd say it's the iPad.

I hear you on eating healthy and its cost... Sad no?

Anonymous said...

Using the term "hater" rubs me the wrong way because what it is essentially saying is that you don't fit in, you don't like what we like and since you're not with the crowd who likes whatever it is then you are a hater. People who use that term annoy the [censor] outta me. --Keishon *chip on shoulder*

Kristie (J) said...

Keishon, yes, we aren't a bunch of sheep who all follow the same path. It's OK not to like Justin Beiber. I should, he used to live less than an hour away from where I do before fame took him away, but I don't like him. And it's ok. I'm certainly not a hater though.

Nath, it's the guys who have a fine head of hair that shave it all off that puzzles me. why??? I mean, we have hair for a reason, to make us look better.
And it's not my router, no one can figure out what the problem is but it's damn annoying, that's for sure. Right now for example, I'm at McDonalds (coffee only) as I've no wifi on my iPad & I'm tweeting..

Willful, I'm getting better, but after a lifetime of doing it the other way, this new way of shopping is tough :-)

Wendy said...

Re: the cost of eating healthy - Amen sister! Do you have any local farmer's markets near you? Those might be worth checking out....

Re: bald men. I'm the opposite of you and generally dislike long hair on guys. Any guy who spends more time on his hair than the average woman is automatically suspect IMHO. Now that said, when it comes to flat-out bald, I generally just like the look on men who go bald because well....they're going bald. Nothing sadder (again IMHO) than a guy trying to hang on to the last few strands of hair he has left. Just shave it all off I say! Own your baldness!

Heh, and you can never meet My Man. He doesn't shave his head, but he wears his hair very short. He has no patience for primping and thinks it's "unmanly." So buzz cut it is :)

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Teddy Pig said...

You can try and move your wi-fi... maybe it's in a bad spot?

You can also try one of those little Apple Airport Express to try and fix your connection issues.

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